Friday, November 17, 2017

Like Romeo And Juliet

Cowardice is never rewarded, but the perfect angelic beauty and divinity, both, in every way and everlasting, in the face out it, is, cowardice, which is like dew in the morning, once showed itself, like dew on the grass, but love, but love should not be, but is to lift, to ecstasy and the light of truth in it and with it. Like dew on the grass, till the close of day.

I am blessed with a woman that sees beyond herself in every conceivable way, blessed virgin.

I hold her close and the whole world watches and sees what we have, her face pressed up against mine. You don’t have to sacrifice if you are not wrong. Like the light of God when she takes to me, looks at me, takes to me in spirit and attention and love.

As we pass along eternity, the horizon is with suffering, but ethereal and perfect and everlasting peace #SoulMate

Beautiful virgin angel sent from Heaven #SoulMate

It is not the glory of the winning battle that saves or is relished, but the love that it brings and purity, unseen, but known and seen by God’s children in order, due to unique tasks and jealousy has tentacles unseen but purpose is life and eternity #SoulMate #Inspired

She stays clean by bathing in rainwater every morning, a baptism #SoulMate

Never again, the world will be orderly, and become a Heaven itself

Her head rises to the light and has all power, and not one ounce of regret or control wanting on my end, because it is love, submission and granting and generosity, an act of pure love, I am not even happy so much for her it is just bliss and comfort and calm euphoria, its in my roots, and in my veins, in my blood

As the faithful, we need to revere and sanctify women that, even outside the establishment's radar, and despite it sometimes, complete servants to God and righteousness, women that bring us to tears #Beauty #ProperSaints

Some women are too submissive in the beginning, as if they can’t believe their eyes, but a part of me wants an teaching opponent, which comes with warmth and love but I am not satisfied with a woman that does not strive for eternity and infinity and to use all I have in her own vein, because a woman is more than a dove, identity and entitlement of feeds character and individuality, a wise woman pushes gently and knows a man through and through and the benefit is learning to love so we may enter heaven

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