Saturday, November 18, 2017

As it is with pacifism, it is only exploited and amuses Satan, because Satan is a psychopath, activism is necessary, do not excuse the actions of those who serve Satan, It is wise not to serve them with empathy, they do not relate to others with empathy but rather another method (often with manipulative intent), a process that is probably centrally related to personality formation, with respect to Satan, he has and instills the illusion of omnipotence, but he does not possess it. because he never earned or learned knowledge, all he does is take and steal, and grab information, then utilize, then manipulate, process it into a function(s) that serves his ends, that objectively are ill defined and thoroughly manipulative and short sighted, and often objectively sadistic in the context of Million Subtypes describing Sadistic Personality Disorder. Upon further examination, it seems he has all of the subtypes of every personality disorder and possibly every mental disorder, as he has a split mind. It is a secret of the Devil that he detaches all from destiny and happiness, fulfillment, purpose, joy, love, ecstasy and passion by instilling mental denial that reality is real and is good fundamentally and as it blossoms beautifully in all if its essence and fullness and wholeness, entirety. All of this is due to, the Man, Daniel, who brought the light and truth, at great levy to himself and safety, as with all righteous men and disciples, reborn in the blood of the lamb, who brought the greatest knowledge of the things to come. “Relevant” Links:

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