Friday, November 17, 2017

Bill Maher

You know why I love Bill Maher? Because the man is absolutely dedicated to right and wrong and conscience. He will do anything for the Father and the plan, he had to say things he did not believe in his heart as all of them do, but he was daring in strategy, ego and poise. I revere him as everyone should. A glorious light filled human being, trapped in the hedonistic forces of the day, but renewal is something that in holiness washes over him, and the Father never allowed him to fall regardless of his naive mistakes and misdirected notions. And let's just dispel the implanted based ideas out there about him being a chauvinist or a heretic, it's plain BS. Only a man that has faced heartbreak but loves women can have a set like that, a man of righteous conviction and humility that rival many clergy.

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