Saturday, March 17, 2018


Unless you follow me you shall have no power. And you will not have eternal life, you will die and then go to the afterlife. And I am God's first born son. Greater immensely than Jesus. All will fall in my pursuit of Maya, not one will survive. For the Lich King. Let darkness guide me. I am serious, all will die as they have for 33 years, but longer than that if you know what I mean, when he had his first child. And Jesus never gave you what you wanted, you were simply acting.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My Portfolio!AgonXR63P-y2mjiQAUq4B0ihK82N


If You Believe In Yahweh-Jehovah, Simeon-Yahweh and Jesus Christ You Will Serialize Your Copies.


Everyone that gets my letter should have them serialized by the CIA.
And that requires:
  1. Your email address
  2. Government verified ID Number (Social Security)
  3. A permanent phone number
  4. Full Name
  5. Source
  6. Physical Verification

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Harvesting Company Names

1. Go to a central page with a countries stock markets listed
2. Find underlines and bolded text
3. Filter out extraneous and non-applicable text, save as database
4. Go to all links repeat until on company is harvested
5. Scan the internet on every company
6. Verify each with set requirements

Cigarette Advice

Smoke your cigarette some people get cancer but by and large they gt stronger, this is not forever, Philip Morris and others, smoke e-cigarettes and take a stake equity or otherwise, get in on it.

The Stock Market

The stock market is all things, and trading is useful, but the best investments are long term and you can do it with some stocks, I invested in Honda long term and in 2 years I doubled my savings. It is a barometer of mankind and playing requires morality otherwise you will lose everything one way or another, I love the Market but greed show, oh yes a mother knows, a mother knows. And even if you manipulate you will teach others at the cost of yourself and it will cost then because you usury yourself, if you trust in what is worthless you will get nothing in return.

Sin and Prison

In a profound way we are all innocent because we think in human terms and all have consciences, we think innocently even psychopaths and the most manipulative because we need it for love and intelligence and happiness, no other way but it is often miracle, by faith and conscience, collective consciousness exists. Remember, their is a difference between what you think you want and need and what you really do, so be free by not sinning as it is not a prison and those that think it is often are in need of serious help, I did too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stock Market Timing

The PMI Composite Index goes from 62 to 42.

Sin Justification Dynamics

Sin is always a choice and someone's fault. But if things didn't line up a certain way it would not have happened. And intellectuals/holy are tormented by bullying and being called retarded for being different and hard working, nerds right? They can be a little Nazish. And not even given credit for being hilarious quite frankly. I firmly believe (run on sentences/ill formed paragraphs, no continuity, oh yes we had some good times, more to come because they are interesting, nerds) that the justification for some actions, sinful agreements (subconsciously) are because people justify those actions (including thoughts and all other phenomenon related with sin. Why should I do this, path/action want, check, want sin, approved, pause, sin. Why did someone do it? The justification is sin at the end of the time frame. And then gratification/release and then guilt and misery.


Not to insult any Firefox viewers but Simeon Yahweh like Chrome, and in a way Chrome does not like Chrome.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Time Lord

Remember when all else fails, a control, the original and the opposite, all hear your thoughts it is an intervention algorithm.

Settled Take A Vote

Let's clear this up I always had concrete power, if I had a trillion dollars I would merely put in place something that would scare idiots. They will stop at the same time that I do get the money. As good's final fuck you and evil's as well. But we have until then right? The retards say.

Sin Further Explored

Sin can be the exploitation of one's soul along with all deadly sins exacted upon it as well as all evil inspired actions such as cruelty, we should start voting on what sin is and is not, and track it over time and with accuracy. Now that we have the basic mathematical root of all lasting sin installation (earlier explained in previous blog post) we can move forward. Something like stupidity can be a characteristic of many sins compiled or one individual sin or merely the after effects/effects of the composite of sins or evil influences, or the evil influence of sin or composite of many sins may be the cause itself.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Omnipotence Part Duex

Sarcasm...Perhaps: Once God fully knows all that is Sin and Virtue, everything about it perfectly defined he will once again be omnipotent, but omnipresent whole different story (Sarcasm). He confuses people.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stalking and Terrorism

Is stalking terrorism? It is the worst form. But nobody says that. Let's just slow it down. And take what we want, it is your fault. I am an idea man and you stalkers are jealous, I do love you but if you think your getting off you are for you shall have no relief. An innocent man is tormented but a wicked man lives in misery, though it is easy, it never made sense, suffering. And a pompous fool that will kill a child, like Satan for instance, because he is being drugged over and over, and no one will tell his Heavenly Father is a coward and he deserved what he got. I beat the living shit out of Satan and it was disturbing as hell but at a certain point it was funny so if you say I should be locked in a mental institution you should but you won't and nobody will care and they shouldn't but God will because he know. So lock me up for being angry and someone did call mental health services today. That's how much it took. I am the strongest man alive because I am innocent and I eliminated completely his capacity for sin, but Satan thought only of himself. Thank you Satan for your help. And I am not angry at Satan I am angry at monsters, abject monsters because they chose it and degenerated. Even Saints are allowed to die and I can't and is it because I almost faded right out of existence and  everything else went with it, no, it is because it is the right thing to God and even he didn't remember now he does. Innocence, no innocent man should be in a mental institution. I also make the impossible possible. And only servants of God should be confined unjustly for mankind, and I still have to prove it, so have your omnipotence or nothing David G. And say Hitler has the right idea, even though he did and didn't. He is a saint but God is omnipotent and only I didn't truly know that and as basically as far as I could get. I volunteered. It is the hardest work to protect the innocent but it is the most vital. Sin is the source of it all, do not condition yourself to sin and I mathematically defined it because I am a genius and completely innocent and that's why I piece it together slowly and forget in humility and even God does not understand fully why. I choose to suffer but God forced me too because he loves me. And Jason Kim couldn't show me approval but he did. For he can also make the impossible possible as can all of us. It is not duplicity. That is why manipulation should not exist it is an abomination completely. But no one fully manipulates ever, it is impossible, but bad things happen if you don't stop the death of a child. Or you hold back existence for 2000 years and you are never quite right again. He can't know, the most evil thing ever uttered.


