Friday, November 17, 2017

It Falls Upon The Religious

It falls upon the religions of the world, to understand the conditions of man without perverse and criminal manipulations of the evil in science, and what is natural sinless and innocent. And to subtype the spectrum/subtypes of humanity and humanness in it's quintessence as a concept, to define what the seven deadly sins are and what the virtues are. And why they listen and why that is superior, because humanity has been bombarded by everything but they come back to the pews, sitting or being about their way, it is good. To pervert science and religion to a base, and embark on rearranging to fit selfishness and egotism, is to make one break down at their desk because they are not a person with fullness, should not be deprived one thing of this, but a victim bombarded by abominations. The fullness of mankind will shame to the manipulative and aberrant and by choice defective, and a flow and beauty of acceptance and knowledge and growth and all things contained in the Spirit and being of a man or woman, will happen and not one aberrant condemnation will arise without compassion towards the good and penance upon the wicked.

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