Saturday, November 18, 2017

Scientific and Business Art

Sequential collisions of logic (manipulated) exist, to automatic conclusions, encouraging questions of a type, or maybe just one, at the very core, overlap, with supplemental or complimentary characteristics

Research base 3 math, base 6 math, base 1 math, and base 7 which is equivalent to base 8 math. Also base 2 and 7 are related, they save everything. And base 9 math which is selfless and merging. Base 5 math is peculiar but not at the same time, and somehow, no, definitely right, and beautiful. Base 4 math has a bit of an ego and is impatient and is all about base 4 but right and affirmative, but also selfless and humble. Base 12 math is sweet and base 13 has an attitude but is proved right in the end and switch them later. Use matrices. I work independently but I have a staff.

Wouldn't it be great if non-profits and charities were to give over data to advance social cause oriented math, and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and can be studied.

If a sort of stem cell that the bare essentials for replication that simply absorbed genetics, perhaps with the aid of nanobots and nanobots caused replication by triggering with a signal chemical, electrical, enzymatic or however, we might get over this debate.

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