Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Next Step and An Analysis of Time and Behavior and Righteous Power

No Evil Has Ever Really Won, Because We Are in The Context of Eternity, And Ruled Under the Dynamics of Time and Effect as It Is, And Mimicry is Imbecilic, but Guidance and Control are Not in Most Cases, Mimicry. But Mimicry, Cruelty, Perversion and Degeneracy and Corruption Are Logically and Morally Anti/De-Fair Arbitrators (Skew/Skewers) of All and Everything in Entirety and Essence. And All Sin and Blasphemous Evil Things Feed off One Another and In Logical Allocation/Set and Appointment (Self-Appointment Often) By Own (Self-Indulgence and Not Mere Comfort Seeking) and Manipulation/Brainwashing, Evil Takes a Next Step in The Complete Integral of Mankind Behavior in Time (General Trend) and Of the Specific. They Twist and Turn Behavior and Character and Enable Things That Provide for Guilt and Self-Correction and Punishment Does Not Register in The Minds of Villains, but It Is a Deterrent, But Knowledge and Control of Divinity and The Designates of God, Rule in Persecution and Learning and Self-Development and Growth and Show the Path with God As The Source of All Things In His Understanding of The Light and Morality But With Leniency and All Good Things He Reigns and Learns.

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