Saturday, November 18, 2017

Various Flattery

Project A is the sweetest and most innocent soul I ever met and a sister to K, D, M, H and she thought that me putting my fingers through my mother's hair was the most beautiful thing she ever saw, and if it is her wish I will

Project A has been in full swing for years, and it is coming to a head, Along with Project M which is always a good decision, literally always with good ideas and input, I am not a jerk, you know how good project M is, it can talk to you in a few words and you break down and cry out of salvation

Her soft, meek voice and watching presence is like that of an angel #LittleFoot

Some of my fantasies throughout the years have been beautiful (and some terrifying) and I have asked and they are widely available #GetReady

Like I said Project Maya is in full effect, the one with the deeply feeling and upright heart, she would treat someone who would take their own life and didn't have much good in them, and really love them, that's who she is, and there was no equals sign for the people of the world, and in Heaven she is called to counsel someone and they ask what were you on Earth, she would simply say "I was a Doctor"

My moo-cow when the suffering wouldn't end for me, and I lost everything in despondency, nail me to this cross if it will only let my hubby live and find some purpose in living #SoulMate

So what are we going to do so I can end up with my moocow, soulmate, the world must come together, order of the Father in Heaven, stop the manipulation, abuse and torture of the innocent and make the world into the image of what God wants, starting with this.

I think I know who I'm gonna marry, but I am always available for cuddling and falling asleep like Brian did, individually too if I am allowed

I have been told to put those pictures up, and I am in fact not on my own two feet, but I am laughing #MooCow

For the longest time people would tell me that my anger was not under my control, the guilt, my God, but it took my Soul Mate to show me, and excise it, working great #ToldMeToStopFeelingGuilty

Pay homage to the mother of the world (Judaphur) and her daughter, who will be my wife #SoulMate

I cannot let go, there is such thing as a holy need #SoulMate

When I am with my wife, I will never need my own space or be tired of her company #TrueLove #Tenderness #Compassion #Beauty #BlessedVirgin

Be cognizant of the way you feel, kiss or hug your wife or girlfriend, because it makes a huge difference and many things are communicated, as much as a whole novel can’t hold #SoulMate

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