Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Proverbs (August First Half)

  1. Some people believe dying is fun.
  2. Some people are addicted to sadism, they should be fired on the spot because they are essentially worthless until they get better. And they will take advantage of you if you show and humanity or charity, because they prey on "weaknesses" and should get justice. They want to be omnipotent in their pathetic fantasies. All stalkers of mine should get justice and restraining orders should be enforced and issued. Almost every action against me is to prey and exploit my Stockholm syndrome and sometimes my PTSD, and a distortion of what it means to lie is a source of detraction and hateful mistakes. Every criticism of me is the product of mental illness and delusion, I am perfect and innocent. Anyone that does not want me to get full relief basically all the time and peace always should face justice as they have no say. I appreciate all the attention but attention needs to be paid to all your lives, education and family and time after this, what do you want out of it, is it Holiness that you want? I am Sim Eon and I do simulate eons, in my head.
  3. Don't worry it is not like you do it because you enjoy being evil.
  4. Propaganda can be dangerous, I have never really believed in it and we have moved past its necessity. It can make people vicious and insane in some ways. It toxifies everything and can lead to abuses and treatment like psychopathic rumors which people believe because they are heard.
  5. Psychopathy is never a lasting condition because of Holiness and the Holy Spirit in therapy and repentance. It is not safe to be psychopathic.
  6. I have never actually truly wanted something bad for humanity ever.
  7. I never liked Slap Happy.
  8. Everyone can be perfect I am lucky enough to have no faults, it is a gift and I am grateful. Faults turn into strengths.
  9. Remember everything is written down in the book of life, all of what is said, done and thought and the record of all of existence in representation, incontrovertible except through lies as long as they are believed.
  10. During the Holocaust I was in Heaven and God saw things he cannot unsee. Do you know why I saw those things, because I am God's son. Let's just all pretend he betrayed us silently.
  11. People should never get a free ride no matter who they are, including someone like Jesus. What because of who he is, the family he was born into. It doesn't work that way and it never has. You earn greatness with virtue and integrity and an abstinence of sin,
  12. Without work nothing changes or gets done, and without good work, of virtue, nothing good happens,
  13. I live and breath for virtue,
  14. He whoever believes he must have power without earning it, or believe they are exempt from the laws of morality cannot be given much as they feed emptiness,
  15. Klonopin, Ritalin and Cogentin help with cocaine addiction.
  16. The reason false prophets are called abominations is because of the molestation, lies, hatred, narcissism, disorganized behavior and thinking, manipulative behavior and thinking, psychosis, infantile borderline like condition, lying and pathological and compulsive lying, and sadism. It should be said that most of them are not near pure pattern and they are mixed with prophet DNA and mind, through virtue they become prophets and through covetousness they fall. They all molest people into delusional submission and out of delusional submission seeking they act, and to instill it in others, so they may see it. They are sinners and embarrassing and all pedophiles. One contender is Shan Wu.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thoughts on Inequality and Wealth and Generalities

1.     The rich should be a structured military for God's reign
2.     As long as someone has a proper vow of poverty they need no social class but a heavenly predestined class of God's knowledge they have
3.     An automated system of wealth building based on subscription and investment disseminated to much of the world based on scores, vs and ms
4.     You fight the corrupt rich with conscience, sanity and intelligence. Using the methods of old made anew, but also with efficiency as psychopathy is narcissistic, base, unchanging, old and all of mind and neglective and manipulating to the soul. Malformation of the soul exists.
5.     Definition is strong in the rich, they need definitions, and this is indicative of passive-aggressiveness and OCD, something in everyone to a degree, defining words mathematically would suit them, words such as: foolish or spirituality. To become scientists and poets would suit them, and politicians as efficiency, a strong concept in the rich, is like a force, but put to one thing an unhappy life results as ungratefulness is rewarded with failure.
6.     Defining people in terms of money is primitive and in some ways a disgrace, rich, poor and middle class, and seeing money as the source of power primarily, and not message, knowledge, will and morality and character and is creating a stale and primitive culture where baseness and sterility and delusion permeate and are embedded in media and conversation and all communication for that matter. The primitivity of the affluent retards still limits the power and judgement of them because they are retards. And all form of communication excluding secretive and encrypted communication should be open, fertile and interesting feeding all men and women knowledge and life, much like this blog, not a maelstrom of deadening repetitious OCD saturated and influenced media because the pathology of the rich provides for control and sterility which they masochistically and sadistically need and enjoy.
7.     What is infuriating is that people have the right, internalized and pervasive morality excluded, to think they have the superiority over another being with a soul.
8.     What one must remember is although wealthy people have psychological problems the poor stressed and drug addicted masochist is something far worse.
9.     Why should social class be changed as a paradigm because a test measuring and scoring humanity, character, morality, love, pain, virtue and values in terms of opinion would expose deep equality.
10. One thing you can say about rich people is that k-mart pants are sort of disgusting but the sickest plots don't disgust them, different sort of stomach.
11. To trivialize the feelings of others is an unrighteous path fraught with disappointment, hurt feelings and misery.
12. Subhuman means that treatment of a being necessitated by safety of other persons and society and their consistent constitutional makeup makes it impossible to treat them with law, norms and procedure in psychological and legal terms, and the traits of ASPD can be attributed to lawful and authoritative figures in their treatment of them.
13. Money in itself means little in can be used for good or evil as is the case for how it is made.
14. Atheists are addicted to blasphemy, so you did it we can do it.
15. In terms of blame they need it to be me at fault, and also a lot of intelligent stuff was written in this document. It's you. In order to be correct you have to learn.
16. I rely on everyone, they know more than me in some ways and as this goes they are rising to their purpose.
17. People who molest me or want to molest me or others for posting on blogs deserve to die and should and should never be in my presence with technology, oh my God, Yahweh-Jehovah or is that not pedophilic enough.

Friday, August 10, 2018

A Positive Change And Moral Equivalencies

I am often confronted with people that are afraid of losing control and power. This does not make sense to me as they would rise in power if doing the right thing. It is like asking God, in the beginning, to forego his lack of free will entirely, which is impossible and side with the Devil, as the Devil stands in all opposition to sense and validity, good is superior to evil. Should he have sided with the Devil? Should he have backed down and been submissive or should have the Devil learned that God is not merely in charge but is the chosen leader by birth and has every right and good idea, and is sinless and perfect and innocent, and self-sacrificing to no end but unto morality. He could not have become effeminate and half backed down, and if he could no children on this earth would exist, and if he was not as brave then secrets would be spilled if he looked for his own need to disclose in relief. The Devil is not comparable or equal to God it is not an alternative that is equal, as is good and evil. The Devil first wanted to torture him and came to him with many fallacious arguments or simply orders, God was supposed to be tamed by his words, but his demands. Rest assured God was under the Devil’s power but is that a good enough reason to back down when confronted with shameful victimization, treachery and thuggery. What people must realize is when talk of purpose is promissory a detraction in power cannot happen and ambition will be actualized if the right path is followed in freedom, moral restraint happens, and patience and virtue reign. And threats exist not if one knows that a place is secured for them, but it is not a place as being human entails that freedom reigns and all dreams come to pass in the experience and love of life and task and family and friends and mankind. My detractors are intelligent as is the Devil, who has his virtues, but they seek omnipotence with technology, because they cannot actualize, but omnipotence is gained through strength, not of will but of a moral core, technology and sinful repetition and loss of insight as is with drugs and the distortion of thought and mind and character and restlessness of spirit do not make you omnipotent, that is why technology and all things that are not human do not give omnipotence but help everyone and when misused hurt people, omnipotence comes through the Holy. For everyone who is in Heaven may do as is their wish in time but one day there shall be no transgressions in will and power unabated and in this form they shall get their wish of omnipotence.

