Sunday, March 4, 2018

Provocateurs, The Uncaring and Manipulators Unaware

The presence of absolute aberrance in mind and thoughts and soul leads to psychopathic tendencies. Psychopaths are the incarnation of evil as were sycophants are the embodiment of evil, they tax the mind and are satisfied by lying, humiliation, and cheating along with perversion and immorality and unless something is said it doesn't happen. There jokes are unfunny and they possess people and are often prostitutes and hedonists, evil visions and experiences as well as nightmarish experiences are enabled and perpetrated by them they are enablers at their root and easily do the most evil and aberrant things imaginable to innocent people to satisfy their craving for every sin. They need to provoke people into torture and need to slow down society as well as have control, liars and hypocrites. And while they have an conscience they treat it like a piggy bank and are paranoid and hate healing and like to strike at "weaknesses", and are notoriously unclean. They are profound emotional batterers and psychological torturers which ruin virtue and love the process of corruption and sin formation. They are the unblamed makers of sin production due to their emotional intelligence, they line everything up for sin to happen, they are integral in the propagation of sadism and atheism, but they operate in compensatory secrecy. Shallowness and face value are their tools and schizophrenia is their pathological favorite illness to instill all for their insane causes. They are responsible for misclassification of schizophrenia as the most pathological disease and other things which are "funny". They cheat and use possession to accomplish their ends and victim blame and attribute blame unjustly, although they find guilt in this. They themselves are outcasts but perfect uniqueness is their worst enemy due to their intrinsic feelings of ineptitude, defectiveness and freakishness. Perversion is their worst enemy in the course of therapy. They are psychopaths have a incestuous relationship as one is more analytical and the other intuitive, but both are mechanical upfront and not through intuition, humanity, love and warmth. Innocence either makes you intelligent or stupid one or the other, choose.

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