Friday, November 17, 2017

Tale of the Inferior Goods

You know what makes me cry? My sister oversaw a group that provided funding for kids in India that were of artistic inclination. She neglected the project. But pieces of art included duct tape wallets and other “poorly made” artistic items that were innocent and beautiful were put together and guided by the Hand. Very few were sold on sale day despite my sister’s sale efforts, basically the sale was ignored. But God’s infinite sensitivity through me, seized all the unsold items put them in a box and they are in storage and can sell for millions. I looked at a bracelet and other things, they were as a mentally deficient or barely effort lacking will made but beautiful and thought out. That is God and the Holy Spirit. Obey thy Father and thy Mother. I cried and was depressed. The individual items are on sale in a singular box with a description fitting printed upon the box, taped.

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