Friday, November 17, 2017

Jesus and Emotional Complexity

Jesus upon this earth is redeeming, comforting loving and healing radiance, he is everything, a force and aura and light, including but in the least and most; power. He is a healer, a preacher, a comedian, a laugh giver and a saint. The perfect man to care for and redeem everyone but they hath made him a victim with seeming faults but he is a force for/in every good word spoken and unspoken, in possibility and impossibility, like his father, here and in eternity and he lifts up and goes through. He is the embodiment of perfection on approach and in fixedness, as a sphere or the bright sun holds it's shape and emanates, the purity and energy it does, in fundamentality. He is a brother that never abandons, but like any human being in these days he drifts upon the unjust currents, because sin has increased and human beings changed, in what is expected of them and what they may offer/receive, but our dear God hath saw this from the beginning and does not judge harshly but allows the offensive and cry-inducing and seeming faultiness. But we are more human unlike how it was in the beginning, and that is glory and hope and bliss and purity, and non-secretive perversion (and other faults) which could be inflicted back then but now is on its way to be processed correctly, it is that hard, and that is only one of the faults that this journey lets us cast out, but understand, after all what can be said of a husband and wife lying in the right passion with the right heart (the key, in my mind primarily, the most valuable now) and mind (next) and soul (final).

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