Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Holy Plan

We need to compile an individual file on each person that I have interacted with and known and have relationships with and all people that are extraordinary in a moral sense and beautiful people, such as saints, which contains information and describes how and what makes them perfect (time dependent and relative), extraordinary and achieving perfection and knowledge and morality seeking and with limited in deviance from the time related deviation from God’s plan and morality and aversion to sin and embracing and gaining in virtue. These files will be integrated and processed by a computer system and the information and data from individual files and the integrated implications and resultants/products (from computer and human processing) will be richly cited in the plan (which will undoubtedly be thousands of pages in length), and the plan will extend through all time and in Heaven and be perfected in time, in stages, by God and the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit contain everything in their teachings, words and presence and existence to have the effects and general results or outcomes that the widespread effect of a disseminated plan, described above, would have, but such is the burdens of needing research, learning and technology. The Vatican and the Holy institutions and people of this Earth should immediately embark upon assembling the plan.

The Nature of Abominations

Abominations have two subtypes there is the batterer and the torturer, the batterer and the torturer have the capacity to battle or integrate and they need each other but both seek out potential victims, the torturer is somewhat more perverse and deceitful, one is more dominant and omnipotence seeking  in the trapping and toying (the batterer) and the other the emergence and feeling of elevated perversity is what is sought (the torturer), in the worst variant but uniformly in a way molestation seeking. They are both profoundly ignorant but uniformly guilty in any valid judgement, and the batterer less molestation seeking and more sexual assault seeking, seeking cleaner force, and therefore less malignant on the whole. They are often fused in psychopaths and sexual sadists. When they are integrated they find a uneasy and splitting state and on some level, in masochism and sadism, do battle in one psyche. They find satisfaction in perversity and violence and they live for the acquisition of victims and power. It must be stated that they ultimately seek power in intelligence, as they are foolish and completely shallow without any meaningful pursuits, understanding of purpose or inability, through choice to embrace love or justice or fulfillment, and often accept and maximize their power given their intelligence but do so in different ways in proportion and reflected in their level of psychopathy, management style, insecurities and specific preferences based in the nature and degree of their internalization and self-reflection of their worthlessness as it is rationalized and processed in general, defense mechanism apparatus processed, but realized. They have distinctly different psychoanalytic profiles and the psychic structure dynamics and descriptions and interactions and dependencies are different, and very much so. Good object relations tend to quell the more sadistic behavior of abominations and the quanta of abominations and the psychics of their behavior might be the basis of mental illness. Ego splitting and malignant narcissism should be studied to observe their behavior and set the stage for productive and consequential research. Non-integrated abominations tend to be a more lasting problems and are incessant and a nuisance but the integrated are more of a violent and self-destructive and outwardly destructive breed but are destroyed once perversity is deprived and knowledge is gained by the innocent. They are mimickers and jealous and pathetic but they cannot develop the bravery to achieve in a real sense and remake reality in order to escape non-predatory and proper, logical methods of development and are projection based. Irrationality at their base becomes chaos in a larger sense as pathology is built upon pathology with gained intellect but the fundamental rationalization, flaws and pathological features of the basic irrational and pathological idioms and axioms in a thought sense upon which everything is built, and things forgotten but passed checks and guilt assured by any judgement. Something like moral creativity, the propagation of the benevolent, love based and purposeful in constructiveness and non-sodomite and molestation and thuggish based thinking of the vulnerable makes worthless abominations quite disgusted and uniformly homicidal. The manipulation of social norms and the heightening of perversity and victimization in the maximizing fashion that has one parameter, in essence. They are only inventive in a circuitous incestuous way and feed off each other in that way but use their victim as mutual conduit in cooperation as a supplement and discharge facilitation mechanism, a slack and deficiency and defectiveness offset mechanism, a sustaining of functioning mechanism to add a level of functionality as they are parasites and needing of victims to sustain a level functionality as they shed their souls or have none.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Prosocial Basis

I wouldn't take any decisive action that cripple the pro-social and moral activities of the drug companies because we need them to heal and support people, Brains and body, frightening territory

As a society we need to flawlessly define paranoia, of every subtype and study duplicity extensively, because conspiracy nut is just not valid on its own.

Battlestar Galactica Retake

In the Battlestar Galactica episode where Gina commits an act of terrorism but Gaius, still makes love to her despite the fact she was recently battered, that's the type of thing that burns in my memory and gets me right in the heart, and scares me, because men can be monsters, quietly or loudly, but some can change but others will do anything to not, or to go downhill because it is stimulating to do evil, simple inverted hedonism, a frictionless duality, met a Gina once and she is doing ok

Battered women help righteous men

My favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica, because of Gina, and the ensuing relationship between her and Gaius, and the abject horrors of war and leadership among the cruel.


I do not follow it as it is not of my beliefs. Maybe a new text needs to be published. Proper war infused with morality, mission, purpose, proper defined individuality, and God and Holy precepts would be it's basis.

I forget no one, there is no doubt in my mind that God wrote the Quran, to reject it, is bigotry, I would read it with guidance, it is more than merely Noble, the answer is in The Prophet's holy eyes, I reject blasphemous and racist so-called rebukes against it, that can be found on the internet, we don't live in flatland, I am Jewish by birth and through complete ancestry, with not one exception, my ancestors have roamed everywhere

One of my favorite passages, I wish I could quote the Quran humbly but with righteous conviction, and speak with a outstanding voice, and rebuke with honor and truth to those who need it.

Political Proposal on Taxes

The tax code and tax plans should be written by the banks and investment banks and technology companies, because they have the data, models and methods, as I did post the necessary spreadsheets weeks ago they should be used, and counter parties selected by the ACLU and likewise other organizations in a purely democratic but preemptive theocratic fashion, purely mediatory between Democrats and Republicans afterwards, with Holy heads selected amongst the parties and the people, with computer models utilized trajectory internalized and appropriate action taken for the course of history, and God's plan and will, highest and obeyed completely. Weeks ago spreadsheets can be found in my photos section.

