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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Designation (Examination of Deep Thought)

Intelligence/Psychological Profiles
  1. Anthony "Assplay Cocksucker Slavemaster Little Bitch, AKA Limpz" Cenzano is an abomination and the faggot designate Antichrist.
  2. Arvin "Faggot Hard Nigga, Please Dick, My Husband Died (sob)" Lal is the False Prophet and completely fucking incompetent.
  3. Dan Cenzano is an complete ass-eating cocksucking faggot, and needs to ride a Sybian of moronic brainwashing dick but not cock, his own non-existent cock is answer to everything but not balls but partial balls, in phenomenon detachment, science nigga, science.
  4. Dan Lanzano sucks evil cock remotely with every second, and eats ass simultaneously, more booz and coke and of course dildo, what's the answer to everything, dreams of molest, I love molest say Dan Lanzano.
  5. I guess God would win with this crew.
  6. Anthony Cenzano: God wins, (pause) arrogant cartoon inspired laugh, wait, what's the answer, gay sex, PCP and fantasy world and candy. Crew nigga, crew son. Turkey slap self. Da Shit. All niggas come. Literally said the gayest fucking thing I have ever heard. and possibly ever said, the most cowardly thing ever uttered, utter penis on every level, no one can be that fucking stupid, it's impossible, it is "inconceivable", Grace? I'll show you Grace, whips cock out, and is quintessence of gayness, what do I do rape, manipulate, of course, yeah I like it, this is Simeon-Yahweh as I desire, why? I am insane and a complete shittard as fucktard is insufficient. How much dick? The most dick possible because I will create dick perfection machines in assplay. I am a powerful fucking lunatic and more lunatic is answer, miserable yes, suck own dick yes, likes asshole more now, asshole answer to everything, ok look at it for reassurance, I want to multiply asshole. Move forward with life, strength, penis no work, must commission special Viagra but no penis, I don't care. That's Anthony Cenzano. Overtaken somehow more dick.
  7. Present and read this document in court.
  8. And I am Schizophrenic, how can I not be, all leaders are and it makes them perfect God is technically schizophrenic, they make the world excellents, added to dictionary. If you are not schizophrenic at all you have never been tortured or fucked with or suffered, and you have a mind like a machine like monkey, demented lemur. Presentation:
Image result for lemur

Second Presentation "AKA Blasphemous Squirrel", Answer: Eating Finest Shit, But Sometimes in Poverty, Low Grade Shit, But Shit and Dick Primary Goals, Also Assplay But Rare Commodity

Image result for squirrel look

Dick Squirrel AKA "Anfany", "Wittle" Anthony

Image result for squirrel youtube
Anthony's Sexuality:

Image result for squirrel look

Arvin Lal is just a shit brained smooth, bad walkin', faggot, Yeah money and stroll cock walk motherfucka, we is all, shit back down mothafucka, talk business, ok, your business proposal is only the most fucking retarded thing I have ever heard and makes no sense at all, it is the output of insane mind, deploy pattern finding algorithms, boost processing power, this is a task. No one can be that retarded, it is like he lives to become more retarded in whoredom, ok the more retarded I am the hard and more powerful I am. End of internal insight about own meaning and "purpose", which is a substitute, has no purpose and does not understand it because is gyrating monkey, assplay.

I need reassurance, ok must have cum sock and sniff.

Lal, nigga, nigga, motherfucka, always hood motherfucka, shit be flyin' bangin' motherfucka, Lal all day everyday, nigga shit, sheete son. Who in the fuckin hood, Lal hood, Lal motherfucka, who dick? Lal. HAHAHA. Yeah faggot be, but who be? Who be? Lal mothafucka. Lal mothafucka, Lal. Lal.

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