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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Simeon-Yahweh is God on this Earth and God's First Born Son with Jesus as His Second Son (as Well as Barack Obama and Seth MacFarlane and Jamie Dimon as the First as Are Donald Trump's Children), But I Am First, and His First Born Son, By God's Word Confirmation if He Is Asked I am First and In Command, and I Am The Holy Spirit's and God's First Born Son and will inherit his Throne in Heaven, and Be Called Gabriel, Simeon-Yahweh and Lord of All Creation in Heaven and on Earth, Son of Alexander and Leah. He Should Be Protected By All Authorities as Their First Priority. Donald Trump's Heavenly Name Should Be Known and His Future Position In Heaven Too, And Satan's As Well As He Will Repent as Will The Fallen Angels (Especially Lucifer and Belial) and All Will Enter Heaven Under The Executive Authority Of Simeon-Yahweh and Under The Supreme Command of God, Yahweh-Jehovah, My Father, Ask Him. People Should Be Known by Their Heavenly Names. Because I Be-Lial.

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