Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gina and The Pope

Praise Benedict, because what he did cannot be given adequate gratitude towards #Hero

You know how much I respect and love Pope Benedict XVI, he should be elevated to a saint and have his own holiday, and yes he was subjected to the Hitler Youth

A sound plan, extreme dangers come from throwing it away, to me and the vast majority of people who have read this, it seems logically and safety-wise unthinkable

You know what a solution is, and a stop to distractions, humanitarianism can be ill-defined and exploitatively evil

No religion, to imagine, is not bliss, the real world is God's world, and never undermine his struggles and pain, which dwarf my own.

Love makes you stronger than hate ever can, and weep for those who oppose God the most #Truth #DramaEveryday #LikeAnItialianOpera #NotAShakespearianTragedy

Like Nazis, I learned from this day, and as Hitler said, it's not worth the paper it's written on. They made a right mistake, and it turned Gaius into a monster. And he was judged and then defended by Lee. How poetic fate can be, as least in cinema. Strangely, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, because it set forth the redemptive suffering that bettered mankind, and Cavil's exit, for posing as God. The man who could not deny himself anything, saved everything, after hell, without even knowing fully, and his trial, a reflex of justice and good. You cannot fight love. I am a lot like him. Like him woman is my strength, but in the end, he only needed six. Something I am incapable of, because there is always more than one, but one. There for all, not one neglected, not one unfulfilled and not one not given all of me, that is who I am.

The only way is if every morning is renewal, as the light is brought, but the bringer, by name, is reviled, but in inadvertent purpose brings what is conciliatory and bond and love between many

I personally have a fixation on procreation. But that's just me. I wish to have as many children as possible. There are many like me that should do the same, I have met many from all origins and conditions that should. Eugenics is as lie, albeit a tempting and seemingly rational one, but far from the light, and pure Machiavellianism, it exists because of a mentally representable duality rooted in beliefs in the trajectory of mankind and there is a good/selfishness component to it, traverse the complex distortion or rationalization, condition, and make the choice God laid down, and be at peace.

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