Jesus said to him, It is written again, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
Matthew 4:7

Do you know what simply we have been robbed of and goodness? The fear of the Church and the misallocated authority in truth that it has. That you listen to the Church as if it is not supposed to be run by God himself. Everybody half-opposes that in multiple directions. And God told me himself that a just killing is just. So let us continue upon this corrupt lawyer's path. It is odd how we continue upon this winding path, fearing for our very lives and sanity, and pretend that the wicked do no wrong halfly, and stand by aghast at their crimes at first but then desensitized to it, catering to their half-obliviousness, making every argument not to act, why, it is our own sin but mostly their's, and they have fooled us everytime we didn't act perfectly. Let's approach this academically. And make it so we are not deserving of good but owe them their way in evil because of fear and fair. Let us explain everything to them because that is what they want and half-way what we believe.

God kills not men for sins and past, in righteousness he sees the future and the will of man in now, all forgiveness and knowledge fall in the hands of God, he never sees revenge or self-righteousness, or self-pity, his perfection is total. Let us not see ourselves for not the obligation to be merciful as God would, we exercise righteousness in the knowledge we have and be lawful to God's word and code.

While resistance to the Devil is taught and his faults drive him to do evil, understand that the Devil should be understood by the brave and wise or those wanting to be so. Ritual is not what Jesus taught, Jesus would say it is in the hands of men and women and their families and friends to gain redemption through the teachings of God and the vibrant, free life. You may ask him yourself. The perpetrators and planners of corruption have benefited from the endless declarations and not changes in constitution of the Church as sermons (and verbose ideas) and seeming evenhandedness and stability that tears apart the natural state of man as he was created and needs. To declare that the death penalty is wrong is necessary on the Church's part as is refuge it provides and the Holiness it is and brings, but to think that the death penalty should not be defined in disclosure in time by the Church, one can see the abolition of just killings as right, and the wicked prosper, and the world becomes more corrupt, and it has never been that the world was not full of the penalty of death in one form or another, and liars did not openly lie, splitting our minds in their sadism and deception, which is sickening and abominable, to just say the death penalty is universally wrong and mean it in absoluteness (which has a large effect as every written word does) if the governance of the church, expanded as it should be and its will be done, then to take the little of the lives of the heathens is wrong then that is a crime against nature. The wicked lie, and how they are believed, and as authorities are the prosecutors of evil they should be learned from as few or many in human frailty end up at the end of a crime for righteousness or innocence. And authority is established, in truth, as the soldiers of God, it does not as Stalin said, be a matter of a long rifle but those who think that shall be met with it in truth to be explored. And let us remember who exploited this matter and whether or not that is sodomy. Merely living and creating fear enables normality delusions which empower the heathen.

Some believe, and they have taken the rest of us with them, as long as it is boring and sterile or robotic it is normal. Anything out of line of dry perversity is insane and deserving of half normal sadistic facial expressions most often in the form of smiles. And in media and in life any orginality or edginess needs to be tempered with boring and sterility for control and emotional starvation and any happiness with payment in effeminacy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Duality and Roboticism

The downfall of criminality in the end for a criminal or an organization is much like that for some legal entities. The unwillingness to adapt properly, partially rooted in the inability to change and the parameters of pride, wrath and stubbornness as well greed, although criminals are often willing past a certain point to sacrifice business past a certain point but infuriated by its beginnings in false prophet like self-righteousness and self-pity. Pride in the unwillingness to back down in light of hurt feelings and elitism and pettiness, redirecting grudges, from one outlet and place to another exposing in the absolute unwillingness to call of an offensive or listen once, and passive aggression in the literal sense, and this is tied to wrath as revenge and insecurity, and mercilessness even to the point of self-harm or self-destruction, which is dangerous in masochistic criminals and criminal organization as the often already possess borderline tendencies if not features frequently. The driving of people insane and swarm in the criminal world also plays a role blocking and inability to be creative, self-controlled and actualize the very same things they deprive others. While all criminals shall eventually be redeemed they must realize that Holiness, is above all they aspire to and some like false prophets place themselves above this in a quasi-incestuous way of functioning and thinking. The ability to think innocently and learn in this, utilizing and feeling forgiveness, causes developed intellect and purity whereas the manipulative guilty mind produces pathologies and roboticism, and instill the torment of their own existence in others, projecting on them the need to think in roboticism-like ways causing pathology in conformity of members and victims, anxiety and fears, and the amplification of every sin and emotional battery and torture as well as every form of psychological torture including sexual and verbal. When a person is terrorized or manipulated by a robotic they have a duality in there mind, whether to think as natural and pure with tempered and organized judgement (although some manipulation of mind is crucial in overcoming to function as normal but too much a police state in one’s psyche) or the burden of opposition to real moral beliefs, in mind present and called the duality, that causes a wide variety of social and psychological problems including violence and hard-heartening and resistance to help, a duel, and preponderance of psychotic, self-destructive, sadistic and narcissistic qualities and behaviors develop in one’s mind if the duality (programmed) in intention and of mind and identity occurs, and in most people this is evident in a normal degree, with the examination of sadistic behaviors, socially acceptable and aberrant.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Psychological States in Pathology (Irritability, Paranoia, Adaptation)

The lack of vulnerability and softness in sociopaths and psychopaths causes them to understand things within clearly defined parameters which are centralized in nature and causes stereotype idealizing behavior and roboticism idealization and behavior and violence as catharsis. It makes them act the same and have not that much depth outside of immediate relationships and flamboyant arrogance that is strategically subconsciously insane to feed sadism and fear invoking as this is calming and grandiose. Paranoia due to irritability goes along with this and a schizoid and paranoid stance among them in the trade off for constant support in fear invoking and calming (anesthetizing). An irritable slightly disorganized and hypomanic state causes productivity but a general right minded and generally proscribed theme or norm of functioning causes for better adaptation and less pathology.

The Dual Nature of Time Essence and Forgiveness and Fortitude

b = An abundance of wrath and haste with opposition to holiness or mere dismissal*Inability to change in integrated contiguous manner for fear of shame, love or virtue*Sin or malady examination avoidance*Formative theory likened to eliteness and stereotypes
a = The process of Godly guidance with meditation on God and will of essence devout in freedom*The value of opinions and support*A restraint in marriage and fraternity but an improvement in both avoiding circuitousness and projection*Unjustified paranoia of labels invoking feelings of inferiority vs. perfection in intelligence-based exposing of purpose and talent otherwise roboticism and development of lack of empathy and autistic outlook
f(x) = Dual molded and joined uniqueness standards to flamboyance, elaborance, risk-taking, false virtue, true virtue*Self-defeating wrath typification*Concrete conversion of resources to tangible*The hardening of heart and opinion*The acceptance or rejection of violence, cruelty and subjugation in Holy tolerance
Equals: The Dual Nature of Time Essence and Forgiveness and Fortitude

