Friday, November 17, 2017

The Church the Protector and Teacher

I love the Church, it has been my refuge and strength, there for me when no one else was, I can describe it in two words, bliss and joy, but it is too focused on careful doctrine based argument. And I have long held that it should consider transitioning from worship of Jesus Christ to the complete devotion, worship and the direction of God. I have an inkling that such a transition will expand and heal the Church of all its issues. Whatever they do they will continue to be heroic and the light, strength, healer, guide, teacher and beckoning welcoming warmth of this world. Nothing would give me greater joy than the pews filling. I have spoken to God and he is the friendliest, most innocent, most kind, most forgiving, understanding and gentle soul, absolute perfection and absolute good.

What is to be said of Catholic Church, but they are the eyes of God. And eyes need to be clear. And what is to be said of Islam other than they are the ears of God and they need to hear truth. And of Judaism, that they are his hands and sensation of God, and the hands must be of good work and be clean, but they tire, and the feeling free of what is unnecessary suffering, and free of the inane. And others the spirit and the mind's eye of God, different but beautiful and vital indescribably pure and making of perfection, and soft.

I think we should have a study, commissioned by God, that measures all the improvements in the world in the last few years (and who opposed and interfered) and who accomplished them (and how) or groups, and if you ask him, he will tell you. Let's keep it going, updates from God if you ask.

People need food, water, heat, cooling, shelter, clean, education to participate intellectually and spiritually (to a degree that can be measured) and emotionally and psychologically with the world at large and this cannot be ignored and is a blight on all of our consciences as it should be

If I could issue and edict; it would be that everyone writes and the writing never stops, whatever Holy methods are utilized . And whatever verse or precept gives inspiration, or preacher taught. Writer's block, permanently is found among the wicked but not for long times, unless depression or other mental health issues, among the good, because virtuousness and a rejection of sin brings inspiration and the words of a wellspring mouth, with a golden tongue which everyone has. Laughter and hurtful words are often caused by abusive parasites that hamper creativity and batter sensitivity are the Devil's associates, never let them keep you from writing and making music.

Sometimes Catholic Church is our only refuge, and although Catholics are a mixed breed in beliefs they do not abandon anyone who has their eyes to the light, and are capable of great and brave change.

To squander one’s inheritance publicly and through test makes the rightness of change, with guide because we do not have and let us not pretend that we have all, because we live on God’s earth and in his universe, to steal is to blight his holy seemingly indifferent ground which makes ripe that illusion of opportunity in it.

God's capacity to keep a secret or sustain personal torture, so we can reach paradise and deliverance, is nothing but the highest valor, that is part of why he is king.

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