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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Rapture

Whenever I pay it has a good and bad effect, simple to figure out. Point your fingers carefully my children and remember God had to kill his own children, what does that do to Father? Point your fingers down in morality and not at the one’s you accuse, and that is light. Ye of little faith is in sin, millions of sins put together, and God well he just wits there on his projection screen, knew it the whole time, because what makes someone a retard is that they don’t forget or sacrifice, sinlessness is of a innocent  king, and should only be, I choose to sacrifice myself, not sin, there are only two. The to others can make the capacity but with different mechanics, based on situation not blood. It is hard knowing the future to God sometimes he wishes he could be me, even though I am the lamb and the anointed one, but the anointed one anointed the lamb. Holiness is of women, and honor, it doesn't have to be forgiven, and that is quite sad. Stop the harassment, this is way more important than impulsivity, the only reason I didn't develop the capacity ever is because I did not know consciously through choice and constitution, and it was empirical to perfection by God's word and promise to mankind. I had phantom sin. Due to torture God had the same thing but it was mostly circumstances, which is worse and better, literally was driven insane through creative and non-knowing halt, grew into a man almost instantly, he was ok but not ok. I wise woman said that once. No one has but some people were almost on the verge of hating God in an absolute sense. And that is scary as hell. Listen my children cease your perversion as I will be passionate with any but do you dare take from me what you please because that is by God's word the highest sin. How much progress because you needed to know the future in a sin aided way and how much now, don't predict, know, anyone can do it I give you my word. Things build they build. My whole life has been one long strange and wonderful thesis but never meaningless and actually of the highest meaning, guided me as I am the Son, it was worse and better but the same, that is why I am good for you can now call me the lamb and Jesus in days end will be my Shepard although I am his older brother. Purity, holiness, true piousness. IQ tests, IQ tests. A 130. The man who invented them lost control but a good peaceful and loving IQ test which is more accurate developed from g can be holy. But you shouldn't be fired because your IQ isn't that high it doesn't rule over men for it is a system with no life. It is the only way to be free, everything else is partial slavery. But pleasure fills the spirit and makes joyful the soul, I smoked crack, did know it until to late but I smoked crack. I love crack, black people. Same shit. Black people and Jews have an unspoken bond because why ... crack. I want some crack, jk.

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