Friday, November 17, 2017

Personality Extrapolation (Moral)

You can extrapolate someone’s psychology through Facebook or Twitter posts, of course factoring in comparative variables, complex psychological/spiritual paradigm variables (chunk like), circumstantial applicable variables, and these variables should be psychologically and spiritually rich/saturated and numerous, and any others (variables) which might emerge in analysis are valuable, and as long as integrity and honesty and the Holy precepts are observed in the designation and definition and formation of the variables; the model is tentatively sound, other/related and perhaps overlapping variables, can be news and stimuli (loosely defined) related/joined to time, of course, the foremost overarching principle should always be, using the right pattern finding algorithms and generally applicable algorithms, which must be rightfully formed and defined, (adjunct to variable accumulation and formation and definition moral standards which equally adhere to the overarching principle) due to the fact that this goal and process would be in service and adherence to fairness and honesty, what is necessary are comprehensive algorithms, based on strictly truthful and moral precepts, because code can be manipulated to generate conclusions, facts, assertions, diagnoses, psychological conclusions and projections that any interested and motivated parties desire, and has, to dismiss that conclusion would be to deny the realities of the world. Reach out to specialists and corporate forces if it is acceptable, lawful and proper. Behavior, motivations, plans or conclusions truthful or manipulated in nature emerge.

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