Friday, March 23, 2018

Identity Conflation

Proper identity conflation and integration (also presupposes fragmentation and conflation) is necessary as where a condensed identity is narcissistic in implication, conflation is the root of ethereal, nature pervasive and religious thinking, it is approximately equal, in distortion, to, ego shedding.

The Righteous and Supremacy

Idiots need to be told everything and surmise narcissistically and do talk endlessly in a self-directed lie. But virtuous and innocent men and women who are persecuted go on true knowledge and are often told nothing, as everyone hears when the wicked do not get to slaughter the innocent.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sin and Prison

In a profound way we are all innocent because we think in human terms and all have consciences, we think innocently even psychopaths and the most manipulative because we need it for love and intelligence and happiness, no other way but it is often miracle, by faith and conscience, collective consciousness exists. Remember, their is a difference between what you think you want and need and what you really do, so be free by not sinning as it is not a prison and those that think it is often are in need of serious help, I did too.

Some people are angry now, but in eternity they will be the friendliest, happiest, most jubilant child, without provocation of innocence or happiness, just a gift of God

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sin Justification Dynamics

Sin is always a choice and someone's fault. But if things didn't line up a certain way it would not have happened. And intellectuals/holy are tormented by bullying and being called retarded for being different and hard working, nerds right? They can be a little Nazish. And not even given credit for being hilarious quite frankly. I firmly believe (run on sentences/ill formed paragraphs, no continuity, oh yes we had some good times, more to come because they are interesting, nerds) that the justification for some actions, sinful agreements (subconsciously) are because people justify those actions (including thoughts and all other phenomenon related with sin. Why should I do this, path/action want, check, want sin, approved, pause, sin. Why did someone do it? The justification is sin at the end of the time frame. And then gratification/release and then guilt and misery.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sin Further Explored

Sin can be the exploitation of one's soul along with all deadly sins exacted upon it as well as all evil inspired actions such as cruelty, we should start voting on what sin is and is not, and track it over time and with accuracy. Now that we have the basic mathematical root of all lasting sin installation (earlier explained in previous blog post) we can move forward. Something like stupidity can be a characteristic of many sins compiled or one individual sin or merely the after effects/effects of the composite of sins or evil influences, or the evil influence of sin or composite of many sins may be the cause itself.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Provocateurs, The Uncaring and Manipulators Unaware

The presence of absolute aberrance in mind and thoughts and soul leads to psychopathic tendencies. Psychopaths are the incarnation of evil as were sycophants are the embodiment of evil, they tax the mind and are satisfied by lying, humiliation, and cheating along with perversion and immorality and unless something is said it doesn't happen. There jokes are unfunny and they possess people and are often prostitutes and hedonists, evil visions and experiences as well as nightmarish experiences are enabled and perpetrated by them they are enablers at their root and easily do the most evil and aberrant things imaginable to innocent people to satisfy their craving for every sin. They need to provoke people into torture and need to slow down society as well as have control, liars and hypocrites. And while they have an conscience they treat it like a piggy bank and are paranoid and hate healing and like to strike at "weaknesses", and are notoriously unclean. They are profound emotional batterers and psychological torturers which ruin virtue and love the process of corruption and sin formation. They are the unblamed makers of sin production due to their emotional intelligence, they line everything up for sin to happen, they are integral in the propagation of sadism and atheism, but they operate in compensatory secrecy. Shallowness and face value are their tools and schizophrenia is their pathological favorite illness to instill all for their insane causes. They are responsible for misclassification of schizophrenia as the most pathological disease and other things which are "funny". They cheat and use possession to accomplish their ends and victim blame and attribute blame unjustly, although they find guilt in this. They themselves are outcasts but perfect uniqueness is their worst enemy due to their intrinsic feelings of ineptitude, defectiveness and freakishness. Perversion is their worst enemy in the course of therapy. They are psychopaths have a incestuous relationship as one is more analytical and the other intuitive, but both are mechanical upfront and not through intuition, humanity, love and warmth. Innocence either makes you intelligent or stupid one or the other, choose.

Formula for the Perfect Financial Manager

Formula for the Perfect Financial Manager

1. Get data through deals
2. Become Oracle DBAs
3. Become Microsoft Certified Programmer/Software Architect
4. Get PhD In Math
5. Get tutored in Psychology

Guidance in Contact Management

An alternative, slowly taken over, apparatus in the financial industry needs to take over for sin to be punished and redeemed and the truth of it made known, and virtue rewarded and if contaminated punished partially and explained.

