Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sin Justification Dynamics

Sin is always a choice and someone's fault. But if things didn't line up a certain way it would not have happened. And intellectuals/holy are tormented by bullying and being called retarded for being different and hard working, nerds right? They can be a little Nazish. And not even given credit for being hilarious quite frankly. I firmly believe (run on sentences/ill formed paragraphs, no continuity, oh yes we had some good times, more to come because they are interesting, nerds) that the justification for some actions, sinful agreements (subconsciously) are because people justify those actions (including thoughts and all other phenomenon related with sin. Why should I do this, path/action want, check, want sin, approved, pause, sin. Why did someone do it? The justification is sin at the end of the time frame. And then gratification/release and then guilt and misery.

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