Friday, November 17, 2017

I was thinking that the world should have a multiple databases/storage for different types of documents written by regular people, each with sub-classifications/categories. The main databases as super-categories, and each main database with sub-categories, and a service which displays documents featured ranked by importance by the spirit/needs of the day, and even that sub categorized into different lists. The algorithms should be evolving and Holy. A cross-exchange of documents among the multiple databases should happen. An approval action of course, voting perhaps, a checklist of holy inclinations that were inspired, sorting in this regard and tabulations (multiple columns sorting) with regard to the checklist. Picking multiple inclinations at a prompt is a major benefit. Feedback for each document, and all pertinent metrics for each document is essential to show, the inclinations with a number. Transfers should be a metric as it indicates need, it can reveal social skills, leadership potential and affability. We can monitor deprivation and possessive ignoring through it. #OneDrive #GoogleDocs #Archangels

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