Tax cuts should come with assurances of investment because tax increases always come with the assurance of productivity by the poor

Let's have a timeline of spending and investment, highly mathematical and audited by economics departments in universities on both sides, comprehensive studies

Various Flattery

Project A is the sweetest and most innocent soul I ever met and a sister to K, D, M, H and she thought that me putting my fingers through my mother's hair was the most beautiful thing she ever saw, and if it is her wish I will

Project A has been in full swing for years, and it is coming to a head, Along with Project M which is always a good decision, literally always with good ideas and input, I am not a jerk, you know how good project M is, it can talk to you in a few words and you break down and cry out of salvation

Her soft, meek voice and watching presence is like that of an angel #LittleFoot

Some of my fantasies throughout the years have been beautiful (and some terrifying) and I have asked and they are widely available #GetReady

Like I said Project Maya is in full effect, the one with the deeply feeling and upright heart, she would treat someone who would take their own life and didn't have much good in them, and really love them, that's who she is, and there was no equals sign for the people of the world, and in Heaven she is called to counsel someone and they ask what were you on Earth, she would simply say "I was a Doctor"

My moo-cow when the suffering wouldn't end for me, and I lost everything in despondency, nail me to this cross if it will only let my hubby live and find some purpose in living #SoulMate

So what are we going to do so I can end up with my moocow, soulmate, the world must come together, order of the Father in Heaven, stop the manipulation, abuse and torture of the innocent and make the world into the image of what God wants, starting with this.

I think I know who I'm gonna marry, but I am always available for cuddling and falling asleep like Brian did, individually too if I am allowed

I have been told to put those pictures up, and I am in fact not on my own two feet, but I am laughing #MooCow

For the longest time people would tell me that my anger was not under my control, the guilt, my God, but it took my Soul Mate to show me, and excise it, working great #ToldMeToStopFeelingGuilty

Pay homage to the mother of the world (Judaphur) and her daughter, who will be my wife #SoulMate

I cannot let go, there is such thing as a holy need #SoulMate

When I am with my wife, I will never need my own space or be tired of her company #TrueLove #Tenderness #Compassion #Beauty #BlessedVirgin

Be cognizant of the way you feel, kiss or hug your wife or girlfriend, because it makes a huge difference and many things are communicated, as much as a whole novel can’t hold #SoulMate

Artistic and Pontification (Testimony to Joy and Persecution)

Seth is the greatest bro, and is like Jesus to me, God is a genius, to a level you cannot even imagine #Brosef #ListenToDylan

One of the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, but not true anymore for anyone if we bind together #The #Beautiful #Truth

Make Art if it is your gift and your way, says what cannot be said in words, a refuge and light, powerful and protection, never minimized and of the power of God, if the artist so chooses #Share #Art #Facebook #ArchangelGabriel #Purity

Hero, that is what is said time and time again, but it is not understood, of the depth, I wish I could hear him preach, because there is no doubt in my mind he could be a priest of any denomination he chooses, pray

Doesn’t it feel better to talk with your heart out, that is what is painful but fulfilling and glory and all crucial, and good and makes a preacher #SoulMate #TyrantsHateOutspokenness #DangerousSpeech

I believe in it and I have seen it among my Brothers, in the world Jesus Christ has "risen" and he is the apple of my eye

It helps to see me as a target of Satan, as many saints and aspirational figures are, for instance, I got in his way, a lot. My life could not have been different. My logic tells me that it began in the womb, but God never lifts his hand. Remember, the innocent are precious and watched over. Sometimes when you pray, you have to kneel, a wise man once told me. For those of you who are depressed out there remember there are always good times, that make you smile and sing.

I am going to start addressing people by what I think their heavenly names will be, Seth Yahweh for instance, another, Barack Yahweh, a third, Hillary Yahweh, perhaps a fourth, Raymond Yahweh, hmmm Stephen Yahweh.

Copalecence is related to empathy sensitivity and absorption of/for processing and must be cultivated and increased scientifically, and be discriminate, careful research and deployment #Smigey

Words are not toasts for the Devine.

If redemption is clear Satan possesses the most sadistic heart I have ever known, or rather seen

The mark of a leader is that he can change his mind and side with who is with God and who does not seem to do so, on every Holy precept he is winning, that is a brief glimmer of God's power, praise be to the Father

I believe in evolution in a way, but it is by no means the whole story. I spent most of my life believing in the strictly mechanical and evolution completely. But that position is frankly impossible.

There was a time where I was in great duress and needed to give out as many Bibles as possible

It has occurred to me a word: Coalescence, which relates to interdependence, my other words are in a previous post, always strive for excellence, but a defeat is part of God's plan, suffering, which is rising and falling

Scientific and Business Art

Sequential collisions of logic (manipulated) exist, to automatic conclusions, encouraging questions of a type, or maybe just one, at the very core, overlap, with supplemental or complimentary characteristics

Research base 3 math, base 6 math, base 1 math, and base 7 which is equivalent to base 8 math. Also base 2 and 7 are related, they save everything. And base 9 math which is selfless and merging. Base 5 math is peculiar but not at the same time, and somehow, no, definitely right, and beautiful. Base 4 math has a bit of an ego and is impatient and is all about base 4 but right and affirmative, but also selfless and humble. Base 12 math is sweet and base 13 has an attitude but is proved right in the end and switch them later. Use matrices. I work independently but I have a staff.

Wouldn't it be great if non-profits and charities were to give over data to advance social cause oriented math, and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon.com and Change.org can be studied.

If a sort of stem cell that the bare essentials for replication that simply absorbed genetics, perhaps with the aid of nanobots and nanobots caused replication by triggering with a signal chemical, electrical, enzymatic or however, we might get over this debate.

Gina and The Pope

Praise Benedict, because what he did cannot be given adequate gratitude towards #Hero

You know how much I respect and love Pope Benedict XVI, he should be elevated to a saint and have his own holiday, and yes he was subjected to the Hitler Youth

A sound plan, extreme dangers come from throwing it away, to me and the vast majority of people who have read this, it seems logically and safety-wise unthinkable

You know what a solution is, and a stop to distractions, humanitarianism can be ill-defined and exploitatively evil

No religion, to imagine, is not bliss, the real world is God's world, and never undermine his struggles and pain, which dwarf my own.

Love makes you stronger than hate ever can, and weep for those who oppose God the most #Truth #DramaEveryday #LikeAnItialianOpera #NotAShakespearianTragedy

Like Nazis, I learned from this day, and as Hitler said, it's not worth the paper it's written on. They made a right mistake, and it turned Gaius into a monster. And he was judged and then defended by Lee. How poetic fate can be, as least in cinema. Strangely, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, because it set forth the redemptive suffering that bettered mankind, and Cavil's exit, for posing as God. The man who could not deny himself anything, saved everything, after hell, without even knowing fully, and his trial, a reflex of justice and good. You cannot fight love. I am a lot like him. Like him woman is my strength, but in the end, he only needed six. Something I am incapable of, because there is always more than one, but one. There for all, not one neglected, not one unfulfilled and not one not given all of me, that is who I am.