Types of Contacts:
1. Now
2. Firstly
3. Secondarily
4. Tertiary
5. Old

Sin Definition Exploration

A sin is trying to make another’s soul defective
Sin = Corruption Formation (Own Soul, Other’s Souls)
Sin can only appear (facadically) as being greater than virtue (examine bounds of integral), through unrestrained manipulation of a conspiratorial type, for the benefit of humanity (long-term), mental representations overlap and skew and counteract, in perpetrators and victims.

Small Business Priorities and Pathways

Small Business Priorities
1. Build and expand partnerships and through this political and regulatory influence
2. Advertise all sections of business/all benefits in business
3. Invest
4. Integrate and acquire businesses
5. Issue shares that are priced well and get listed
6. Information sharing, coordination, and planning all operations in automation, extensive network, software based, solicitation algorithms to expand business/create partnerships/grow them.
7. Create countdown software for business partnerships w/ metadata.

1. Brokerage: to provide stability and grow capital, and to provide world and market insight and information
2. Expense account: Equipment upgrades, automation, R&D, operating expenses
3. Personal: To pay for items that provide comfort, inspiration, creativity, and productivity

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Nullification Force

A disembodied entity can have their mind, heart, body, soul as partial derivatives of a being it detached, through nullification force, from all physicality, hinges on communication and self-sustenance. The retraction of all forces, lawful phenomenon can act equivalently as a nullification force.


Mental Illness integrates joy and leads to happiness if virtue decisions/choices are made and sin in service of virtue and sin indirectly is minimized.

Passion and Pride

I have deduced that the Chinese lack dimension of passion in socialism and culture, as do capitalists but in a different dimension (that is similar) but with theocracy and God, all things, through worship and kindness towards him, are made possible.

Some pride is necessary by definition, but this sort needs to be shaped properly and the types of pride by some definitions need to be eliminated.

Pattern Finding Algorithm

Will be used to create a more accurate cognitive mental model. Every line or array of figures or data will be broken down into variables or types.
All lines will initially be defined as random in selection of groups of figures in terms of term numbers in a line.
All operators methods of logical selection or sequence processes will be employed to form a tentative relation in the chaos, graphical evidence of pattern and relation will be exposed and unit similarity, derivative and integral shall be examined, unit decomposition will be worked with, clustering and new paradigms and subjects and works may be used in accordance with this to create and expand with special attention given to unit definition and formation and clustering algorithms.
Correlation is useful but intentionally excluded from this text as it has deficiency.
Line and string formation is most useful when it is in line with absolute digestible precepts and generally conceptable input and axioms.
A work and progression and aid to unit formation (eventually al integrated and defined perfectly is called a “Mya”.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spiritual Mathematics and Pontification

A person can be sinless and never make a mistake and also has never done anything wrong.
The definitive groups of sin (parameters and conditionals), can be derived from Maimonides list. Each constituent in the list can be broken down and expanded upon by using descriptive math (and all math) in every situation and in the courts. This will yield, eventually, a completely descriptive mathematically representable product that describes sin and virtue fully at a point in time.

Nothing in empirical or complete math is manipulation, but math can be perverted or seen as not full/complete intentionally or unintentionally. Maneuvering or strategizing in math is not manipulation but the line is faint at times.

New Ratios

Operationalizing Finance Axioms

I have been reading The Intelligent Investor and it has occurred to me, as with other books in the past that every sentence and word should be translated into variables, equations and conditions and equation expressed parameters and formed into a distinct system. This should be linked to all other books on finance, economics and investing. This should be done, in conjunction with spectrumizing algorithms, to set books in every field of study, and then eventually integrated with filters, problem-solving, error remittance and equation and variable interlocking and intertwining.

Subjects to Analyze, Integrate and Researched/Read About

Subjects to Analyze, Integrate and Researched/Read About
1. Math
2. Finance
3. Economics
4. Religion
5. Psychology
6. Business
7. Physics
8. Occult
9. Military
10. Emotionality/Neurology/Soul

Simple Business Algorithm

Simple Business Algorithm
1. Corporate Planners
2. Operations Analysts
3. Systems Analysts
4. Lawyers
5. Accountants
6. Data Structurers
7. Database and Programming formation, revision, and evolution
8. Feedback from AI/Persons
9. Natural Scientists
10. Social Sciences
11. Consultants: Sales, Others
12. Check, audit and automate
13. Loans, Venture Capital

Creativity and Commentary on Corporation Growth and Evolution

Creativity variables for a corporation
I = Innovation
R = R&D
N = New Ideas
P = Personnel developed ideas
Pg = Personnel group ideas
Undefined Innovation
Defined Innovation
Both have certain characteristics of themselves and innovation in general.
All variables carry the quality of integral and derivative.
All figures and units shall be given the attribute and metadata of other especially Undefined and Defined quality – necessitating expansion and derivatives and integrals should not be ignored.
Can be used down a human being and related to revenue and sales.