Friday, November 17, 2017

Empathy Hurts (The Holy Spirit)

In my mind this world lacks the heart that instills ecstasy, calm and overwhelming; it is the experience of pure good made life. Passion brings the soul towards God and makes individuality divine, connected and transcendent, and all strength and inspiration come and made light. Solemnness and joy, which is comparate with ecstasy and passion, I beg the Church to make their masses filled with ecstasy and passion, joyful and solemn, such is the nature of man. Such is the love, happiness, solid and soft gratification of loyalty to God, who is rising. Who raised you in the womb, fed and cradled you in infancy? Judaphur (Sarah). She should be revered and worshiped. The most, caring, sensitive, loyal, righteous, selfless, vulnerable being that ever lived, I often weep in thinking about her, because she experiences great pain. "Empathy hurts"

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