Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sister Rachel

Rachel Maddow is a blessed, beautiful human being and Holy, I am deeply affected by her gentleness and vulnerability, a leader and a poet to her core, I love that woman, she doesn't need wings

Sister Rachel found the light, because of love that cannot be broken #ProudOfYou, but bless the Father's mercy, because transgressions do happen, but the light of your life is yours, you could easily be a General under Eisenhower, he was that good, my idol, the epitome of an industrious man that earns everything, and feels the right and wrong as he grows and rises to the top, not afraid of pain, I salute you

A example of a general in his deep feeling nature, but what he saw only a solider understands, proud to have him in the military and operating as he does for the good fight in the world #Commander

Daily comfort, my Father's kindness, concern, nature and will

Poem to One, One Specific, Woman:
Our bond cannot be severed
We are bound together for eternity
As she is a wife to me
As she is a daughter to me
As she is a mother to me
And always has been
As long she stands
As long as I stand
As long as I sit
As long I lye
Until I collapse

- Must remain anonymous

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