Friday, November 17, 2017


What's in my heart right now. Anti-previous article post spirit. Anxious. We are on this journey together. And some people spit on others. In it's core the article is just a grand expansion and derivatives compilation of that attitude and it has no place in the journey. Take it with the good, or stay behind. Sometimes you have to be crazy to be sane, and say things that appear, contradictory (they use this), but perfectly logical, and I will make it my mission to spread the prophetic speak ability that allows for this. Because, simply, and as for an example, someone like Chuck Schumer is lacking in this, through no fault of his own whatsoever, but he can be a master at it. Let the accuracy of your statements be drafted by the Father, God, and this process feared by the deceptive, duplicitous and manipulative, because it needs to be.

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