Saturday, November 18, 2017

God's Guidance in Form Understandable But of Man

Depth of thought and relaxation in God's eminence and guiding of our thoughts is the most crucial tool we have

Free-will and absolute integration and adaptation of good and following God, and eliminating Free-will, in a proper Christian sense is the key to raising Soldiers early

Thanks God, we can all start forgiving each other now because all of that mess

Maybe I'm cynical but much of the news is a pure setup with an agenda, good vs. evil is what it is, see reality, the faces of the exposed

We might have to go through the virtues and troubles of individual angels on this journey, along with fallen one's, but it is all worth it #BelieveMe

Let's talk about joyous things like joyful sermons and God's lessons and law, and do our jobs with God's wholeheartedness and with optimism, and not repeating frightening unsolvable problems on media and discourse because of powerlessness (must be solved), and devote ourselves to the humanity and love in life, because negativity reanalyzed and promoted and propagated is like crack and horror movies, and shaken stagnant brains #SendEmail #SendLetters #TheTruth

This age or years ago, I choose this one, there is more sin, objectively, but in this one more hope, joy, redemption, creativity, humanity, unity and virtue #AllWillHaveBeautifulSpeechWordsThoughts #Paper #Blogs #Keyboards #Sharing #OneDrive #GoogleDrive #Facebook #FacebookMicroblogging #GroupUp #StayBeautifulIndividuals #WithUnselfishVirtuousSay

I have a feeling that the whole, you have to be fearless to succeed is partially bull, because you have to fear in a Holy way, and if you don't you make terrible mistakes, The originators of this partial/ill-defined myth knew this and spread it anyway, deep, and made sure people didn't think of it the wrong way, so the could, for lack of a term, get gratification in chaos and dysfunction, a lot of which they created.

Give infinite thanks that God is how he is and that he can feel joy and newness on this endless journey we are all on

You know how important temperament and self-control is, along with a meek and sometimes crucially a frightened heart is; Moses, in fact broke the original commandments but now we only have ten. In fact, he broke them because of the golden calf, and empowered it half. #PraiseMoses #ACorrectMIstake

The confusion that is confronted with purpose, relating to self-worth and standing, and the horizon as it relates to our limit, is anxiety provoking and potentially crippling is larger in our traumatized mind parts than in reality, but be as listening Gods as well as servants, and little hyenas we all are #InHisImage #Freedom #Beauty #Potential

A will made from morality, woven by God, as he alone knows what I and creation demands

How divine and beautiful and merciful and full is God's plan to love and nurture and grow all of us in each perfect way, how much passion, love and ecstasy and fulfillment will each of us feel in salvation.

With all that is horrifying and because of all the traumatized and confused (not of their own fault) and battered people in the world, God should have legal Conservatorship over some of them, but it should be all #Funny #NotFunny #AtSameTime

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