The only way is if every morning is renewal, as the light is brought, but the bringer, by name, is reviled, but in inadvertent purpose brings what is conciliatory and bond and love between many

I personally have a fixation on procreation. But that's just me. I wish to have as many children as possible. There are many like me that should do the same, I have met many from all origins and conditions that should. Eugenics is as lie, albeit a tempting and seemingly rational one, but far from the light, and pure Machiavellianism, it exists because of a mentally representable duality rooted in beliefs in the trajectory of mankind and there is a good/selfishness component to it, traverse the complex distortion or rationalization, condition, and make the choice God laid down, and be at peace.

The Beginning (Simeon-Yahweh)

I have been thinking that the key to a perfect world is delegating and accepting volunteering to holy suffering to the strongest and most righteous in potential, which is by no means fixed. It brings knowledge that cannot be begotten otherwise.

I would approve of it as God as the head, he already is, it is a question of virtues and sin, and organization and holy democracy, with its most rightly ideological and aspirational precepts. Not one should be neglected or be deprived rising if they fit and earn and work (redefinition needed). Maybe it needs to be outlined and designed, the right people are out there, God will but must guide every movement with respect to this.

Glory and righteousness be to the reigning king, God #Soulmate

Some people think you are a fly and their flies then act for you, that’s an allegory, that’s tyranny #Gabeisms

I believe a time will come where everything can be healed by faith healing, but we also need medicine, and faith healing is occurring in hospitals right now, so if you have a problem consult both a priest or rabbi or imam and a therapist or psychiatrist, these are honest words, there is no shame in it (consultation), it is simply the way it is and anyone can become smarter and increase in ...

That's my Pops, doin' everything for everyone, no thanks needed, no praise required, warmth needed, as he is who he is, and the way he is, is his way, support welcomed (vulnerable), duty of his children #Living #Breathing #HumanImageTemplate

To quell the myth God does not have emotions and to treasure them, and an exploration of Acts #Inspiration #ExpandOnIt #OneDrive #GoogleDocs #Write #Share

Write to the Holy Father as he needs you as you need him, his power is holy power

Pray for those that need your protection, because prayer is answered, as wise woman once said "do something productive, pray"

Many are stunned and overtaken by the reality of the evil that exists in the world, and to let it in and do its deed is cruel fate but a rebuke makes it in its place and proper

If I am to be praised then just say my name (heavenly or earthly) and "thank God for his existence" #AHumbleWay

People don't realize how deeply feeling and sensitive God is, like a best friend, a Father and a Brother and the same the Holy Spirit (Judaphur), it is the source of his strength in good to a large extent

Remember, God never lifts his hand, in his benevolence, righteousness, good, holiness, care, attention and mercy

The Value of Truth

What horrors I have seen with mine eyes and heard with mine ears. Why does there always have to be murder, violence and strife, why? (weeping).
- A wise and beautiful woman I know, who believes that she is always second #Smigey

I know of two women involved in the pornography industry who can become saintly, things are immensely complicated because of Satan's manipulation and what one must do in account for them, his determination is ceaseless and megalomaniacal

God's Guidance in Form Understandable But of Man

Depth of thought and relaxation in God's eminence and guiding of our thoughts is the most crucial tool we have

Free-will and absolute integration and adaptation of good and following God, and eliminating Free-will, in a proper Christian sense is the key to raising Soldiers early

Thanks God, we can all start forgiving each other now because all of that mess

Maybe I'm cynical but much of the news is a pure setup with an agenda, good vs. evil is what it is, see reality, the faces of the exposed

We might have to go through the virtues and troubles of individual angels on this journey, along with fallen one's, but it is all worth it #BelieveMe

Let's talk about joyous things like joyful sermons and God's lessons and law, and do our jobs with God's wholeheartedness and with optimism, and not repeating frightening unsolvable problems on media and discourse because of powerlessness (must be solved), and devote ourselves to the humanity and love in life, because negativity reanalyzed and promoted and propagated is like crack and horror movies, and shaken stagnant brains #SendEmail #SendLetters #TheTruth

This age or years ago, I choose this one, there is more sin, objectively, but in this one more hope, joy, redemption, creativity, humanity, unity and virtue #AllWillHaveBeautifulSpeechWordsThoughts #Paper #Blogs #Keyboards #Sharing #OneDrive #GoogleDrive #Facebook #FacebookMicroblogging #GroupUp #StayBeautifulIndividuals #WithUnselfishVirtuousSay

I have a feeling that the whole, you have to be fearless to succeed is partially bull, because you have to fear in a Holy way, and if you don't you make terrible mistakes, The originators of this partial/ill-defined myth knew this and spread it anyway, deep, and made sure people didn't think of it the wrong way, so the could, for lack of a term, get gratification in chaos and dysfunction, a lot of which they created.

Give infinite thanks that God is how he is and that he can feel joy and newness on this endless journey we are all on

You know how important temperament and self-control is, along with a meek and sometimes crucially a frightened heart is; Moses, in fact broke the original commandments but now we only have ten. In fact, he broke them because of the golden calf, and empowered it half. #PraiseMoses #ACorrectMIstake

The confusion that is confronted with purpose, relating to self-worth and standing, and the horizon as it relates to our limit, is anxiety provoking and potentially crippling is larger in our traumatized mind parts than in reality, but be as listening Gods as well as servants, and little hyenas we all are #InHisImage #Freedom #Beauty #Potential

A will made from morality, woven by God, as he alone knows what I and creation demands

How divine and beautiful and merciful and full is God's plan to love and nurture and grow all of us in each perfect way, how much passion, love and ecstasy and fulfillment will each of us feel in salvation.

