Saturday, November 18, 2017

A common problem: Unexamined mimicry and mockery based on lack of personal responsibility and personal insight and maturity, an endless cycle of hypervigilance and stunted emotional growth although it is pervasive subconsciously and somewhat easily treated as the conscience forms direction and wiseness of mind, sign of incorruptibility, hypomania and disenfranchisement and relapse common. Sublimated caused infliction of psychological torture is common. Low self-esteem compensated with appraisal and acquisition of negative attention (acquired through sadistic means). Socioeconomic status and ranking on the GAF critical if circuitousness prevails, creative expression and affinity towards joins healthy of mind to the afflicted, male paternal figures must be established. Extraordinary bravery that comes from the torture that is required for the manifestation of this condition, is admirable but wrong choices along the way may be disastrous, negative healing and brain warping, reflected in personality.

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