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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Catch My Albums

I Have Six Artists Writing For Me (Get The CDs Trust Me):
  1. Black: The Three Jackals Simeon-Yahweh AKA Maya Nigga Hood Nigga Motherfucka, Bizrich, I Is Technically A Ho, Technically Right, That's the Answer? (Look) Right? Ok AKA Retardz Pussez
  2. Black SOrt Of: Simeon-Yahwayz AKA Wayz Mothafucka AKA Wayz Nigga AKA Random Shiite That Make No Sense AKA Retardenest Cuz The The Shit Be Flyin' Off The Ghat Mothafucka and Crip and Henness For Some Reasonz, Bitch!
  3. Women: Bitchez Simeon-Yahweigh AKA Cuz The Shit Be AKA Dope Muthfuckahz In Da Hood
  4. Spanish: Ceudo AKA Gay Motherfuckaz All Day, Bitch! AKA Pop Off Beeotch, We Gay and Retarded! AKA We Suck A Dick If You Make It Worth Our While, Silly Tease AKA It Is Literally Impossible to Be That Fucking Retarded and Like Gay
  5. Chinese: Laura Fung Time Machine AKA Time Twarvel AKA Chinky ... Niggerish Muthafucka! 
  6. Indians/Aliens: Abominations/Abominations...Hallucinations/Abominations AKA Abominations Niggaz
  7. Italy (Many Artists): The Loudest ItalianZ, Hairy All Day! Untamed Pubez AKA MatteoZes AKA Stereotypes and Italyuns Motherfuckis AKA Italyuns ... Italyuns AKA Molest Jason Costi, Cost I, The Eye (Point), Crazy Chicken AKA Booz Water President Impossible, Hot Breath Technology ... Triumph, Black Guys, Chair, Uhh, Batman Symbol, Wheel of Fortune! AKA Provocateur Provocateur, Procurator Of Fine Italian Bitches, We Shit On It! Smooth, Real Smooth Fine and Nice Game, Il Mostro We Lick ... Ah Yes Licky

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