Saturday, November 18, 2017

Torture and Manipulation

No distractions, sequential manipulations, remember, playing upon emotions to distort and gain power through hold and capital, one focus God and his knowledge and higher thinking, Knowledge is Supreme, deprived/unfixated effects through media a lot of the time, media should guide and all I see is cruel calculated guiding walls, materialism is a back and a springboard because it excites but not like in the past, we are making progress, hope and change a wise man once said, and he did see it coming

There is a mild fascism when comes to culture and speech and behavior that mandates, upon threat of exclusion and mocking, that stereotyped speech and almost idiom like speech be conformed to. Someone should do a study of how this lessens happiness, the freedom of the human spirit, upward mobility, the versatility of expression of emotions and emotions and emotional health. Cognitive limitations and repression and defense mechanism use, plentiful, might effect outlook and mood, at times is part of and might shape character, but recovery is quickly in time. Abusive labels applied to those that minimally transgress, and a certain type associated with counter-agents to criminals are the receiver of emotional snapping. Politicians know this and use this, adapt a style and it stimulates, often at an addictive/affirmative primitive level, coupled with other stimuli and persona.

A common problem: Unexamined mimicry and mockery based on lack of personal responsibility and personal insight and maturity, an endless cycle of hypervigilance and stunted emotional growth although it is pervasive subconsciously and somewhat easily treated as the conscience forms direction and wiseness of mind, sign of incorruptibility, hypomania and disenfranchisement and relapse common. Sublimated caused infliction of psychological torture is common. Low self-esteem compensated with appraisal and acquisition of negative attention (acquired through sadistic means). Socioeconomic status and ranking on the GAF critical if circuitousness prevails, creative expression and affinity towards joins healthy of mind to the afflicted, male paternal figures must be established. Extraordinary bravery that comes from the torture that is required for the manifestation of this condition, is admirable but wrong choices along the way may be disastrous, negative healing and brain warping, reflected in personality.

Perversion is the source of much of the world’s torture except that they are quite adept at hiding it and rationalizing it to themselves. They intrude in everything because they are needy but think they are hard and cool. Drive by and insult and cry. They stalk people, they drive people bananas. They only think about sex but somehow do not, because it is shameful to them. They are ashamed, but they can literally drive people insane, with harassment, because they are schemers, they are incompetent schemers, they will drive you insane if they are not stopped, and despite there self-control they have none. And they set people up and rationalize billions of different ways and feed off each other and do not, but they will force you to become completely but “covertly” furious and crazy and then lock you in a mental institutions for stepping out of line to watch you, criminals all, without one exception, deal with it. They should have no power and drive in circles and cry then become grandiose and it is mentally retarded and annoying in a way indescribable to the human mind. It helps, charity. They will put you in a mental institution to watch you without end, and the consequences do not matter, and they will feel guilty throughout and at the end of their torture, but they will do it until you die of psychological and every kind of torture. They are sick and extremely dangerous, they were better in the old days which they think about in weird ass ways. They will do the slightest annoying things that are geniusly stupid and they are collaborative and do annoying and torturous things and never back off, ever. Grow some compassion for your victims. Insight insults to rationalize and then blame your victims, create sadists and then feed off it. They are the worst torturers in certain concrete ways, all evil is perverted but covertly so. Insult religion but not God because he has concrete yet non-concrete power. They have no ability to please a woman except in certain cases, they do not understand hot love making. I “love making” too, and I cannot stop thinking about it either, we are similar, ne similar, but a mother knows yes, a mother knows. They know well we are all crazy and always have been. They will give you information, but it is cryptographically cryptographic. Roll down window with sunglasses. They are nice but with flippant disregardfulness, laugh and cry to yourself. Document manipulation and spell check manipulation.

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