Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Nature of Abominations

Abominations have two subtypes there is the batterer and the torturer, the batterer and the torturer have the capacity to battle or integrate and they need each other but both seek out potential victims, the torturer is somewhat more perverse and deceitful, one is more dominant and omnipotence seeking  in the trapping and toying (the batterer) and the other the emergence and feeling of elevated perversity is what is sought (the torturer), in the worst variant but uniformly in a way molestation seeking. They are both profoundly ignorant but uniformly guilty in any valid judgement, and the batterer less molestation seeking and more sexual assault seeking, seeking cleaner force, and therefore less malignant on the whole. They are often fused in psychopaths and sexual sadists. When they are integrated they find a uneasy and splitting state and on some level, in masochism and sadism, do battle in one psyche. They find satisfaction in perversity and violence and they live for the acquisition of victims and power. It must be stated that they ultimately seek power in intelligence, as they are foolish and completely shallow without any meaningful pursuits, understanding of purpose or inability, through choice to embrace love or justice or fulfillment, and often accept and maximize their power given their intelligence but do so in different ways in proportion and reflected in their level of psychopathy, management style, insecurities and specific preferences based in the nature and degree of their internalization and self-reflection of their worthlessness as it is rationalized and processed in general, defense mechanism apparatus processed, but realized. They have distinctly different psychoanalytic profiles and the psychic structure dynamics and descriptions and interactions and dependencies are different, and very much so. Good object relations tend to quell the more sadistic behavior of abominations and the quanta of abominations and the psychics of their behavior might be the basis of mental illness. Ego splitting and malignant narcissism should be studied to observe their behavior and set the stage for productive and consequential research. Non-integrated abominations tend to be a more lasting problems and are incessant and a nuisance but the integrated are more of a violent and self-destructive and outwardly destructive breed but are destroyed once perversity is deprived and knowledge is gained by the innocent. They are mimickers and jealous and pathetic but they cannot develop the bravery to achieve in a real sense and remake reality in order to escape non-predatory and proper, logical methods of development and are projection based. Irrationality at their base becomes chaos in a larger sense as pathology is built upon pathology with gained intellect but the fundamental rationalization, flaws and pathological features of the basic irrational and pathological idioms and axioms in a thought sense upon which everything is built, and things forgotten but passed checks and guilt assured by any judgement. Something like moral creativity, the propagation of the benevolent, love based and purposeful in constructiveness and non-sodomite and molestation and thuggish based thinking of the vulnerable makes worthless abominations quite disgusted and uniformly homicidal. The manipulation of social norms and the heightening of perversity and victimization in the maximizing fashion that has one parameter, in essence. They are only inventive in a circuitous incestuous way and feed off each other in that way but use their victim as mutual conduit in cooperation as a supplement and discharge facilitation mechanism, a slack and deficiency and defectiveness offset mechanism, a sustaining of functioning mechanism to add a level of functionality as they are parasites and needing of victims to sustain a level functionality as they shed their souls or have none.

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