Saturday, November 18, 2017

Artistic and Pontification (Testimony to Joy and Persecution)

Seth is the greatest bro, and is like Jesus to me, God is a genius, to a level you cannot even imagine #Brosef #ListenToDylan

One of the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, but not true anymore for anyone if we bind together #The #Beautiful #Truth

Make Art if it is your gift and your way, says what cannot be said in words, a refuge and light, powerful and protection, never minimized and of the power of God, if the artist so chooses #Share #Art #Facebook #ArchangelGabriel #Purity

Hero, that is what is said time and time again, but it is not understood, of the depth, I wish I could hear him preach, because there is no doubt in my mind he could be a priest of any denomination he chooses, pray

Doesn’t it feel better to talk with your heart out, that is what is painful but fulfilling and glory and all crucial, and good and makes a preacher #SoulMate #TyrantsHateOutspokenness #DangerousSpeech

I believe in it and I have seen it among my Brothers, in the world Jesus Christ has "risen" and he is the apple of my eye

It helps to see me as a target of Satan, as many saints and aspirational figures are, for instance, I got in his way, a lot. My life could not have been different. My logic tells me that it began in the womb, but God never lifts his hand. Remember, the innocent are precious and watched over. Sometimes when you pray, you have to kneel, a wise man once told me. For those of you who are depressed out there remember there are always good times, that make you smile and sing.

I am going to start addressing people by what I think their heavenly names will be, Seth Yahweh for instance, another, Barack Yahweh, a third, Hillary Yahweh, perhaps a fourth, Raymond Yahweh, hmmm Stephen Yahweh.

Copalecence is related to empathy sensitivity and absorption of/for processing and must be cultivated and increased scientifically, and be discriminate, careful research and deployment #Smigey

Words are not toasts for the Devine.

If redemption is clear Satan possesses the most sadistic heart I have ever known, or rather seen

The mark of a leader is that he can change his mind and side with who is with God and who does not seem to do so, on every Holy precept he is winning, that is a brief glimmer of God's power, praise be to the Father

I believe in evolution in a way, but it is by no means the whole story. I spent most of my life believing in the strictly mechanical and evolution completely. But that position is frankly impossible.

There was a time where I was in great duress and needed to give out as many Bibles as possible

It has occurred to me a word: Coalescence, which relates to interdependence, my other words are in a previous post, always strive for excellence, but a defeat is part of God's plan, suffering, which is rising and falling

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