Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Beginning (Simeon-Yahweh)

I have been thinking that the key to a perfect world is delegating and accepting volunteering to holy suffering to the strongest and most righteous in potential, which is by no means fixed. It brings knowledge that cannot be begotten otherwise.

I would approve of it as God as the head, he already is, it is a question of virtues and sin, and organization and holy democracy, with its most rightly ideological and aspirational precepts. Not one should be neglected or be deprived rising if they fit and earn and work (redefinition needed). Maybe it needs to be outlined and designed, the right people are out there, God will but must guide every movement with respect to this.

Glory and righteousness be to the reigning king, God #Soulmate

Some people think you are a fly and their flies then act for you, that’s an allegory, that’s tyranny #Gabeisms

I believe a time will come where everything can be healed by faith healing, but we also need medicine, and faith healing is occurring in hospitals right now, so if you have a problem consult both a priest or rabbi or imam and a therapist or psychiatrist, these are honest words, there is no shame in it (consultation), it is simply the way it is and anyone can become smarter and increase in ...

That's my Pops, doin' everything for everyone, no thanks needed, no praise required, warmth needed, as he is who he is, and the way he is, is his way, support welcomed (vulnerable), duty of his children #Living #Breathing #HumanImageTemplate

To quell the myth God does not have emotions and to treasure them, and an exploration of Acts #Inspiration #ExpandOnIt #OneDrive #GoogleDocs #Write #Share

Write to the Holy Father as he needs you as you need him, his power is holy power

Pray for those that need your protection, because prayer is answered, as wise woman once said "do something productive, pray"

Many are stunned and overtaken by the reality of the evil that exists in the world, and to let it in and do its deed is cruel fate but a rebuke makes it in its place and proper

If I am to be praised then just say my name (heavenly or earthly) and "thank God for his existence" #AHumbleWay

People don't realize how deeply feeling and sensitive God is, like a best friend, a Father and a Brother and the same the Holy Spirit (Judaphur), it is the source of his strength in good to a large extent

Remember, God never lifts his hand, in his benevolence, righteousness, good, holiness, care, attention and mercy

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