The Beggar's Walk

The ease of forgiveness of the victim to the abuser, the beauty of the simplicity of the small acts of virtue of a fallen soul, the start of an ascension back to virtue after much grief and heartache and many regrets, the path narrow and winding and unknown of a sorceress that has her heart impure but comes back to day, the unknowingness of mankind in the day to day thoughts and the mystery of what is pure thought and what is mechanical, and what bridges both in order to create that which is of a good mind. The love we feel for each other and the hope it brings. The hatred that comes with death in mind and non-shaking fear in one’s enemy, The hollowness of wrath for endless marching soldiers, of one mind but in death and depression, all the same ashamed in their guilt and wanting of the femininity of love but bound by the sternness of revenge, and the allegiance to ringing hollow mercilessness and revenge, as the quietly side beside and are detached and see let no one see their tears if they can cry them anymore and think simplicities because the capacity for depth comes and goes but does not carry them for the whole world seems aligned for destruction, convincing themselves they are both stupid and not. But he often says to the Holy wait until you are out of your trance and then we will get at your weaknesses. Let us parrot some more so we may have others deeds to focus off of forgiveness and towards wrath. And even if we disagree can we not understand each other and essentially forgive differences, and look towards a day when there is love enough not to need to condemn and understand the fullness of opinion and what makes it is proper judgement and virtue and sin alike. The one who reign's forever shall have absolute power.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Algorithm of Creativity and Execution

1. Read a document of observe circumstances and the proper relevant situation must be analyzed and quietly reflected upon, keep in mind eventual perfectionism (Aspire to keep running log of inspiration and steps throughout process)
2. Analyze the repackaging of relevant insights of others
3. Analyze taming of free of situation that you both grasp and that which you have in intuition and non-concrete awareness
4. Think of the topics in right, diligent and hopeful terms and relate it to self in compassion yet necessary firmness
5. See evil’s way and interact with it carefully
6. Confront not in direct but present evil be of natural passions, heavy, but virtue first, trust thy self
7. Discard gently the evil at play while knowing the truth, and wisdom view to develop but know that now analysis, math, poetry and art begin
8. Now write and calculate or later calculate
9. Utilize new newton’s method for efficiency, plan formularization and new ideas
10. Bring lists and use new newton’s method and draw inspiration from the Holy
11. Deploy in each step, all dimensions and ways of new newton’s method both chart-wise and algorithm.
12. Read and demand education and better applications (technological) from source of existing apps in use
13. Make art and science
14. Create and make known mission, costs, and intentions
15. Deploy virtue
16. Formularize plan with automation and technology and document in reality and classify
17. Send and receive memos and communication
18. Receive feedback
19. Issue orders
20. Issue counter orders if exist

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Missionary People and Forgotten Lives

There is always hope in humanity and the conversion of the wicked to good. Even the most wicked have been raised by all in a way, they are brainwashed and sinners and bow to evil and are hypomanic and mentally ill in a way, but they cannot deny what is taught to them with not words but by nature, circumstance and others. Universal charity will be a stepping stone to achieving this as all will know they are given concern and they will feel validated and loved, but the inklings of the wicked shall make them fall many times as the innocent do and sinners do. Much of their passion is in all things that oppose good and order, they are not to be discarded but taught, by words or the rod. It is inescapable that war goes on but in true things there is always the acts of God and good that lead to salvation, the worst exist for a time but even they are brought to tears by their actions, I have seen it in every accuser of me. The collective conscience and consciousness and the enormously powerful forces that are mysterious and not completely understood tame and bring an end to the worst fears and conditioning to be wicked and the desire to break the innocent and guilty alike, but guilty means guilty of sin not forever worthless or afflicted because the nature of good forgets none but evil steps over a helpless man or woman. The wrong things appeal to much, when looking at the future for context, such as a hatred of math because it is immediately integratable (found in all wicked people not just those served to the courts or the holy) and unilaterally imposed in a way, it is the obsession with self-worship and despotism that actually creates false values that are imposed and reinforced everywhere and bring about functioning that includes discarding and half living, a game of death that occurs in the ghetto, and in the larger ghetto temporarily imposed by wars in the world and confinement of the good and evil alike. To live in the ghetto is to get out but that is a terrible game and beauty occurs in their, but it is a different world and the concentration camp that it can be is slowly, with the grace of God ending. People live as apparitions but families and move elsewhere but cannot shake it as long as it exists through sin and the exploitation of their consciences and instillment of criminal beliefs as the wicked are foolish but clever. For every corner that a man passes in the ghetto there are restriction, every hallways, every mirror, every meal, would it not be better if such policing monitored the poor and downtrodden with charity and good, feeding them actually, it is a waste in a way but missionary work in another, even to kill with greed, as some do in sin is human and teaches, but I say again, with so much effort to police, why can few be fed or clothed or saved but the very consciousness and presence and power of what feeds evil or instills it, what monitors, what aids and reinforces brainwashing, it is a change in faith and thinking that will bring things about and mostly bravery that exists in full. The Devil will be fed with good as he is in some ways emaciated and learn to take the tremendous power to do what once worked for him into a positive realm as he can live with himself but to a point. Tremendous power but hat will be done with it is in the hands of the most abused and poor and vulnerable and oscillating to lift everyone out of a quagmire but they were most forgotten.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Corruption, Fear and Homosexuality

Criminals and corrupt people by the conventional definition are avoidant and it is not strictly through life experiences and conformity, they are brainwashed through technology to be programmed to avoid ways of thinking and believing, that is why the non-psychopaths and the psychopaths have a paranoid stance which does not really make sense to them or anyone else, expressed in situations and made worse by a ban of discussion on it, both because of trauma in the past on the subject of paranoia and a general consensus that it should not be discussed for business reasons.
While homosexuality is considered a sin, it is also something that has been strived for to legitimize, people know who their wives are and both sides suffer, for lust, but lust does not stay behind closed doors, nor do peoples pain as they die of cancer or AIDs or a rock thrown. The moral and practical and lacking creativity and histronia of a non-love centered relationship that is homosexual may be portrayed for all its virtues and they are needed and ill teach us many things but, torture is always needed to grow, but everyone knows that it can no longer go on forever, and the fixation of the homosexual community and us being perversion haters, societal control through torture and the infliction of evil, is on the side of the sinners and it will pass, as o longer will we have to step back and see our children be abused and brainwashed by people with a strong interest and a redefined code of ethics and morality, governed and enforced by fear with the face of properness and righteousness. As they are not righteous, which is important, but they have seized righteousness, and made it redefined in their own, to expand their own bureaucracy and power. They oppress and use on mass as a tool of fear and do not care whether others meet and be with the person they are destined to be with and that is abominable and in no way justifiable except in the laws of hard power, numbers and lies accepted. And a man must endure abuse and torture at their hands for speaking the truth and that is wrong and they believe that nothing is wrong and it should go on forever and in this and a few other decisions, and lies, they make programming their own and become thugs and want to rule all in insanity, so fear them but numbers of wrong cannot make write because of narcissism, perversion, lust and greed. And religious talk is refiled and those that make it molested through false hiring and thuggery, it is addressed with a offhanded flippant condescension, and they will simply do that to you, none should follow them, or think of them humane or as non-sexual torturers and fearless for their good has exited them in God, and ejaculation and endless allowed sex and perversion before God’s eyes and ejaculation their only concern but their ambitions to refine morality, and it is real and wrong, and frequently violent towards dissenters and enforced with creative sexual assault, sexual torture and molestation and fear of rape and stalking, and all the hard ones in the underworld appease them, even though they toxify everything and all you here at the end is a self-righteous black eyed chant of homophobe, because they have done nothing wrong. Do not even Jesus and the Son of Man dare stand up to homosexuals as they are right by insane logic and thuggery and harmlessness and torture of anyone who stands in their path, and that is real while in most our minds the homosexuals cannot be stood up to, for abuse, mockery and manipulation wait, however in print or concreteness, that they have taken away from us in our good writing and media, they say and abuse and stalk, with no value to you, because we, mistaken, you thought it. You do not get relief until I do, a face you shall never see but know, in schizophrenia. Save them from AIDs but do not dissent, it is in fact a hard path. Some stop the thoughts of children, it is no mystery why for their is one but many reasons. And rebuttals do not work in the face of their violence. Heaven is in fact not overrated. But if it matters not, who cares. Remember he has points for little reason, or none because a nothing essentially and a homophobe. Why should he be happy? For all of those that believe I went too far, I am not going to let up on this, you know what has happened when people are in duress and what kind of people do the worst things, and we know where the world is headed. Someone took my immediate response to what do you think about the situation with gay people and I said we should mourn our gay brothers and sisters. And I am not crazy I do not think that homosexual sex makes you an evil person, but something about thinking in manipulative ways all our life and doing it without realizing applies here and the manipulators that are closer to normal have the scariest ways of going about things because there conscience and moral reasoning is more normal.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Depersonalization and Identity

