Saturday, November 18, 2017

Political Proposal on Taxes

The tax code and tax plans should be written by the banks and investment banks and technology companies, because they have the data, models and methods, as I did post the necessary spreadsheets weeks ago they should be used, and counter parties selected by the ACLU and likewise other organizations in a purely democratic but preemptive theocratic fashion, purely mediatory between Democrats and Republicans afterwards, with Holy heads selected amongst the parties and the people, with computer models utilized trajectory internalized and appropriate action taken for the course of history, and God's plan and will, highest and obeyed completely. Weeks ago spreadsheets can be found in my photos section.

Tax cuts should come with assurances of investment because tax increases always come with the assurance of productivity by the poor

Let's have a timeline of spending and investment, highly mathematical and audited by economics departments in universities on both sides, comprehensive studies

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