Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Holy Plan

We need to compile an individual file on each person that I have interacted with and known and have relationships with and all people that are extraordinary in a moral sense and beautiful people, such as saints, which contains information and describes how and what makes them perfect (time dependent and relative), extraordinary and achieving perfection and knowledge and morality seeking and with limited in deviance from the time related deviation from God’s plan and morality and aversion to sin and embracing and gaining in virtue. These files will be integrated and processed by a computer system and the information and data from individual files and the integrated implications and resultants/products (from computer and human processing) will be richly cited in the plan (which will undoubtedly be thousands of pages in length), and the plan will extend through all time and in Heaven and be perfected in time, in stages, by God and the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit contain everything in their teachings, words and presence and existence to have the effects and general results or outcomes that the widespread effect of a disseminated plan, described above, would have, but such is the burdens of needing research, learning and technology. The Vatican and the Holy institutions and people of this Earth should immediately embark upon assembling the plan.

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