b = Contracted identity with depersonalized decompensation, in animalistic viciousness*False and relevant attributions of brilliance and sentiments discomfort forced through technology and manipulation, dialogue and communication through this manner*Predatoriness*Fascistic repetition of librarian sort*Preying on weaknesses and sadistically idealizing thuggery, disorganization, excrement, stereotypes, PCP, perversion and sadism*Arrogant perverted smiles which get at weaknesses and reduce self-esteem and self-worth in sodomy*Morality rewritten by sodomites and forced hospitalization or lobotomy or sterilization or institutionalization for opposing sodomy*In rewritten morality illegal and sociopathic behavior acceptability and passive with attraction and interest in not fetishism*Long planned betrayal and pre-discarding
a = Written and documented destruction and hard results oriented fascism and homosexuality and the adaptation of violence addictions*Perversion and blindness based functioning idealization*Gentleness in no relief and molestation*Begging in minor but fully augmented, essentially, planned and executed, sadism, piecemeal fake usefulness, petty and pedophilic grandiose and utterly pathetic, impotent and sadism and if blocked homicidal rage*Intelligence gathering and warning obsessed power hunger and fake productivity, with intention based failure, in grandiosity and insanity and lunacy with delusional incubus like delusions and grandeur with self-undoing but ambitious omnipotence in boredom and fantasy self-defeating *Perverted limpness in sadism and disgust excitation*Perverted integration attempts in adaptive progressive, non-linear fashions*The slough of prolonged agony*Tiny yet destructive half-destructive attempts at “omnipotence” through want of humanity destroyed in ignorance in service to bland fascistic restrained in sexuality and stereotypes and mental retardation and half-generosity sadism
f(x) = Perversion, Limpness and Molestation
Equals:  Depersonalization and Identity

Monday, July 30, 2018

Rejection of God’s Will in Worship Seeking Abominable and Power

b = Restlessness and distraction*Need of neural alterations*Hedonistic circuitousness*Haltose spectrum*Self-esteem impairment*Healthy sexuality*Ideas and creativity*Conception of enemies*Drive in logic or feeling intellectualized*Hopelessness in gratification and power turned to megalomaniacal power*Harassment, penalties and tyranny briefing in pride
a = Army of malignant collaborators in nonsensical self-contradictory arrogant and prideful mission the accusation of immorality actually enjoyed in torture of the helpful and righteous*Want of inner death of the innocent*Tyranny of the terroristic in power the result of bribes and perversion and schemes made fraudulent face of authority obsession with generalized and morphs molestation and torture through real infiltration and example of corruption in actualized representation and deeds*Ill needed help and obsession through superioristic lifestyle self-affirming but of falsehoods and want of deviancy*Malignant narcississtic seeking in delusion of consequence of actions or spirit of the corrupt individual pain and retroactive malignancy achieved by wicked in authority*Seeing alternate infantile and antisocial reality as inverted impotent and moronic utopia with dictatorial placement of king as position of corrupt authority figure individual in fantasies*Love of impotent war and corruption hidden and grandiose and omnipotent*Dueling self-contradictory states of reality and law pedophilically stimulation
f(x) = Defiance of therapy and happiness with distraction of good in illness and a patch
Equals:  Rejection of God’s will in worship seeking abominable

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Disorder and Chaos Quelled

b = Obsession as a substitute, substitutes only necessary for moral growth through predominantly deprivation*Incontinuity of being action*Taxing and overwork*The drive to create mental illness, the subtypes of this corresponding to mental illness subtypes*Money and material complexity*Expansive appreciation coupled with grandiose sadism inflicted in severe form on the innocent*Predominance of work detached from emotions, and in passion expansion in destruction in ill understanding, and callous regard of holy spirit that is of kindness*The intertwining of all things in physical and scientific and spiritual means and scope in life, love and sin factored and potential purity as well as natural means tying together growth and in the scope of existence with work in natural based ease and continuity
a = Empathy lack and conscience deadened in inactivity only in instilled, sycophantism typed conscience usage, lack of normal conscience-empathy relationship*Botheration in instilled feelings of worthlessness of depression-normality askew in distortion of subtyped and appraisal subtypes, labels creation for the imbecilic and parasitism in all*Savior bringing capacities, the destruction of the therapist or savior in weakness, an affinity for torture and perversion aimed toward the savior proportional to denial and grandiosity*Moral confusion in sloth and life abstinence, lack of proper temperance and diligence caution patience and purity infused creativity with output*Chemical and scientific view going towards callousness or ill-exuberation, but ultimately choice between concern or violence to the correcting and guiding meek
f(x) = Disorder and Chaos*Inserted and welcomed input of purity and rejection of viciousness and purity*Caution of speech for motivation and justice
Equals:  Empathy, caution and path proper and ill in life and of mission*Amount of help due received and to be and received in entering heaven

*All sinners truly understand they are immoral before they fall and submit, the final straw broken, when they come to God, sin lets not go of them in other circumstances and their need for it reinforced with the will to do anything at the near end and at various points when they need their sadistic fix.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Antisocial Processes and Acceptability

b = Words that mentally vie for truth and ill-anticipation of lie based situational partial integration*Gluttony, Lust and Greed in lie-based consumption and grandiose manner expressed as conformity and identification with fictional or real figures*Insanity is valid non-manipulated consensus*Schizotypal and antisocial disorders in fantasy and theatrical expression afflicting drudgery of mechanical existence
a = Commercial, corporation and academic driven sadistic tendencies and towards torture and control and emotional stripping hidden by possessive and oppressed masochism and tyrannical (primarily) sadism with prosocial traits with hypomanic leanings and in, trinkets, psychologically necessary and valued through symbolism*Brainwashing extensively in style of computation and behavioral manipulation as evident in tantrums of an inexplicable sort of teaching professional and cool, withdrawn and sexually perverse mastery or self-attributed omnipotence of subjugation of lowest relevant rank in intimidation missions*Rampant crime uninvestigated for fear and programming, bureaucratic hatred fascism and hatred intentions looking to all being equal without the presence of holiness leading to atrocities, poverty, perverse lies, disease, deep manipulative thought with consciousness and circumvention of underdeveloped conscience*Disgusting behavior and traits utilizing human intelligence and technology that provides for sub-human excitement and substitution for forced confinement and abuse*Pervasive sloth and lust made into a stabilization mechanism and an adjunct for calm and intermittent hysteria*Delusional mind and disgusting greed, sloth and lust based operating methods and structure of the holy actualization of those of greatest worth and the downtrodden, well, and mentally odd saints in potential and becoming, with sexual overtones in desecrating beauty and innocence stripping from conversation God, law, justice and morality and through secularization, substitutes and commercialized fantasies and unchecked compulsions and disasters in widespread denial and delusion accepted in mathematical terms
f(x) = Conversion from psychology antisocial processes (aid) to sociological religious and practical meaning
Equals:  Dependent and acceptable components of disorders sociologically and via humanitarianism to clear judgement of pathology and antisocial problems conversion

