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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stalking and Terrorism

Is stalking terrorism? It is the worst form. But nobody says that. Let's just slow it down. And take what we want, it is your fault. I am an idea man and you stalkers are jealous, I do love you but if you think your getting off you are for you shall have no relief. An innocent man is tormented but a wicked man lives in misery, though it is easy, it never made sense, suffering. And a pompous fool that will kill a child, like Satan for instance, because he is being drugged over and over, and no one will tell his Heavenly Father is a coward and he deserved what he got. I beat the living shit out of Satan and it was disturbing as hell but at a certain point it was funny so if you say I should be locked in a mental institution you should but you won't and nobody will care and they shouldn't but God will because he know. So lock me up for being angry and someone did call mental health services today. That's how much it took. I am the strongest man alive because I am innocent and I eliminated completely his capacity for sin, but Satan thought only of himself. Thank you Satan for your help. And I am not angry at Satan I am angry at monsters, abject monsters because they chose it and degenerated. Even Saints are allowed to die and I can't and is it because I almost faded right out of existence and  everything else went with it, no, it is because it is the right thing to God and even he didn't remember now he does. Innocence, no innocent man should be in a mental institution. I also make the impossible possible. And only servants of God should be confined unjustly for mankind, and I still have to prove it, so have your omnipotence or nothing David G. And say Hitler has the right idea, even though he did and didn't. He is a saint but God is omnipotent and only I didn't truly know that and as basically as far as I could get. I volunteered. It is the hardest work to protect the innocent but it is the most vital. Sin is the source of it all, do not condition yourself to sin and I mathematically defined it because I am a genius and completely innocent and that's why I piece it together slowly and forget in humility and even God does not understand fully why. I choose to suffer but God forced me too because he loves me. And Jason Kim couldn't show me approval but he did. For he can also make the impossible possible as can all of us. It is not duplicity. That is why manipulation should not exist it is an abomination completely. But no one fully manipulates ever, it is impossible, but bad things happen if you don't stop the death of a child. Or you hold back existence for 2000 years and you are never quite right again. He can't know, the most evil thing ever uttered.

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