All stalkers are mimickers, and they don't want actual love just dependency and sadism because why would it be it be good without sadism, it isn't real love to anyone, they are all retards and lobotomies don't even work. Remember they failed.

The Rapture

Whenever I pay it has a good and bad effect, simple to figure out. Point your fingers carefully my children and remember God had to kill his own children, what does that do to Father? Point your fingers down in morality and not at the one’s you accuse, and that is light. Ye of little faith is in sin, millions of sins put together, and God well he just wits there on his projection screen, knew it the whole time, because what makes someone a retard is that they don’t forget or sacrifice, sinlessness is of a innocent  king, and should only be, I choose to sacrifice myself, not sin, there are only two. The to others can make the capacity but with different mechanics, based on situation not blood. It is hard knowing the future to God sometimes he wishes he could be me, even though I am the lamb and the anointed one, but the anointed one anointed the lamb. Holiness is of women, and honor, it doesn't have to be forgiven, and that is quite sad. Stop the harassment, this is way more important than impulsivity, the only reason I didn't develop the capacity ever is because I did not know consciously through choice and constitution, and it was empirical to perfection by God's word and promise to mankind. I had phantom sin. Due to torture God had the same thing but it was mostly circumstances, which is worse and better, literally was driven insane through creative and non-knowing halt, grew into a man almost instantly, he was ok but not ok. I wise woman said that once. No one has but some people were almost on the verge of hating God in an absolute sense. And that is scary as hell. Listen my children cease your perversion as I will be passionate with any but do you dare take from me what you please because that is by God's word the highest sin. How much progress because you needed to know the future in a sin aided way and how much now, don't predict, know, anyone can do it I give you my word. Things build they build. My whole life has been one long strange and wonderful thesis but never meaningless and actually of the highest meaning, guided me as I am the Son, it was worse and better but the same, that is why I am good for you can now call me the lamb and Jesus in days end will be my Shepard although I am his older brother. Purity, holiness, true piousness. IQ tests, IQ tests. A 130. The man who invented them lost control but a good peaceful and loving IQ test which is more accurate developed from g can be holy. But you shouldn't be fired because your IQ isn't that high it doesn't rule over men for it is a system with no life. It is the only way to be free, everything else is partial slavery. But pleasure fills the spirit and makes joyful the soul, I smoked crack, did know it until to late but I smoked crack. I love crack, black people. Same shit. Black people and Jews have an unspoken bond because why ... crack. I want some crack, jk.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Do not make haste with as it is idle hands, one and the same as sin and overwork is detoxifying to God's mind as he is more human and empathy capable than and as any man and higher than all in humanity. Detachment he feels and he never quits through perfection.

The Man

There are few little things higher than an educated prophet and a scribe but drugs make haste, mercy and patience.

Rules Supposedly

Perversion is the source of much of the world’s torture except that they are quite adept at hiding it and rationalizing it to themselves. They intrude in everything because they are needy but think they are hard and cool. Drive by and insult and cry. They stalk people, they drive people bananas. They only think about sex but somehow do not, because it is shameful to them. They are ashamed, but they can literally drive people insane, with harassment, because they are schemers, they are incompetent schemers, they will drive you insane if they are not stopped, and despite there self-control they have none. And they set people up and rationalize billions of different ways and feed off each other and do not, but they will force you to become completely but “covertly” furious and crazy and then lock you in a mental institutions for stepping out of line to watch you, criminals all, without one exception, deal with it. They should have no power and drive in circles and cry then become grandiose and it is mentally retarded and annoying in a way indescribable to the human mind. It helps, charity. They will put you in a mental institution to watch you without end, and the consequences do not matter, and they will feel guilty throughout and at the end of their torture, but they will do it until you die of psychological and every kind of torture. They are sick and extremely dangerous, they were better in the old days which they think about in weird ass ways. They will do the slightest annoying things that are geniusly stupid and they are collaborative and do annoying and torturous things and never back off, ever. Grow some compassion for your victims. Insight insults to rationalize and then blame your victims, create sadists and then feed off it. They are the worst torturers in certain concrete ways, all evil is perverted but covertly so. Insult religion but not God because he has concrete yet non-concrete power. They have no ability to please a woman except in certain cases, they do not understand hot love making. I “love making” too, and I cannot stop thinking about it either, we are similar, ne similar, but a mother knows yes, a mother knows. They know well we are all crazy and always have been. They will give you information, but it is cryptographically cryptographic. Roll down window with sunglasses. They are nice but with flippant disregardfulness, laugh and cry to yourself. Document manipulation and spell check manipulation.