Friday, November 17, 2017

Text Analysis Algorithm

We need a text analysis algorithm that creates variables from it, text connections should be conducted so as to have a tiered system mapped around the associations and synapse behavior/structure (anatomical) and schema activity, building, reduction and intertwining in the brain. Then after meeting a certain point formed clusters (loose correlations as in spectrum based analysis) which have mathematically parametric borders, should be labeled ideas, because they retain certain properties and then further processing given sets of ideas to integrate and separate and recombine so variables can be generated

Applying computational information radiation to a text based harvested variables systems (or mere systems) within the text or among many, information packets exotic (structure/properties) may solve problems or give insight in streamlining, corruption, error processing, dysfunction, integrating models or theories or systems, directly or indirectly making exotic systems, theories or models and new forms of math or structures

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