Saturday, December 16, 2017

Relief and Wrath

The wicked believe that the son of God should get absolutely no relief, because he does not do evil and evil is relief and they love doing evil and they should not be forgiven, because they will never turn back from their love of doing evil no matter the punishment or circumstances because they believe being worthless, persecuting the innocent and torturing the sensitive and getting at every vulnerability and using it to inflict the maximum possible torture is good. They believe being sensitive is weak and conscience is torture, but they are spineless. They can in fact turn it around and they understand all of it because my Father God is perfect and infinitely fair and giving free will and not knowing precisely is schizophrenic to them because it is, good. And according to them he is schizophrenic and inferior because of that, but they still know what they did. All they take is shortcuts and cheat, lie and steal and it is relief, but not true relief and they become more hard hearted, insane and increase their mechanization to the maximum possible degree (tree like psyche) and become irritable. They increase their inability to delay gratification but temper it by persecuting and torturing the innocent. And they will take all evil standards another step forward (in information embodiment), always and they feel and then they do not through choice. They basically need to become a random walk of evil progression, through tastes, but it is in essence not random at all, they seek only chaos but are tormented by it and it was done so, it is. I like concreteness because it aids and stabilizes but corrupts, they say. Every perversion shall be indulged by them and grown with no end but punishment will seek them and they absolutely know it but they distract through narcotics, technology and all the mechanisms they harness. I will not give any abomination or psychopath any therapy but I will do it to carry out God’s plan, but remember if you do not care about anyone, essentially (keep in mind you are shown mercy for good choices and essence complete) no one will care about you, and that is essentially fair. Lest you be like children and innocent and know joy you will not enter Heaven, and that is Glory.

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