Friday, November 17, 2017

Psychological, Spiritual, Behavioral, and Sociological Profile

PSBS means Psychological, Spiritual, Behavioral, and Sociological Profile.

Team Conference Assembly Method: PSBS: Psychological/Spiritual/Behavioral/Sociological, Profiles and Variables

1. Subtyped problem with PSBS attributes
2. Level(s) of power involved
3. Chaos subtyped with PSBS attributes, anti-entropy correlated function with PSBS attributes
4. Crisis subtyped with PSBS attributes
5. Skills based array with PSBS attributes
6. World situation PSBS attributes
7. Group PSBS and Individuals PSBS determined
a. Having won or loss explained or invert losers PSBS and other variables using historical data

On the Opioid crisis, create subtypes for addicts (mental health based) and interactions between persons of certain subtypes, sequence and project planning crucial and exposure to certain persons, use codified television and adapt it specifically PSBS of a person. New medications can be formed through radiation to psychoactive chemicals. Instill the concrete dissuading of morality and Holy Precept, Laws, and Inverted Precepts study with no choice in adopting Inverted Precepts. Subtype(s) classification and the transformation between one to another makes treatment smooth, efficient and effective and encompassing, ready, attentive care.

Links on Christianity, Crime and Drugs and The Eternal Journey:

Opioid Addiction has been in the news, consulting scripture can guide one to the right way of thinking and the right framing of mind.

If I had to define a group of psychological, sociological, behavioral, spiritual variables to form a spectrum of normal/pathological and simply normal and finally get down to the core of what a person is as much as we can

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