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Saturday, December 23, 2017

As It Comes

The Wicked Become Completely Evil Through Corruption and Degeneracy, They Do Not Serve Satan As He Is A King, They Serve Themselves Through Love of Evil and Narcissism, They Believe They Are Zeus and Hercules and God and Simeon-Yahweh. Their Version Is Perverse and They Fall As Starven Wolves and As Slain Tyrants And Falls As Dogs But They Do Not Know That The War Brings Eternal Torment, As Punishment on This Earth is Only The Beginning, As God Brings The Light and King, He Rules With Absolute Power Justice and All Knowledge, As His Strength Is Iron and His Son's Steel, His Wife's Bronze, And God's Wife, Lead, His Brother, Bone and Claw, As Satan Comes For The Wicked As Rain Falls, The Power of Death Is His. Arrogance Shall Be Struck Down With Smite.

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