Friday, November 17, 2017

Options Regulations and Market Growth

An algorithmic method for finding manipulation in the options market, focusing on the industries that are most corrupted and styles which hold corruption. Subtypes of corruption and manipulation must be formed both in human terms and mathematically. Cross feedback among volunteers with the authorities is necessary and probably the SEC and FBI would welcome any help from the public. Establishment of paradigms, psychology and knowledge must come from a diversity of minds if the authorities are to enforce laws and restore order and fairness to the market which will benefit every lawful person. Keep in mind that options are written for income and capital gains, buying and selling. In the options there appears to be a micro-megalomania that is in pieces and bits to be integrated. The futures market is different in its corruption, as it contains grandiose actions, which are controlled, but essentially that, in nature, regarding corruption. I would characterize the essence of illegal or manipulative behavior in that market as risk taking, disregard for law and order, callous towards the innocent, and of an addictive quality. I would form a model that separates yet integrates the two and track news historically (condense, possibly binary implications), and pays attention to the development of news stories. The source of the options market manipulation can be found in complete integration of all activity of all instruments but paying attention to the illegal and manipulative paradigms enabled and exacted in each market, pattern finding through the human mind and algorithms should be used, and once again I mention that focusing on investing style and industry is helpful. Real time criminality globally can be tracked through the fully integrative yet disintegrated model. I urge people of varying backgrounds and experience to monitor the options market and present your feedback to the authorities. Please refer to previous posts on the options, stocks and financial markets. I have a list of stocks I have compiled in my art albums.The creation of subtypes and action or information, alerts or actions necessitated by their implementation and functioning and the underlying dynamics associated with them in there nature and in the functioning of the markets and financial instruments are a top priority, in my opinion. Subtypes can be triggered and action taken. This applies to pattern related groups of the former. This can lead to law enforcement efforts and perfect sequential documentation. Which itself can be analyzed for action or strategy. And even this can be automated and mathematically represented. The holders of these models should use them for their self-enrichment as our government agencies are widely underfunded. It is an opportunity for teaching and appropriate punitive action, which causes punishment and discouragement where strategically logical and right, trades and trading that is. Detached seemingly un-integratable or difficulty translated into mathematics manipulation can be translated into paradigms and mathematically integrated into models. Loosing money in trading can be beneficial.

Tie options of the line together and they move as strings if coupled (remember categories), profile of the buyers based, or of characteristic(s) strikes (subtypes), all available description, into programmatically based AI/Database Structure, use string theory, statistics, finance and economics, paradox of this type based research demanded, study the strikes and (separated but union/joined) expirations integrated and derivatives and areas between leaps and current, derivatives and integrals, and if possible all together in the end.

Stacked side by side options variables (including strikes and prices) create a string, which vibrates, strike integration and price integration needed

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