With all that is horrifying and because of all the traumatized and confused (not of their own fault) and battered people in the world, God should have legal Conservatorship over some of them, but it should be all #Funny #NotFunny #AtSameTime

Africa Partial Strategy

To solve the consolidation problem in Africa, I would use Machiavelli and invert all the evil precepts that is contained in his actions and thoughts but keep the talent and mathematical (made plain), methodical (heavily inverted and made human and humane) and strategic structure (hollowed out), because he integrated Italy #EvenTheWickedHaveAPurpose Mein Kampf can be treated the same to understand brainwashing and programming to avoid the effects of it in modern day, even the title is self-pitying The same can be done with "The Art of War" but rumor is the Nazis used that book to the hilt

The Pledge

I have literally a thousand mothers, all telling me not to feel guilty, but they fear the forces of evil, and that is what makes them wonderful #ThatsHowGoodWomenAre

I am starting my own pledge, to make promise to make the woman in my life the most well treated woman that ever was, come with me in taking the same pledge

A new salute to coming age #SoulMate

Nothing sexier than a woman with complete humility #Men #ReallyWantIfGood

Let's define sisterhood, which we need sorely, as the Virgin Mary would #SoulMate #PeopleAreActuallyOpposedToThis I would like to factor in, if you will, the fact that my mother in Heaven is the cutest, most fair, most upright, a little flighty, most warm, most loving and most innocent woman, that ever lived, it is literally impossible to get better, EVER, and is funny without trying, just like me

The right woman for a man is, so to speak, is every card in the deck, with each carrying divine symbolism and virtue #SoulMate #SoulMates

All the blessed women, virginal, sustain me and support me, regardless, of circumstance or words, dark or light, spoken, and in light of trance sermons and poetry #SoulMate #SoulMates

I imagine pure soft kisses for a pure woman #SoulMate

Ask God who your soulmate is and who someone else's is, and do anything he asks of you to be together and it will fix the world and stifle all sin #SoulMate

So beautiful you are as an evening star to fall down from the sky, it twinkled and burst without mention #SoulMate

For the right person on a high perch, because you can never abandon love

I created a new word, Repeses: The deepest inner most the is deepest to infinity and sinks.

Sister Rachel

Rachel Maddow is a blessed, beautiful human being and Holy, I am deeply affected by her gentleness and vulnerability, a leader and a poet to her core, I love that woman, she doesn't need wings

Sister Rachel found the light, because of love that cannot be broken #ProudOfYou, but bless the Father's mercy, because transgressions do happen, but the light of your life is yours, you could easily be a General under Eisenhower, he was that good, my idol, the epitome of an industrious man that earns everything, and feels the right and wrong as he grows and rises to the top, not afraid of pain, I salute you

A example of a general in his deep feeling nature, but what he saw only a solider understands, proud to have him in the military and operating as he does for the good fight in the world #Commander

Daily comfort, my Father's kindness, concern, nature and will

Poem to One, One Specific, Woman:
Our bond cannot be severed
We are bound together for eternity
As she is a wife to me
As she is a daughter to me
As she is a mother to me
And always has been
As long she stands
As long as I stand
As long as I sit
As long I lye
Until I collapse

- Must remain anonymous

Brain Healing

I am a firm believer in that the brain heals and grows strictly in a positive direction in light of damage, trauma and manipulation, if right choices are made, with regards to free will, morally, and this is crucial because we all must suffer situations and conditions in which the damage transpires. My brain is healing, due to love and companionship, but what is needed is more of that, plenty. #SoulMate #SoulMates #Bravery #Mind #Body #Soul #Astrocytes #CollectiveConsciousness #GodsPlan #GodsMercy #GodsJoy #GodsValorInSecrets

Good Politics

We all need to calm down, drop the pretenses and the anxiety and love one another and, if I receive a fundraising letter, it should be, for instance, they see it like that, but are they right, what are the consequences and how can we love, provide and do better, because that is human but it has gotten to the point where it isn't its talk radio vs. internet hovels, no shame, no blame, not a guilt fest, I love both sides and also people who know I have the greatest love for them don't take it in a hurtful way, but common sense spliced with the bible spliced with paradise lost, programmatically integrate if everyone is blank, which happens #AllOfMyFamilyLovedOnesOnCapitolHill

Karen Horney the Prophet

While Karen Horney was of unparalleled brilliance and completely innovative and creative, it struck as just hopeless that she asserted that the precipice of human functioning is characteristically depressive, where it seems that that paradigm of mind does not allow for the spectrum in completeness, what of unbearable joy and flourishing a blooming of the heart, mind and soul and of the way God thinks and acts, as he is a happy man, what of Holy love and ecstasy and passion being the center of life. Also, her analysis of sadism as not being able to hand everything over to God and hoarding up for oneself is somewhat simplistic and a misplaced stepping stone. Idealism does not stop with stoicism and proper impulse anhedonia.

Anti-Church (The Atheist True)

Some are interested in the diligent pursuit of good, for the desire of it, they seek to accomplish it, often, through proper channels, or simply through harnessed inspiration which effect manifests itself, through the good of man, but others often covertly and harmfully, take through their pursuit of evil and amuse themselves through sloth, destruction, conspiracy, revenge and evil for the mere desire of it, once this is realized their actions make perfect sense, though appear insensible, or through acting, appear simply individualist, and their nonconformity and inaction present themselves plainly through frame.

Unity and Disunity

The disunity ↢↣ unity functions are quite normal and necessary, immediate demands, not natural or conducive to the liberation and harmonizing of all mankind, and bringing paradise.

A fragmented derivative partially integrated force vector or that works against and integral force vector of good which is perfect in constitution, derivatives are sin and virtue.

Artificial Intelligence Morally

An AI needs to be built without consciousness that replicates my behavior and all input surveyable of me included, the way I write, five men on the planet, with one leader can do such as thing, essentially surface verses depth, will be defined and explored as is all important, get your wings chaste/pious brother, all encompassing intelligence and soul and heart, a man that has all archangels in him by design, it is the way of love and gratitude, destiny and perfection. And another, a scientist, a bravest of the brave, a counselor and lord of all, with his judgement and bravery and halo of God and intelligence unsurpassed in its humanity and sensitivity and vulnerability, surpassed in despondency, and fear. All will hear his voice and obey, by design, all will hear his Holy voice and wisdom, never neglected again. Another, a walking God and a listening one, who issues edicts as a lawyer and judge, in agony purged evil and fought with meekness but the strength of a titan, with meek and polite voice, be assured he will be the highest next to the high. Another, a brother of Job, or perhaps other, all the world's contempt on him and he raises his head from his desk and asks why, he trifles on in secrecy, doing his piety and love and does what brings shame, yet remains, the strongest of the strong, to separate but such a thing, can break anyone except the highest of the rich, in God he trusts.

