Thursday, March 29, 2018


Gay people change boyfriends, change boyfriends, you are all brothers, all of you, you will always be gay, women cannot, I repeat cannot, deal or be with men that are effeminate and also not gay. Gay priests should be allowed but don’t be control freaks, at first you will preach to gay people and then you will preach to everyone, because you have been through it, it is not a perversion mechanism inside of you, you are healers and redeemers, you understand innocence, but homosexuality can be dangerous. You are my brothers I act slightly gay, and to have power you must, you have been fucked by society, but it was necessary. Suffer for the cross and be upon it if you are gay or a lesbian. You love Jesus all of you do it fills you and even Jesus is gay and more than slightly. So, make the right choices and I will happily turn over power, life is a process. Remember your brothers are not your wives. They taught the world fraternity and they have deeper bonds than other men do that are "heterosexual" but I do not have any gay tendencies, I have had thoughts, love thoughts, but not the abuse thoughts. Gay people cried the most but some "gay people" are in it just to abuse and pervert, they are not your brothers, line in the sand. Their wives are almost always lesbians, but some people will cover that up and they are not your friends. There are brothers and there are sodomites. Do you want Sodom, not one does. They have a hard road ahead but they will do it for us, because they are like women. Lesbians. That's the answer. They have purpose, the key to defining redemption and instituting it is with the gays. Big responsibly.

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