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Growth of Intelligence in Personal Whole Growth and Potential

The growth of intellect stabilized corresponds to introspection and intelligent inner harmony, subverted and undone in manipulative incompetent manner, through the jealousy of the infantile old frequently who are perverted as well and have erotomania in their presentation to their victims and their victims are a roster of those that invoke jealousy, this is masochistic. This may be treated manually, and this extends to other forms of social and individual pathologies that are now deemed sub-clinical. Variable calculative reassignment to evil mechanically, towards the end of sin reduction to the end of recovery under close guidance and watch, the deployment of personal non-fluid chaos and fluid chaos operationalized in scientific definition and a centering on behaviorally associated chaos as the end result in carefully observed fashion, and finally an integral is formed as the end result becomes integrated into an equation that holds the behaviorally associated chaos in a monolithic or more accurately in integrity with expressively integrated properties held in this result and throughout the equation or in other words an near full integrity in representation. Self-reinforcing delusion can be broken through exposure to psychological tensor aggravating factors based in belief systems highly utilized in career-based behavior and analytical behavior most related to time-based activities, career being the foremost in most cases. Jealousy for instance as the basis for a self-reinforcing delusion as it is sexually exciting to the narcissistically related to passion stripping and ecstasy reassignment, perversion, skewing and deadening, and negativistically fashioned. Words become altered in a passionless address in order to inflict what should be known as dry torture, first day of school type, dry deadening torture of routine and corporate competition, exploitation and based in deceit, want of rape and molestation with a human face but underlying drive to make things stripped of their humanity and mechanical, driven only by arrogance gratification fleeing and spurts of perversion and maintenance and a remainder stacked upon the poor, with all smiles going to the patching of inferiority of the self-realizing defective and miserable mind, with dominance but no extinguishing plan formed, with brainwashing and productivity but no real good entailed only, the realization of which in victims causes submissiveness and vacillating tantrums. Seriousness but calculative primitive sadistic madness and a love of getting at “weaknesses” and turning people into robots and robotic thinking and torture the subjects of jealousy to the most ungodly torture imaginable in dry murderous minds with perpetual plotting. Their purpose was to structurize and leave but as the are stalkers to the normal and Holy they never leave in complete dependency. They are bored manipulative machines and they rejoice in the power they hold and always in the torture they can inflict by asymptotic thuggishness of a whimpering pathetic sort. Once again, they study one book their whole life think only in those terms of what is of the book and carry out it’s message in every action as the are deadened and lifeless and need the support of the material to carry out their miserable lives, but profess to be masters in all their functions, in genuine admittance, in corruption benefiting all-knowing pathological and fleeting and in arrogance returning grandiosity. They should be slaves to justice and reason and of the Holy but they are not because boredom all pervasive to them in the heights of their version of ecstasy. They have no reason to look at an equation as it is non-thuggery and depressing in their disgusting view. They must be made to self-nullify and they are purveyors of academic torture as to make the requirement as difficult as torture and the weakest people imaginable as they love regulation false and non-incontinuity for their idea of deserving and not. That which can be hidden like the travesty of the cheated and downtrodden and disadvantaged are acceptable to hurt in dry ecstasy also acceptable is going limp and the fascistic and murderous intentions but the prominent should be touched only indirectly to them. They think they are superior, in an absolute sense, as they are brainless masses basing worth on primitive scales like job and pay but a title can be mocked infinity by evildoers as some group or individuals can mock and a bank account endlessly as long as their are those that fit within worthless rules, and there are always those that can be found that can mock a title and bank account. They do not have to mock a title but just find hurtful insane things to say which is ok as long as you act the right way in public and conform to stereotypes perfectly and find anime and comic book characters to emulate and mimic. Remember you are not getting at "weaknesses" ... wait, you are because you are disgusting, perverse and insane and carved out a little niche for yourself and your crew as you know they are not weaknesses just openings for torture of those that show any kind of joy or comfort in their lives or day or moment. Ways to torture the unsuspecting with labels that are simple and so perfectly tailored in a stalkers mind to hurt the sensitive, meek or Holy. What worth is their in your lives? You are not human, period, coming from the guy's opinions that do not matter because he never published a paper or graduated college. And also has little money and no title.

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Politics of Faith

The modern position in Jewish people has become more centered and like what it was in the days of antiquity. For very long the Jews of modern eras deviated from principles of meekness, loving kindness and generosity, but as it stands now they have cradled society with their wisdom and raised it as their own with dissention but responsibility and grace. For some time, the path of Jews was geared towards a lack of introspection and some depersonalization and fractured identity. But as the modern era took hold a wave of unnatural feeling introspection, first incumbered by instilled, through persecution and bad decisions, self-loathing and guilt. The introspective mind has grown in this respect, but the identity diffusion of three Jews having to be one works for nothing but the time of battle and sometimes prayer. I personally had to sperate myself from my own people, the Jews and the Catholics, because it was not of God’s will I could not fully become either as I could not grow or become fully until the long separation, excruciating at first, was over. I remember when I made the decision not to be orthodox or conservative happened, it happened once in childhood and the other in Hebrew school, the second because of disorder and tyranny inflicted upon me. The overall mood in Hebrew school was one of self-proving rejection of me, because I did not stand in the path of those desiring their long-standing power and economic might and vices of all sorts. The Jews did not fail but some did, out of love of the world’s perversion and a mechanized abuse mentality and machine that withheld passion and all of the glory of God in his being, and this, they readily admitted was true. It was told to me several times that I am just unbearable in my faith and morality. There exists a horrible strain in Judaism of criminals and psychopaths who are drug addicts and whoremongers and of the most blasphemous sort, they are silent but evil machines the likes of which Belial would never have the imagination or mind to design. They are robotic, sadistic, loudly arrogant in quietness and quite frankly evil, disorganized and schizophrenic. There is no good in them as they are thugs for not even the Devil, but the satiation of tastes and fetishes. Their handlers and bosses are often the distorters and perverters of God’s word often discussed openly as a gleefully sadistic and arrogant loudness feed their lust for evil and love of sin because it is inherently defective in human beings but ethereally constitute, cogent and integrated. We face this but no one will deny that the passion of Jews makes no better home for a saint, but the methods of abuse and all abominable things must be driven out of the Jewish community, as this is our gain, and our path for years but luckily not eternity. Remember, a person can withhold relief for the world by taking it themselves constantly, is it possible if it is, is it a just killing in terms of the Bible.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Message to The Church