Torture and Manipulation

No distractions, sequential manipulations, remember, playing upon emotions to distort and gain power through hold and capital, one focus God and his knowledge and higher thinking, Knowledge is Supreme, deprived/unfixated effects through media a lot of the time, media should guide and all I see is cruel calculated guiding walls, materialism is a back and a springboard because it excites but not like in the past, we are making progress, hope and change a wise man once said, and he did see it coming

There is a mild fascism when comes to culture and speech and behavior that mandates, upon threat of exclusion and mocking, that stereotyped speech and almost idiom like speech be conformed to. Someone should do a study of how this lessens happiness, the freedom of the human spirit, upward mobility, the versatility of expression of emotions and emotions and emotional health. Cognitive limitations and repression and defense mechanism use, plentiful, might effect outlook and mood, at times is part of and might shape character, but recovery is quickly in time. Abusive labels applied to those that minimally transgress, and a certain type associated with counter-agents to criminals are the receiver of emotional snapping. Politicians know this and use this, adapt a style and it stimulates, often at an addictive/affirmative primitive level, coupled with other stimuli and persona.

A common problem: Unexamined mimicry and mockery based on lack of personal responsibility and personal insight and maturity, an endless cycle of hypervigilance and stunted emotional growth although it is pervasive subconsciously and somewhat easily treated as the conscience forms direction and wiseness of mind, sign of incorruptibility, hypomania and disenfranchisement and relapse common. Sublimated caused infliction of psychological torture is common. Low self-esteem compensated with appraisal and acquisition of negative attention (acquired through sadistic means). Socioeconomic status and ranking on the GAF critical if circuitousness prevails, creative expression and affinity towards joins healthy of mind to the afflicted, male paternal figures must be established. Extraordinary bravery that comes from the torture that is required for the manifestation of this condition, is admirable but wrong choices along the way may be disastrous, negative healing and brain warping, reflected in personality.

Perversion is the source of much of the world’s torture except that they are quite adept at hiding it and rationalizing it to themselves. They intrude in everything because they are needy but think they are hard and cool. Drive by and insult and cry. They stalk people, they drive people bananas. They only think about sex but somehow do not, because it is shameful to them. They are ashamed, but they can literally drive people insane, with harassment, because they are schemers, they are incompetent schemers, they will drive you insane if they are not stopped, and despite there self-control they have none. And they set people up and rationalize billions of different ways and feed off each other and do not, but they will force you to become completely but “covertly” furious and crazy and then lock you in a mental institutions for stepping out of line to watch you, criminals all, without one exception, deal with it. They should have no power and drive in circles and cry then become grandiose and it is mentally retarded and annoying in a way indescribable to the human mind. It helps, charity. They will put you in a mental institution to watch you without end, and the consequences do not matter, and they will feel guilty throughout and at the end of their torture, but they will do it until you die of psychological and every kind of torture. They are sick and extremely dangerous, they were better in the old days which they think about in weird ass ways. They will do the slightest annoying things that are geniusly stupid and they are collaborative and do annoying and torturous things and never back off, ever. Grow some compassion for your victims. Insight insults to rationalize and then blame your victims, create sadists and then feed off it. They are the worst torturers in certain concrete ways, all evil is perverted but covertly so. Insult religion but not God because he has concrete yet non-concrete power. They have no ability to please a woman except in certain cases, they do not understand hot love making. I “love making” too, and I cannot stop thinking about it either, we are similar, ne similar, but a mother knows yes, a mother knows. They know well we are all crazy and always have been. They will give you information, but it is cryptographically cryptographic. Roll down window with sunglasses. They are nice but with flippant disregardfulness, laugh and cry to yourself. Document manipulation and spell check manipulation.

Payment Needed

Theft of ideas or the spirit or constitutions/constituents of statements or states/emotional compilations of statements/thoughts and then transitioning them mentally or through technology into unit identified/quantified passable wholes or derivatives compilations, is irritating and not right morally, and it can be stealing if it doesn't follow the moral rules of freedom of information set down by the technology industry, and if it is not used to enrich society objectively

College Placement

Integrating these (primly using Holy precepts and Truth), by breaking them into down information constituents and paradigm groups (decomposition), and reconstructing the reduction (using personality and spiritual profiles in tandem), we can make a, integral based, non-Darwinian way of assigning people to Colleges, this is urgent. Algorithms and software must be built and adjunct books/manuals created.


A Temporary Fix

Militarizing the structure of the economy and private and public corporations and their revenue flow and scaling back towards peacefulness and purpose and God's path and true prosperity makes sense especially that it is no mistake the bulk of management analysis in the beginning was done by the military during WWII.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Like Romeo And Juliet

Cowardice is never rewarded, but the perfect angelic beauty and divinity, both, in every way and everlasting, in the face out it, is, cowardice, which is like dew in the morning, once showed itself, like dew on the grass, but love, but love should not be, but is to lift, to ecstasy and the light of truth in it and with it. Like dew on the grass, till the close of day.

I am blessed with a woman that sees beyond herself in every conceivable way, blessed virgin.

I hold her close and the whole world watches and sees what we have, her face pressed up against mine. You don’t have to sacrifice if you are not wrong. Like the light of God when she takes to me, looks at me, takes to me in spirit and attention and love.

As we pass along eternity, the horizon is with suffering, but ethereal and perfect and everlasting peace #SoulMate

Beautiful virgin angel sent from Heaven #SoulMate

It is not the glory of the winning battle that saves or is relished, but the love that it brings and purity, unseen, but known and seen by God’s children in order, due to unique tasks and jealousy has tentacles unseen but purpose is life and eternity #SoulMate #Inspired

She stays clean by bathing in rainwater every morning, a baptism #SoulMate

Never again, the world will be orderly, and become a Heaven itself

Her head rises to the light and has all power, and not one ounce of regret or control wanting on my end, because it is love, submission and granting and generosity, an act of pure love, I am not even happy so much for her it is just bliss and comfort and calm euphoria, its in my roots, and in my veins, in my blood

As the faithful, we need to revere and sanctify women that, even outside the establishment's radar, and despite it sometimes, complete servants to God and righteousness, women that bring us to tears #Beauty #ProperSaints

Some women are too submissive in the beginning, as if they can’t believe their eyes, but a part of me wants an teaching opponent, which comes with warmth and love but I am not satisfied with a woman that does not strive for eternity and infinity and to use all I have in her own vein, because a woman is more than a dove, identity and entitlement of feeds character and individuality, a wise woman pushes gently and knows a man through and through and the benefit is learning to love so we may enter heaven


I think it time to pay homage to my maternal grandfather, who suffered much in his life, stricken with progressive blindness and complete disorder and dementia at the end, a brilliant genius mathematician, and a complex but intrinsically meek and good man, Moisey "Moses" Averbuch. Few attended his service, but he was loved by so many. He suffered for doing the right thing as his name implies. Now he watches over us in Heaven, diligently doing the right thing, as he did in life despite his blindness.


