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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gay/To Task

It was a everly moon and other guys on your breath. Douchebag article calling Seth a transphobe, Seth's reaction I don't care about scumbags, you are fucking disgusting, I am right, some bitch shit.  The whore of Shop-Rite. Called Seth an idiot when he is a completely shit brained faggot. Fucks you. But you mean we can't fuck gay ass, frankly I couldn't give less of a fuck soft. I couldn't give less of a fuck because child molesters. You are hard, no. You can be homophobic but psychological torture fetish, being gay is invalid. Every weak disgusting thing,  suck each other off, we can't. You are a homophobe, that carries with it the assumption that gays are right about being non-sociopaths, perverted impotent shit. Laughing faggots. Your welcome for the AIDS treatment faggots. Make you cry once. Love fraud all polluting fagz. And if no AIDS treatment still would be right tea baggers. Now I am going to fuck my wife's pussy. They are all sociopaths. Lock him in a mental institution. The thing is I don't give a fuck about you or your retarded opinions.

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