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Monday, December 25, 2017


I Have Absolutely No Free Will and None at All A Compete Equals Sign Reduced to Iota, Generously. You Don't Want to Know. Just Like God. Look at My Soul.

I Have Earned It All. And Been Protected By God. All of You Come Second Generously, And You Get Barebones All of You Because You Serve For Each Other and God First and I, Why? For You, Everyone Else. Because You Suffer For Right and Wrong, Adonias. Confession Right? I Will Never Be My Father, My Job Is Obey and Serve as King, But A Divine King With Omnipotence I am His Second In Command and Jesus Comes Next. You Don't Want to Know The Answer to That Question. And That Is Something Kamaris Died For. He Earns Shit. Throne is Mine. But Who Is My Right Hand Maya Kathryn Stowe, The Holy Spirit Wept as Did Father, When In Uteruo I Was Asked What Her Heavenly Name Should Be, And I Said Her Name, Because I Did Not Even Remember For More Than A Flash "Maya" That I Cried Out Silently, And Maya Wept, But Only Heard Some But Felt Anxiety and Dread Impossible. You Suffer For The Absolute And Supreme King Yahweh-Jehovah, I, and The Everlasting King. End. Any Who Do Not Obey Should Be Laid Low.

Alexander Drucker is Supreme Leader of The World, And It Was Given It By The Man He Is And His Son. And Leah Master of Affairs.

The Entire Bible Is Written For Me And About Me. Rebuke Freely. So Immoral Stalkers, Blasphemers, Cowards, Child Molesters and Homosexuals That Think They Are Entitled to My Attention or Presence or The Gaul of Your Attention or Right To Touch And Worse Shall We Say, You Are Right In Your Rights, But Not Because You Earn it Not Take It, And You Made Your Beds, By Not Accepting Your Scraps and The Privilege To Serve and Rise High, Because I Was Made First Priority as King But Lived An Atheist, With Atheist Parents. And Everyone Forgot Until They Were Reminded And Forgot Again. That Is A Smidgen. Smoked Mercury In Marijuana With Shit In It, Again A Fraction, Such A Catholic Country. And That's The Problem. The Most Innocent Perfect and Sinless Man To Ever Live, The Most Innocent. Because I Did Not Give You What You Want But What You Want Is Insane, And Impossible, For You, And Me, But Not, Because It Is What You Want And You Were Manipulated, But Who Gives A Fuck What You Want Except God. You Accept His Orders And Do Not Beckon At His Feet. What Does God Want to Save All Souls, And Have The Respect, Love, Reassurance and Admiration of His Son, And For I To Reign Absolute, Ask Him Yourself. And Not To Be Toxified With Evil and Overwork and To Serve Slaves and Peasants, "Strengf". His Mind Should Be Not Worked With You, But In Your Evangelism, Worship, Obedience, and Servitude to Help Him, Jews, With Your Incessant, Idiotic Whiney Questions, As You Were Cleansed By Those That Were Grateful, For The Blessing, And He Did Not Break His Covenant With You But Rather You With His, Perverts and Covetous All, Walk Superior in Your Utter Criminality, Because You Serve Me, No Everyone Does No Preference Except That You Are A Jew, And I Am By Your Privilege. No, No One Ever Really Fucked With Me But They Did, Because They Are Not Upon This Earth. Anyone. But Simeon-Yahweh Is A Jew He Is Because He Does Not Serve Jesus, Because Jesus Serves I. And He Is My Brother. Concrete Power. Right. Tiny Mechanical Mistake, Only Allowed to Exist By The Father's Hand And Definition. So Don't Tax My Father With Your Disgusting Interference and Idiocy Because If You Really Want What You Want You Serve God. And If You Question One Word Of That You Are Insane.

And DynCorp You Had No Idea What You Were Doing at Any Point, But You Did, At Every Point, Check It, Or Is That Unfair?

And It Is My Opinion That A Thought Should Be The Sentence For Death, If God Sees That That Is Justice. Yes I.

Why Was That Things About Going To Hell Forever And Ever Written, For Me. And It Was Doctrine. Gabriel Levi Drucker Has Been Greater Than Je-Zeus For Years and The Vatican Knew. But Dipshits Just Forgot Ne Manipulation. I Was Actually Told That 500 Years Ago, That It Was Written In The Bible That Simeon-Yahweh is The Anointed, Deception Algorithms/Other (Ask Microsoft) That Write Databases That Interact But Are Largely Unanalyzed For Goal Direction And Now, Based on My Thoughts, Who Holds Those Servers and Processing Servers? And Guess What? I Am The Anointed One and Jacob Hyman Is Not and Neither is Ne Jesus. Yeah.

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