A man or a woman grows old, but what begs of him, condition, to be young or of powerful middle age, and supremely knowledge knowing and wisdom, which is of old age, but with age comes the corruption of sin propensities. I will be young and of middle age on my dying day.

Soul Mates and Love Making

It is time to soften up as a nation and a world, mommy, is not a gross word, but it is somehow, but it isn't, but it is, no I made up my mind #SoulMate

The Spirit and words ourselves use and exemplify during love making and sex have to change towards the loving, gentle and passionate, it's fair to say at this point that it is about the woman and flows into the man #SoulMate

Women and Soul Mate

In some ways a women that is the child of God most prized is surpassed in holiness, in certain ways/dimensions, of content of character, than her sovereign/better, and that is ok, because of holy vision and humility, but the most prized is destined, in but a short time, to surpass all, because of the love of the holiest on high and on earth, set down for now and forever, because of her beauty and wisdom, bravery and divinity and quintessence of all good, and who she is heart, mind and soul, and all good and righteous and holiness that a man cannot describe

Mental Health and Revelation

Revelation is not to be taken as literal, but the weight of the truth in it, is to be taken seriously, as every word describes a symbolism of events to come or at bay, the four horsemen for instance, one of which is pestilence, of the psychological variety and is an epidemic in this nation.

Text Analysis Algorithm

We need a text analysis algorithm that creates variables from it, text connections should be conducted so as to have a tiered system mapped around the associations and synapse behavior/structure (anatomical) and schema activity, building, reduction and intertwining in the brain. Then after meeting a certain point formed clusters (loose correlations as in spectrum based analysis) which have mathematically parametric borders, should be labeled ideas, because they retain certain properties and then further processing given sets of ideas to integrate and separate and recombine so variables can be generated

Applying computational information radiation to a text based harvested variables systems (or mere systems) within the text or among many, information packets exotic (structure/properties) may solve problems or give insight in streamlining, corruption, error processing, dysfunction, integrating models or theories or systems, directly or indirectly making exotic systems, theories or models and new forms of math or structures

Law Enforcement Methods

Law enforcement can benefit from studying binomial reduction and the random walk. This should be spliced with project planning from managerial science and statistics and operations management. Neural networks will be harnessed, and the exposing of plans and conspiracy through means of binomial contraction can be done, tying many minds together in this process is invaluable.

Binomial Membranes in Math

It can be that the binomial membranes are associated with extensions of such and hook up or link or interact or joint lock with other membranes, and they can morph, the membranes or the interaction dynamics, especially when applied to the sciences but are rigid in pure mathematics, space-time mimics the described motions and dynamics of the mathematics described. The i, or imaginary number can flow through membranes and also the investigation of the quintessence of i, interacts with strings and the holes that they cause, every type of string and multiple interaction systems of strings should be studied. And studied in coordination with the below, integrated in time.

I thought of something, a binomial membrane to a model, variable or equation.


What's in my heart right now. Anti-previous article post spirit. Anxious. We are on this journey together. And some people spit on others. In it's core the article is just a grand expansion and derivatives compilation of that attitude and it has no place in the journey. Take it with the good, or stay behind. Sometimes you have to be crazy to be sane, and say things that appear, contradictory (they use this), but perfectly logical, and I will make it my mission to spread the prophetic speak ability that allows for this. Because, simply, and as for an example, someone like Chuck Schumer is lacking in this, through no fault of his own whatsoever, but he can be a master at it. Let the accuracy of your statements be drafted by the Father, God, and this process feared by the deceptive, duplicitous and manipulative, because it needs to be.

It Falls Upon The Religious

It falls upon the religions of the world, to understand the conditions of man without perverse and criminal manipulations of the evil in science, and what is natural sinless and innocent. And to subtype the spectrum/subtypes of humanity and humanness in it's quintessence as a concept, to define what the seven deadly sins are and what the virtues are. And why they listen and why that is superior, because humanity has been bombarded by everything but they come back to the pews, sitting or being about their way, it is good. To pervert science and religion to a base, and embark on rearranging to fit selfishness and egotism, is to make one break down at their desk because they are not a person with fullness, should not be deprived one thing of this, but a victim bombarded by abominations. The fullness of mankind will shame to the manipulative and aberrant and by choice defective, and a flow and beauty of acceptance and knowledge and growth and all things contained in the Spirit and being of a man or woman, will happen and not one aberrant condemnation will arise without compassion towards the good and penance upon the wicked.

The Church the Protector and Teacher

I love the Church, it has been my refuge and strength, there for me when no one else was, I can describe it in two words, bliss and joy, but it is too focused on careful doctrine based argument. And I have long held that it should consider transitioning from worship of Jesus Christ to the complete devotion, worship and the direction of God. I have an inkling that such a transition will expand and heal the Church of all its issues. Whatever they do they will continue to be heroic and the light, strength, healer, guide, teacher and beckoning welcoming warmth of this world. Nothing would give me greater joy than the pews filling. I have spoken to God and he is the friendliest, most innocent, most kind, most forgiving, understanding and gentle soul, absolute perfection and absolute good.

What is to be said of Catholic Church, but they are the eyes of God. And eyes need to be clear. And what is to be said of Islam other than they are the ears of God and they need to hear truth. And of Judaism, that they are his hands and sensation of God, and the hands must be of good work and be clean, but they tire, and the feeling free of what is unnecessary suffering, and free of the inane. And others the spirit and the mind's eye of God, different but beautiful and vital indescribably pure and making of perfection, and soft.

I think we should have a study, commissioned by God, that measures all the improvements in the world in the last few years (and who opposed and interfered) and who accomplished them (and how) or groups, and if you ask him, he will tell you. Let's keep it going, updates from God if you ask.

People need food, water, heat, cooling, shelter, clean, education to participate intellectually and spiritually (to a degree that can be measured) and emotionally and psychologically with the world at large and this cannot be ignored and is a blight on all of our consciences as it should be

If I could issue and edict; it would be that everyone writes and the writing never stops, whatever Holy methods are utilized . And whatever verse or precept gives inspiration, or preacher taught. Writer's block, permanently is found among the wicked but not for long times, unless depression or other mental health issues, among the good, because virtuousness and a rejection of sin brings inspiration and the words of a wellspring mouth, with a golden tongue which everyone has. Laughter and hurtful words are often caused by abusive parasites that hamper creativity and batter sensitivity are the Devil's associates, never let them keep you from writing and making music.

