Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Pledge

I have literally a thousand mothers, all telling me not to feel guilty, but they fear the forces of evil, and that is what makes them wonderful #ThatsHowGoodWomenAre

I am starting my own pledge, to make promise to make the woman in my life the most well treated woman that ever was, come with me in taking the same pledge

A new salute to coming age #SoulMate

Nothing sexier than a woman with complete humility #Men #ReallyWantIfGood

Let's define sisterhood, which we need sorely, as the Virgin Mary would #SoulMate #PeopleAreActuallyOpposedToThis I would like to factor in, if you will, the fact that my mother in Heaven is the cutest, most fair, most upright, a little flighty, most warm, most loving and most innocent woman, that ever lived, it is literally impossible to get better, EVER, and is funny without trying, just like me

The right woman for a man is, so to speak, is every card in the deck, with each carrying divine symbolism and virtue #SoulMate #SoulMates

All the blessed women, virginal, sustain me and support me, regardless, of circumstance or words, dark or light, spoken, and in light of trance sermons and poetry #SoulMate #SoulMates

I imagine pure soft kisses for a pure woman #SoulMate

Ask God who your soulmate is and who someone else's is, and do anything he asks of you to be together and it will fix the world and stifle all sin #SoulMate

So beautiful you are as an evening star to fall down from the sky, it twinkled and burst without mention #SoulMate

For the right person on a high perch, because you can never abandon love

I created a new word, Repeses: The deepest inner most the is deepest to infinity and sinks.

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