Formulation, tabulation and dispensation of custom and laws in study can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous that the lack of faith in itself, because it begins to provide the Church with a method of ease in leadership. Where virtues and the push for Holiness comes second or is defined as Holy, the rituals, the prayer, the packaging of message and generic customization.  It is easier to fall back on safe customs and message than to exalt virtues and the exalting and exercise of virtues can come in criticism and intellectualization of methods used in the pursuit of Holiness but tabulation of sins, tabulation of customs, tabulation of repentance translated to measure and actions of priests and cardinals which have narrow range in behavior, can lead to a passionless and overwhelming deafness in preaching or sermon-giving. Essentially what you have is a barren, minimal, and bleakness to your life giving and crucial expounded witnessing to the truth neglected and precedent worshiped. And all things of positivity like the minds of children are ignored for perverse controlling end. Denial and a picture enforced and augmented through thuggery and the collection of mass in power be viewed as criminal in tactics, and a non-asking of God, because you answer to your boss first, supposedly, but never God. And the actions of pedophiles is unholy, and their flight into the bastion of truth and Holiness is the Church and the Vatican but pedophiles tell you are at fault and you should lie and stop thinking their greatest fear is of the loss of lust and the truth telling of children and loss of their psychopathic lifestyle which lives in tyranny and sadism.  Invocation of suicide and guilt instilling gives them grandiosity in perversion and a usury of Holiness in intellectual representation, and the intelligence ideal, which is psychopathic in this case, which holds the key to actualization in partiality and fracturedness, is idealized, a manipulative intelligence in social acceptance. Pedophiles and child molesters are not part of the Church they are a segment that operate in secrecy but a flamboyant grandiosity demeanor and sickening presence, they hold it over the righteous that they are given power, but none sustains, they all perish, as no protection from God comes, only the blaspheming in his ways and the pathetic orders that come from their diseased and blasphemous lips. They will tell you, as a hesitant sodomite would that they have a job, and a title, and this holds over God and his Sons in delusional effeminacy and you cannot write the truth because you are not supposed to by their homosexual and mentally defective ways of sexual violence. They have no value and should be treated as such because they want sex slaves exclusively of the innocent because of their selection in fantasy. The code of pedophiles is not law except in action of enforcement sadism, it is not of God, ask them if they wish to have perfect law govern, the true law of God in every place, as will be, or what are they doing to what end, or what priest or cardinal wouldn’t want that. They will say, you cannot ask that question, with an effeminate look in their eyes, or of death or of infantile vulnerability amongst adults, as it is not up to our reptilian code in mimickery and evil humor, in exploitation of bureaucracy, and concrete power,  what awaits for them in hell for asking such a question is beyond words and the most Holy persecuted and made for leadership and one’s help, One of the Son of God, as they will lose themselves, and I say to any man not with the doors open in Heaven it shall cost you yourself.
Creativity in holiness is paramount, the posting of information, outreach and missionary works of good deeds are not small but holy rituals, not ordained or captive to the church in approval but holy to God, as God says need not the holy rituals as much as you need to live life in vibrancy and heal and bring the time foretold in the Bible as Jesus' Acts and Words shall reign supreme in the coming kingdom. And all shall know. Bring your own approved rituals of God to other's houses as you should but know that the words of Jesus such as "for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:8 ASV, describe the coming kingdom and all that Jesus said. And faith not respect lead me to Christ and we all climbed in faith in those days and the old ways but it was to know humility, but it brought restlessness of a sort and stagnancy as all things are in not the perfect will of God, and this through men his children.

Monday, July 16, 2018

One of The First Yet Progressive and Anticipated Hopeful Changes

Remember that even ordinary people do horrible things and their conscience must change, for it is the basis of the stability and growth of society, it is a mechanical yet Holy force, of divinity and owed honor and respect. Do not think that it is completeness if you use only your head for all of you and everything you bring brings things that come to pass but the evidence suggests good and evil and all of creation are at the mercy of individual will with gifts for all and some may squander or worse and some may save and rule. Some may waste their lives in Lust and Sloth, and some may repent so they sit in the place anointed for Kings. If one is not meek like Moses then leadership will be corrupted, and sin transpire, but what do all of us is an end to the bloodshed and war and to come to peace and prosperity with no violence but the deeds of the wicked shall be reformed by the kindness of beings and creation itself, as it brings miracles and torture by the deeds of liars and sinners. It is infectious and the wicked blame the innocent but stalk them to hurt their weakness and artillery it is, and bombs are their action and guns their intimidation, but the complexity boils down to a simple [principle and voice, “Me”. That is what they know above all else and to change what they have learned, and the structure of minds, hearts and souls will shift, and rewrite but the process shall be lengthy, and they shall be behind but the degree as to which is this is science is dictated by non-selfish acts and Holy acts. Never blessed, except by than the will of God in Charity and Employment of Good in Him, are the unholy. Of the Sinless made in choice and hardship we all will be, because the paths of the wicked are predictable yet crooked, but their lust for pain is difficult in their knowing self-defeating attempt at self-augmentation and improvement of a wicked sort, they operate on a set of simple principles and in time are marked worthless and capable of no status or were because they have been given in right, in the winds. Some are corrupt powerful, others, vie for a mission of delusional omnipotence and disorganized schizophrenic power illusion but the corrupt powerful understand them as they are cut from the same cloth and slaves, and think of a losing sort.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Future Poem

Mockery of everyone being friends, a child’s fantasy, but the only way it will work out, and who contributed and how much counted.

If you want to beat it out of someone, you can, for now and what will be belief and where shall we be, and no one alone in being behind or ill-informed on belief at the time, as universal friendship shall be widely acceptable, like a man on the moon. He who wants division often gets it and funds it is gold anywhere basically.

I have realized that everyone can be happy without competition and the establishment of a perfect hierarchy, in description agree through the Holy and foremost God, the perfect job in purpose, tailored for your purpose and permanent title that is based around your success and the perfect description of your purpose tailored in perpetuity and for eternity formed for infinite concern and knowledge of such each individual and mankind.

Now we can establish that approval, attention and communication (talking or being around someone) is not moral at certain times and moral at others, for safety concerns and the absences and elimination of sin and the exultation of virtue. And for all mankind and the brave and good ones within it and the sinners and vagabonds. As Jesus prophetically spoke.

But for now, it is lifting up and going through (treatment and evangelization) so mankind can rise.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Nature of the Structure Truth and Lies and Liars

b = The forethought based outcome that is perverse and detestable*Ill-fated plans*Political and universal corruptor*Building blocks of the Devil and the wicked *The unfortunate death is mourned because of many reasons and chiefly because of intreatability of disease, in prison or hospital*The currency and type of less subtypes crime individual or demographically*The corruption as a currency is an indicator of the redemption of man, in his effort*Demographic lies are the result of brainwashing and technology but they represent paradigm methods of torture with lies and lives as cogs*The psychopathic mind must process truth and lie and vehemently with anhedonia choose a physics and psychology based method and scheme sequential to trap the victim and punish him and some do it for the cause, social pressure or feeling(s) of defectiveness or inferiority*To ask a sinful question feeds lies but a rebuke and virtue remakes everything in beautiful ecstasy and design reminiscent of the Garden in Eden in Genesis*Lairs oppose the re-writing of the law perfectly as God would want it*They oppose a system of instruction and information dissemination and task system, subtyped alerts, reminders which runs on a risk to safety calculation with reward and/or accomplishing parameters.
a = The formation of social power and problems are truth and lies, lies minimized truths but truths are universal, some lie schemas (the formal definition of an evil manipulative scheme put into scientific terms) bring countries to power that but undoing of them in virtue brings it greater in absolute terms are lesser country are greater demands examination and tying and cutting of lie web, a sickening slogan divides in stupidity and intelligent humble work and a man joins nation so that they may  prosper in safety. The non-need for empty words and terms and the non-corrupted thought and their parameters in secret keeping opposed and in truth, promote individual thought*The playful and pure evil and gleeful, flamboyancy in power and tell lies is subject to God’s Power.
f(x) = The Nature of the Structure Truth and Lies and Liars Capable of Being Processed Into Models and This is Subject to Expansion in the Definition of Models Processing and Universal Meaning and Definition
Equals:  A Several Fractal Dimension (Crossover Effect in Fractal Dimensions) of the Nature of Lying in Encompassed in the Totality of all Dimensions Pertinent

