Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pattern Finding Algorithm

Will be used to create a more accurate cognitive mental model. Every line or array of figures or data will be broken down into variables or types.
All lines will initially be defined as random in selection of groups of figures in terms of term numbers in a line.
All operators methods of logical selection or sequence processes will be employed to form a tentative relation in the chaos, graphical evidence of pattern and relation will be exposed and unit similarity, derivative and integral shall be examined, unit decomposition will be worked with, clustering and new paradigms and subjects and works may be used in accordance with this to create and expand with special attention given to unit definition and formation and clustering algorithms.
Correlation is useful but intentionally excluded from this text as it has deficiency.
Line and string formation is most useful when it is in line with absolute digestible precepts and generally conceptable input and axioms.
A work and progression and aid to unit formation (eventually al integrated and defined perfectly is called a “Mya”.

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