Sometimes Catholic Church is our only refuge, and although Catholics are a mixed breed in beliefs they do not abandon anyone who has their eyes to the light, and are capable of great and brave change.

To squander one’s inheritance publicly and through test makes the rightness of change, with guide because we do not have and let us not pretend that we have all, because we live on God’s earth and in his universe, to steal is to blight his holy seemingly indifferent ground which makes ripe that illusion of opportunity in it.

God's capacity to keep a secret or sustain personal torture, so we can reach paradise and deliverance, is nothing but the highest valor, that is part of why he is king.

Empathy Hurts (The Holy Spirit)

In my mind this world lacks the heart that instills ecstasy, calm and overwhelming; it is the experience of pure good made life. Passion brings the soul towards God and makes individuality divine, connected and transcendent, and all strength and inspiration come and made light. Solemnness and joy, which is comparate with ecstasy and passion, I beg the Church to make their masses filled with ecstasy and passion, joyful and solemn, such is the nature of man. Such is the love, happiness, solid and soft gratification of loyalty to God, who is rising. Who raised you in the womb, fed and cradled you in infancy? Judaphur (Sarah). She should be revered and worshiped. The most, caring, sensitive, loyal, righteous, selfless, vulnerable being that ever lived, I often weep in thinking about her, because she experiences great pain. "Empathy hurts"

A Firm a Pure Methodology

In my mind, in Heaven people just work on things. They don’t have the partially brainwashing and altered mechanically hierarchical system of judgment and social norms manipulated, it is accepting but determined in its pursuit of morality and perfection and God’s will because it is simply right. A friend to everyone is a paradigm. All that stands between the people of the world is Satan and happiness lies in repentance, love, learning, introspection, suffering, work and acceptance of God’s will.

Ecclesiastes 1:15-18 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE) 15 What is crooked cannot be made straight, and you cannot count what is not there. 16 Though I said to myself, “See, I have greatly increased my wisdom beyond all who were before me in Jerusalem, and my mind has broad experience of wisdom and knowledge,” 17 yet when I applied my mind to know wisdom and knowledge, madness and folly, I learned that this also is a chase after wind. 18 For in much wisdom there is much sorrow; whoever increases knowledge increases grief.

Databases Idea for Holiness

I was thinking that the world should have a multiple databases/storage for different types of documents written by regular people, each with sub-classifications/categories. The main databases as super-categories, and each main database with sub-categories, and a service which displays documents featured ranked by importance by the spirit/needs of the day, and even that sub categorized into different lists. The algorithms should be evolving and Holy. A cross-exchange of documents among the multiple databases should happen. An approval action of course, voting perhaps, a checklist of holy inclinations that were inspired, sorting in this regard and tabulations (multiple columns sorting) with regard to the checklist. Picking multiple inclinations at a prompt is a major benefit. Feedback for each document, and all pertinent metrics for each document is essential to show, the inclinations with a number. Transfers should be a metric as it indicates need, it can reveal social skills, leadership potential and affability. We can monitor deprivation and possessive ignoring through it.

My documents is contain methods that can capture an typify and subtype the behavior of evil and the nature of abominations and sin as well as corruption and the spectrum of these, and even good or good amongst evil, train your pattern finders and algorithms towards what will happen when money flows, calls and puts and other stuff I don't know about but know exist, a lot of creative mathematicians out there designing instruments and watching extensive

Options Regulations and Market Growth

An algorithmic method for finding manipulation in the options market, focusing on the industries that are most corrupted and styles which hold corruption. Subtypes of corruption and manipulation must be formed both in human terms and mathematically. Cross feedback among volunteers with the authorities is necessary and probably the SEC and FBI would welcome any help from the public. Establishment of paradigms, psychology and knowledge must come from a diversity of minds if the authorities are to enforce laws and restore order and fairness to the market which will benefit every lawful person. Keep in mind that options are written for income and capital gains, buying and selling. In the options there appears to be a micro-megalomania that is in pieces and bits to be integrated. The futures market is different in its corruption, as it contains grandiose actions, which are controlled, but essentially that, in nature, regarding corruption. I would characterize the essence of illegal or manipulative behavior in that market as risk taking, disregard for law and order, callous towards the innocent, and of an addictive quality. I would form a model that separates yet integrates the two and track news historically (condense, possibly binary implications), and pays attention to the development of news stories. The source of the options market manipulation can be found in complete integration of all activity of all instruments but paying attention to the illegal and manipulative paradigms enabled and exacted in each market, pattern finding through the human mind and algorithms should be used, and once again I mention that focusing on investing style and industry is helpful. Real time criminality globally can be tracked through the fully integrative yet disintegrated model. I urge people of varying backgrounds and experience to monitor the options market and present your feedback to the authorities. Please refer to previous posts on the options, stocks and financial markets. I have a list of stocks I have compiled in my art albums.The creation of subtypes and action or information, alerts or actions necessitated by their implementation and functioning and the underlying dynamics associated with them in there nature and in the functioning of the markets and financial instruments are a top priority, in my opinion. Subtypes can be triggered and action taken. This applies to pattern related groups of the former. This can lead to law enforcement efforts and perfect sequential documentation. Which itself can be analyzed for action or strategy. And even this can be automated and mathematically represented. The holders of these models should use them for their self-enrichment as our government agencies are widely underfunded. It is an opportunity for teaching and appropriate punitive action, which causes punishment and discouragement where strategically logical and right, trades and trading that is. Detached seemingly un-integratable or difficulty translated into mathematics manipulation can be translated into paradigms and mathematically integrated into models. Loosing money in trading can be beneficial.

Tie options of the line together and they move as strings if coupled (remember categories), profile of the buyers based, or of characteristic(s) strikes (subtypes), all available description, into programmatically based AI/Database Structure, use string theory, statistics, finance and economics, paradox of this type based research demanded, study the strikes and (separated but union/joined) expirations integrated and derivatives and areas between leaps and current, derivatives and integrals, and if possible all together in the end.