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sin, Exploration and Science and Faith

b = Exposure to psychopaths in unsafety, abrogation of God*Addiction to many sources of pleasure*Sinful Thoughts* Stymie of growth and life*Depression*Fake friends*Masochism*Self-Deception aided by sociopaths*Taking of innocence*Conflict*Impulsive*Borderline mimic condition
a = Hollowness in Hedonism*Disputes with the Pope and God*The false knowing what Is good for oneself*Infidelity*The tears of those who care*Covering up sins*Non-Committal to Universal Love*The false belief that someone should or can in good processes be discarded*Attraction to drugs and lust*Wrath and greed of people and pimps*Brainwashing when spreads*A formulated concept of mental and moral terrorism*An association that a lack of sinfulness in a situation which could be embarrassing, but impossibility unavoidable and spreads love betterment of mankind, should bring shame*Belief that the rules are written for the wicked because of many of them not legitimacy and uprightness or sacrifice intended*Possession and humiliation in pathetic disorganization cause of gratification with order through wickedness evidence of material made available*Perpetual and eternal discarding ensured*The rejection of the spirit and body of the repentant and alive again, Asmodeus, in faith concern defining oneself as a heathen*The brave are out in front with honesty and declaration to save and to give truth to bring the light*The evil ones are hidden in scheming a gleeful but miserable in their deeds hidden so no shall find them
f(x) = The Nature of Inverted and Non-Inverted and Negative Processes Holy Precepts in Variable Analysis Coupled With Addiction and The Perversion of Pseudo-Perversion of Such an Addiction(s)
Equals:  Precepts and Other Measures Expanded in Totality Integrated With The Concept of Behavioral Aspects and Underlying Principles and Dynamics of Each Individual Because of Addiction and Anarchy and Sin’s Relationships

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Religion and Pleasure

b = Compulsive pleasure seeking with stability and expected responsibility
a = Emptiness filled by holiness and in love and feeling come*Cling and grasping aside*A stopping with self-esteem removing labels unless of truth, plan and Holiness on your side*Jesus’ power of peace and love recovered*The adoration of the Holy Spirit*A friendship with God*The remaking of thoughts and efforts and standards of truth and decency which lovingly said do you want holiness? It would love to know you. We are all simple but wise in our own but to fulfill a life through your pen and throat comes words of revelation.
f(x) = The Processes of Intrinsic Peace, those that love in safety, and The Temperance Making or Improving processes
Equals: A Moment Filled with Holiness in Time Augmented

One is Owed Right if They Are Good

b = Respect for the defined and beauty appreciation of the evolutionary beauty and the divine Hand*Justification of and found in vulnerabilities and primitive shows of strength*With Death Comes a great falsehood that death is acceptable and of the belief that it is ideal in natural terms and context*Rejection of the belief, the true belief, that he who believes will never die which stands as truth*Mimicry that presents the prosocial the antisocial and naturally found modes and actions of humans extracted into psychopathic mindset due to masochism
a = The Tabulations of falsehoods*The pimp of spirit into dwell and not life*The hoarseness of tongue and leisure and of being and mouth speaking knowledge and good*The wicked should not be proud the righteous should and they are in some ways miserable and parasitic*Harnessed by Man on secular path of unregulated want and lies, danger in secularism*Those who reject the artificiality merged with science are paid in popularity, the augmentation of ill-authority and popularity and an adjunct is tears of the innocent and secondly and power of personality-less cause*If were to have its way unquestionably in prolonged agony nature all would be cogs worked to death and utility*A blaspheming of the reality, the creator’s definition would reign between natural and unnatural because while high present in indoctrinal past only applies or discussed in light matter by natural human being swept upon conception and throughout the grace of God and his love for all our babies bring and his absolute detesting of the perverse. f(Natural, Unnatural, Synthesis) is related to allocation in mental suppression, and the instillment of pseudo-mental Illness with pseudo-symptoms if derived from pseudo-mental illness, the cause being, targeted by evil. The Natural-Unnatural technique can extend to silence and the writing of the Bible nullified because it is flow and sloth and fear jointed in self-consciousness is sloth in a variance and inversion of something which is Unholy and Holy. It is appointed as poisoning and violent misanthropy in vain glorious stupid believed in manipulation that comes as naturally as the whim.
f(x) = Natural and Unnatural Processes and Discernment in Holy Naturality and Synthesis and Proactivity and In Spiritual Gain
Equals: Representation and Intervention As Naturality of God’s Work and Nature’s Behalf

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Christ, Morality and Leadership

Rejection from sin-imposed invalidity perception of themselves. Many victims of child abuse and those with judgment deficiencies are exposed to chemicals in utero that may be narcotics, and this impairs them leading to a life long struggle with medical treatment. The temperament is not especially irritable, as it can be seeming on the surface, but the ego attacked will invoke desperation and crying fits, dissociativeness and aggression if slighted or losing control and making unilateral decisions. This need for control and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can lead to forceful will and the reassurance in order and systematic functioning and change make someone developmentally with some autistic traits and automatically rejects people and expects returns on his behavior when they have profited but in a overall framework of self-undoing. To say they accomplish only evil is wrong they follow God but do not sacrifice their creativity or stimulating emotionality and get on medication, where this is a better state of being and of God’s plan, and if they become powerful which is determined by their drive and motivation they can inadvertently cause worship and the loss of medication use, because they preach not in the way of Christ but of Mammon as he used to be. Schizophrenia or the diagnosis of has been made to the most creative and successful of people but it is used by the wicked to oppress them. I actually have some schizophrenia symptoms at times they are minor, but it is manipulation and so forth. Can a king be made a king before time, right? Yes, but with each waking day he must prepare not see in themselves the answer for relief or happiness but in others. Their solitary nature guides them in humanity also does depression and a support structure, but they seem always to go back to selfishness. Somethings can only be reversed with time and effort the glory forward of orders is exhilarating in its progress, but a king unifies and serves and spend his waking moments thinking about doing good. There is no need to be embarrassed of such a thing for goodness is still in you but the Devil has the habit of loosening his grasp in integrity in orality, it is hard and fear and anxiety filled but the Devil must be managed until he has power after losing a great deal of it and the intrinsic good that man never shows except when he is bound to it immeasurably and draws upon the lessons of his own oppression by evil and others plight in the same. Perhaps a man who is a king but reluctant to gain integrity needs to work solemnly doing one task or actually inspiring people with his good in meetings and conversations of God and holiness and their life experiences and others sent in with stories, so a complete decision has been made. A man seduced by control will ignore certain things like the savior of legislative bodies and greeting with warmth the good deeds incarnate of his actions and morality and theirs as the only universal language. One must remain cognizant of the lies he has been told and as a king rise he orders sweeping change not bureaucratic change and list his demands and hands it off to a million email addresses and those responses are subtyped and analyzed. The plan is formulated. But the emails cannot be of one side and arguments settled in the output. AI's will be heavily implemented.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Life and Love, Gentleness and of Change

