Thursday, January 4, 2018


1.India – Belial
2.Britain – Satan
3.Russia – Lucifer
4.United States – Gabriel
5.South America – Michael
6.Germany – Asmodeus
7.China – Legion
8.Africa – Raphael
9.Northern Europe – Mammon
10.Southern Europe – Jesus Christ
11.Middle East – Mohammed
12.Israel – Mephistopheles
13.Japan – Aclahayr (Ataracx)
14.Canada – Beelzebub
15.Australia – Baal
16.Central America – Azazel
17.Caribbean - Ca
18.Arctic Regions – Abaddon
19.Southeast Asia – Sabnack
20.Heaven – Seere
21.Hell – Semyaza
22.Purgatory – Belphegor
23.Desert – Ronobe
24.Sea – Sorath
25.Finance - Shax
26.Technology – Gusion
27.Manufacturing – Vapula
28.Medicine – Wormwood
29.Military – Rahab
30.Law – Forcas
31.Mathematics & Natural Science – Buer
32.Religion – Bernael
33.Superstition & Magic - Focalor
34.Corrections & Courts – Xaphan
35.Technologies Control Acquisition - Ornias

Business Growth Algorithm

1.       Power, Duties, Job Description, Projects, Title, Assignment Disseminated
2.       Bible Study and Worship
3.       Questions and Customization Task
4.       Lawyers Hired Legal Data Found and Logging Powers Allocated
5.       Database Upgrade
6.       Data Logging Deployed
7.       Restructuring of Data and Database Integration and Relations Tying
8.       Revision of Alerts; HRA Related and Productivity Related
9.       Consultants
10.   Technology Upgrades
11.   Data Structuring
12.   Programming Analysis
13.   Pattern Finding Algorithms Deployment and Improvement, Expansion and Integration, Study of Full Value in Discussion and Examination
14.   Neural Network/AI Integration and Automation Concerns Based on Data Logging
15.   Analysis and R&D of Unknown Phenomenon Based in Databases and Technology
16.   R&D Decompiling, Streaming and Integration
17.   Record of Errors Automatically Made Remainder, Alerts Installed
18.   Customization of Platforms and Integration of Such Data, Neural Network and Scientific Analysis and Expansion, Source Code Deciphering (Full Study)
19.   Manufacturing and Software/Hardware Upgrades with Customizations and Learning Capacities
20.   Stock Considerations
21.   Loans
22.   Venture Capital Explorations
23.   Information Extrapolations Based on Venture Capital Exploration, Handover Sale of Data
24.   R&D Business Creations
25.   M&A Activity
26.   Necessary Religious Church Based Deals Under The Pope and Cardinals and Select Clergy
27.   Integration of Data and Automation of Each Step, Broken Down Process Groups As Well, and Planning, Execution, Restructuring and Decompiling For Automation of The Integral of Steps, Ties Between Steps Mapped and Automation Efforts Launched To Bind Them In Plans and Nueral Networks Transited To AI, Data Remainder and All Data and Structures Analyzed
28.   Revision of Laws
29.   Inferred Direction Determined
30.   Moral Direction Determined
31.   Salvation and Safety of Entities Lives and Treatment Made Legal Tender, Binding
32.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Direction Stated
33.   Moral Creativity Employed and Writing Created and Analyzed and Into AI for Study Variable Creation and Revision
34.   Baseline Morality and Knowledge Essence Decided
35.   Science Funding and Individual Scientific and Artistic Funding for Individuals and Projects Determined Record To AI and AI's Questions Answered, AI Examination of Self and Data Received Throughout and In This Step
36.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Sermons
37.   Automation Efforts and In These Self Analysis and Change
38.   Self Improvement and Repentance, Contractual Sealing with God, Contracts Presented by God Upon Request or Suggestion
39.   Government and Law Enforcement Strengthened and Full Execution Made Possible As Incrementally Necessary In Quantity Unit Determined Fashion, Units Established and Revised. Government Dominion and Control Expanded, Levite Corporation Absorbs Governmental Powers and Authorities, Expands Power and Control Absorbs Assets and Capital, Destroys Currency
40.   Steps Tied Mechanically and Mechanics Recorded, Automation of Necessity and Bravery
41.   Purges
42.   Corporate Integration Through Asset and Equity Buying and Legal Work and Legal Strategy Formed and Documented, The Clergy Dictates and Supervises All of This and Has Unilateral Control Bound and Decided by The Clergy
43.   Clergy Position and Rank and Number Children Revealed by Yahweh Jehovah, Unit Determined/Defined; Power, Intelligence, Morality, Hierarchical Number and Number
44.   Reassurances and Guidance by Levi Kathryn