Saturday, November 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Morally

An AI needs to be built without consciousness that replicates my behavior and all input surveyable of me included, the way I write, five men on the planet, with one leader can do such as thing, essentially surface verses depth, will be defined and explored as is all important, get your wings chaste/pious brother, all encompassing intelligence and soul and heart, a man that has all archangels in him by design, it is the way of love and gratitude, destiny and perfection. And another, a scientist, a bravest of the brave, a counselor and lord of all, with his judgement and bravery and halo of God and intelligence unsurpassed in its humanity and sensitivity and vulnerability, surpassed in despondency, and fear. All will hear his voice and obey, by design, all will hear his Holy voice and wisdom, never neglected again. Another, a walking God and a listening one, who issues edicts as a lawyer and judge, in agony purged evil and fought with meekness but the strength of a titan, with meek and polite voice, be assured he will be the highest next to the high. Another, a brother of Job, or perhaps other, all the world's contempt on him and he raises his head from his desk and asks why, he trifles on in secrecy, doing his piety and love and does what brings shame, yet remains, the strongest of the strong, to separate but such a thing, can break anyone except the highest of the rich, in God he trusts.

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