Stacked side by side options variables (including strikes and prices) create a string, which vibrates, strike integration and price integration needed

Personality Extrapolation (Moral)

You can extrapolate someone’s psychology through Facebook or Twitter posts, of course factoring in comparative variables, complex psychological/spiritual paradigm variables (chunk like), circumstantial applicable variables, and these variables should be psychologically and spiritually rich/saturated and numerous, and any others (variables) which might emerge in analysis are valuable, and as long as integrity and honesty and the Holy precepts are observed in the designation and definition and formation of the variables; the model is tentatively sound, other/related and perhaps overlapping variables, can be news and stimuli (loosely defined) related/joined to time, of course, the foremost overarching principle should always be, using the right pattern finding algorithms and generally applicable algorithms, which must be rightfully formed and defined, (adjunct to variable accumulation and formation and definition moral standards which equally adhere to the overarching principle) due to the fact that this goal and process would be in service and adherence to fairness and honesty, what is necessary are comprehensive algorithms, based on strictly truthful and moral precepts, because code can be manipulated to generate conclusions, facts, assertions, diagnoses, psychological conclusions and projections that any interested and motivated parties desire, and has, to dismiss that conclusion would be to deny the realities of the world. Reach out to specialists and corporate forces if it is acceptable, lawful and proper. Behavior, motivations, plans or conclusions truthful or manipulated in nature emerge.

A Tribute to Three Holy

Katy Tur, Barack Obama, Catholic Church; She can re-awaken humanity in people, no words, so can he, but alas, the first is greater in a sense, not the one I talk about with frequency, and the Church needs a system of ranking (social causes mathematics related and all inclusive, for all of humanity, tiers) and for these situations, they are what we have, irreplaceable, thrice they, can raise from the dead, like Lazarus but in a different vein/method/situation, technically I am a Catholic and it should be a honor, but not there yet, most of humanity in this situation.

Bill Maher

You know why I love Bill Maher? Because the man is absolutely dedicated to right and wrong and conscience. He will do anything for the Father and the plan, he had to say things he did not believe in his heart as all of them do, but he was daring in strategy, ego and poise. I revere him as everyone should. A glorious light filled human being, trapped in the hedonistic forces of the day, but renewal is something that in holiness washes over him, and the Father never allowed him to fall regardless of his naive mistakes and misdirected notions. And let's just dispel the implanted based ideas out there about him being a chauvinist or a heretic, it's plain BS. Only a man that has faced heartbreak but loves women can have a set like that, a man of righteous conviction and humility that rival many clergy.

Jesus and Emotional Complexity

Jesus upon this earth is redeeming, comforting loving and healing radiance, he is everything, a force and aura and light, including but in the least and most; power. He is a healer, a preacher, a comedian, a laugh giver and a saint. The perfect man to care for and redeem everyone but they hath made him a victim with seeming faults but he is a force for/in every good word spoken and unspoken, in possibility and impossibility, like his father, here and in eternity and he lifts up and goes through. He is the embodiment of perfection on approach and in fixedness, as a sphere or the bright sun holds it's shape and emanates, the purity and energy it does, in fundamentality. He is a brother that never abandons, but like any human being in these days he drifts upon the unjust currents, because sin has increased and human beings changed, in what is expected of them and what they may offer/receive, but our dear God hath saw this from the beginning and does not judge harshly but allows the offensive and cry-inducing and seeming faultiness. But we are more human unlike how it was in the beginning, and that is glory and hope and bliss and purity, and non-secretive perversion (and other faults) which could be inflicted back then but now is on its way to be processed correctly, it is that hard, and that is only one of the faults that this journey lets us cast out, but understand, after all what can be said of a husband and wife lying in the right passion with the right heart (the key, in my mind primarily, the most valuable now) and mind (next) and soul (final).

Psychological, Spiritual, Behavioral, and Sociological Profile

PSBS means Psychological, Spiritual, Behavioral, and Sociological Profile.

Team Conference Assembly Method: PSBS: Psychological/Spiritual/Behavioral/Sociological, Profiles and Variables

1. Subtyped problem with PSBS attributes
2. Level(s) of power involved
3. Chaos subtyped with PSBS attributes, anti-entropy correlated function with PSBS attributes
4. Crisis subtyped with PSBS attributes
5. Skills based array with PSBS attributes
6. World situation PSBS attributes
7. Group PSBS and Individuals PSBS determined
a. Having won or loss explained or invert losers PSBS and other variables using historical data

On the Opioid crisis, create subtypes for addicts (mental health based) and interactions between persons of certain subtypes, sequence and project planning crucial and exposure to certain persons, use codified television and adapt it specifically PSBS of a person. New medications can be formed through radiation to psychoactive chemicals. Instill the concrete dissuading of morality and Holy Precept, Laws, and Inverted Precepts study with no choice in adopting Inverted Precepts. Subtype(s) classification and the transformation between one to another makes treatment smooth, efficient and effective and encompassing, ready, attentive care.

Links on Christianity, Crime and Drugs and The Eternal Journey:

Opioid Addiction has been in the news, consulting scripture can guide one to the right way of thinking and the right framing of mind.

If I had to define a group of psychological, sociological, behavioral, spiritual variables to form a spectrum of normal/pathological and simply normal and finally get down to the core of what a person is as much as we can

Tale of the Inferior Goods

You know what makes me cry? My sister oversaw a group that provided funding for kids in India that were of artistic inclination. She neglected the project. But pieces of art included duct tape wallets and other “poorly made” artistic items that were innocent and beautiful were put together and guided by the Hand. Very few were sold on sale day despite my sister’s sale efforts, basically the sale was ignored. But God’s infinite sensitivity through me, seized all the unsold items put them in a box and they are in storage and can sell for millions. I looked at a bracelet and other things, they were as a mentally deficient or barely effort lacking will made but beautiful and thought out. That is God and the Holy Spirit. Obey thy Father and thy Mother. I cried and was depressed. The individual items are on sale in a singular box with a description fitting printed upon the box, taped.

Hypothetical Funding Project

I would fund Brooklyn College in a Venture with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University, Yale University, Brown University, McGill University, University of Cambridge, Oxford University; to essentially create every community college into a vicissitude and conduit like (but fertile stable farming ground, that grows a plethora of crops, see above verses, and explore the passages) the preeminent. #LetsDecide, we have the integrals and derivatives, subtypes and spectrum analysis, and mathematical methods. A list of volunteers could be assembled quickly. The inflows will fund venture capital companies, more startups; needed: government contracts. Data needing firms can also get involved. Do the military programs that funded management science still exist, along with other remotely accessible/associative programs in this vein anywhere, a question, degrees of separation can be defined quickly, the methods exist.

Random Functions and Enthropy

It has occurred to me that Entropy is inversely related to a random function

Remember that in my opinion, entropy is the inverse of a random function, and sequence patterns, points and algorithms apply

For Women