Life God, work, virtue cleansing. All things received and internalized Good. And of memory; lovers most loving and terrible moments in sound mind exactly fight of time of really all in the changed memory of leaders, and the understanding of wrath. Love and Romance an Integral part of love is the generosity of reality serving the truth spoken in math and art.
Sexuality in bonding a passion and warmth, trust and holiness.
Gentleness, Awaiting touch reassurances and warmth and the exuberant of effective of it. sexual participation of an approval for dignity and suffering with the antithesis being unprovoked crime. Exploration of the Body and Warmth. The Human need for sparing, motivation and warmth, of another often accompanied by love.
Abounding smiles and show of understand grace and stability. Something that always so in perfect love. A vulnerability of injury made anxious and the utter trust and selflessness whereas roughness complicates this. Fusion of point and heart meddling
if gentleness is invoked. Growth in the soul catalyst of right made in rightful circumstance and of gentleness idealized and internalized a woman normal, strong and brave but rejection, in light of soundness, rejects which indicates an aversion to be drive by unknown all of me. Cleanliness and hope. Wrongful lust due to abuse and misguidedness.
Paranoia withered with obligation to Spare and the world pollution and callousness and sin and the universal adoption of gentleness and sensitivity as social protocol, and real beautiful unspoken law. Temperance in loving tolerance, and salvation begotten, and humorous guidance or stern when necessary are not playful. The Evil and macabre and antagonizing truth of hate inverted and expanded upon in inspiration and folly rewarded as basic skeleton.
Immutable bonding, sacrifice, worship sacrifice, worship, passion, empathy to suffer anything for your beloved.
Fulfilling the joys, oppression and naturally divine and pleasure of purpose. Casting out hopelessness and its evil root stripping of integrity and joy a day and life brings not passed by bleakness sometimes in sunshine. Alleviating row by grand belief of God’s, it never hurt you and you abandoned God yee of little faith and much selfishness and lying, plana for you and the absolute love and fortune he brings, in saving and lifting up in purpose. Victim blaming God is rapacious, hollow rage and shell becoming at sin’s stagnation. Nervousness and guilt the over blaming of oneself to minimize self being and wholeness instigated by false prophets.
Time conception malfunction, Equation: Integral equality: what once was sorrow and tormented in bleakness in Life inverting constantly as a function of time elapsed in human hands effort in destiny and faith good works and facts, and moral non-inference because God’s law is perfect.
The overflowing cup or drop in a pale of everything good come in instruction and faith, and numbers totally loyal and stay in discipline but the shamed knowledge that shall cease but a lost her overtook as. To do subtyped worship and the meaning in a (hope and faith found) liar or confused heart that that sin knowledge in valuable but virtue shall bring you nothing but good over and over (aside from the trappings of death in sins waging) and anti-sin but compassion to those that act out.
Internalization not just social norms but a skilled surgeon taking the higher purpose and fully internalizing then in time and for each in question
The act and beholding of love and virtue and stepping forward n bravery. The work naturally in sin non-contamination, Ease of the Father’s life in constant work, To take care of a child in sickness and overwork in husband or both. To find the utmost interest in law explained before a court and before God, and the Vatican if humility is of every protocol fixed. To learn knowledge to see a disturbed genius and if od selected him and he acts of virtue then bless him, To bless him of life and the emotional vision of the future. To be aware and have shame and to be near-monkeys consciousness learned but naturally inclined in both good and bad, evil good in fascism or to take on evil’s virtues and follow death To learn openly and lovingly and for the love of a son or daughter made divine and brought into the world for peace and purity.
And Evil known that work but contemplation and meditation to purpose and joy with embrace, how good is evil imitates in death and torture, glory because it is his way to mimic and gain power and the repentant have automatically.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Trials of Misery and Hope and Action

Of two sides there is an introduction of thug fear ideas and introduction of extreme ideas, An incestuous stakes-to-stakes relationship, Those lost of God’s Presence, believe, it is him who uses you. I propose as is Holy that, Preaching for God is the highest duty for a man on earth, the second is righteous action, no mediator and chaos between partisan bodies need be infused with scheme and the creeping of evil or established in unholy or morally compromised things.

Establishment power which is abused and the accompanying deviance cons itself into law precedent and protocols, along with law all forms of communication and language.

The embracing, not rejection, of the end of war and is our obligation to fulfill such a task, if we desire to be in fixed character and mind Holy. It is my firm belief that in time, all will become Saints, and meek, but power in work and a essence or Spirit by which impossible dreams happened, happen and opportunities arose, if you disagree, have you said God has taken a wrong step in any action or thought.

The use of immoral fascistic tactics the exploit childlike “weaknesses” are signs of antagonism for pure evil's end (abhorrent and intolerable, and coveted by tyrants) and the use of propaganda and ultimately rewriting morality (as an act and in doctrine) for viewership and slander, promoting and subconsciously implanting theatricality throughout the world, resulting in before and after an act, rationalization and masochism on a grand scale. The sinful act of quarreling which is so expanded it effects everything in the battlefield and the ghettos, and get you the opposite result.

The wicked or rather the rebellious, create a mimic-morality and makes existence surreal and the action of the histrionic and sadistic tendencies, in all implanted. So we all flourish, not, according to virtue, sinlessness and honesty, then we will deprecate one side and feed it misery, through many means, as is what has been done to both sides, and then take, from misery. The information pressure and teaching and knowledge gluttony is harnessed and made acceptable by conventional thought, but these in form become sinful and unholy, and these three sins have concurrent virtues of the same rock.

It is heartbreak that our side (one, but two in current formation) that tries so hard that uses immoral action and reinforce their moralistic conception, with conviction of Jesus, I have seen it happen, and in reality, all this bickering, and games playing, is of slightly repentant whore, in perpetuity and currently in place.

These are our teachers, and they have much to teach, and insanity is splitting in many ways, given divine being and purpose, analyzed and exploit traps deployed to pervert and corrupt the actualization and effect of divine being and purpose.

Together we are strong. Immoral tactics feed sin and causes it, and lies become common place in compulsion avoidant or histrionic or passion aggressive or depressive modes of think not understood, and that nullifies control and knowledge.

How many more shall we lose and let fall before God’s eyes, perhaps the rational in sinner glory should be sacrifice to their sin glory, with the justice they are owed. What makes a man is purpose, identity and God, and Heretical, and Heretical is deviating a not fundamentally assigning work to law which cannot be broken and is natural, cannot be broken, but we broke it, in style and trend. In the compromise in constitution of self, love and morality, and the opposing forces, programming and brainwashing and corruption, take hold and feed war and stagnation and deviant growth, who would want that anyway.

A man sacrifices his own faith and direction through con and loose thuggery of a debt collector. If we do not become two parties in Holiness and perfection and divine law on Earth, we shall all die inside, and the way of abomination and misery will happen, and the right path is of goodness and personal faith in mind and spirit.

Obama was a virtue in circumstance and time and he grew, and any punishment from evil he took to become more Holy, that is Holy.