Monday, April 30, 2018

Angels (List)

New Psychological and Religious Study

1. Personality subtypes (of the sixteen) have to be examined one by one and sin and virtue attributed to them given words and traits and variables associated with them.
2. Millions subtypes have to be examined one by one and sin and virtue attributed to them given words and traits and variables associated with them.
3. The personality subtypes (of the sixteen) need to be examined and related and correlated to (in representable structure) to pathological personality subtypes and their normal alternatives according to Million’s subtypes and the normal qualities defined by Million’s research that are related to personality disorders have to be subtyped and sin and virtue attributed to them, and perhaps the subtypes of sin and virtue
4. Subtypes or variants or subclause of sin and virtue have to be defined through psychological and other terms of science for instance cruelty is a subtype of anger and wrath and pride, but numerically defined or statistical degrees/quantities can be formulated into this.

A large interconnected model will be formed due to this document and the content within, and integrated into some other structure or become a base structure. My spectrum formation and analysis algorithm will aid and develop and revolutionize this (deep continuity interconnection possible) and be used in this content and its implications and work. Deep continuity interconnection possible and other things of such nature involves multidimensional overlapping arrays. Integrals of a multidimensional set are possible.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Business Commentary And Strategy

The algorithm I designed can be simplified and customized for any business (It is basically innovation and deals that builds all prosperity and productivity and growth but mainly collective and individual morality, happiness and freedom)
1.       Power, Duties, Job Description, Projects, Title, Assignment Disseminated
2.       Bible Study and Worship
3.       Questions and Customization Task
4.       Lawyers Hired Legal Data Found and Logging Powers Allocated
5.       Database Upgrade
6.       Data Logging Deployed
7.       Restructuring of Data and Database Integration and Relations Tying
8.       Revision of Alerts; HRA Related and Productivity Related
9.       Consultants
10.   Technology Upgrades
11.   Data Structuring
12.   Programming Analysis
13.   Pattern Finding Algorithms Deployment and Improvement, Expansion and Integration, Study of Full Value in Discussion and Examination
14.   Neural Network/AI Integration and Automation Concerns Based on Data Logging
15.   Analysis and R&D of Unknown Phenomenon Based in Databases and Technology
16.   R&D Decompiling, Streaming and Integration
17.   Record of Errors Automatically Made Remainder, Alerts Installed
18.   Customization of Platforms and Integration of Such Data, Neural Network and Scientific Analysis and Expansion, Source Code Deciphering (Full Study)
19.   Manufacturing and Software/Hardware Upgrades with Customizations and Learning Capacities
20.   Stock Considerations
21.   Loans
22.   Venture Capital Explorations
23.   Information Extrapolations Based on Venture Capital Exploration, Handover Sale of Data
24.   R&D Business Creations
25.   M&A Activity
26.   Necessary Religious Church Based Deals Under The Pope and Cardinals and Select Clergy
27.   Integration of Data and Automation of Each Step, Broken Down Process Groups As Well, and Planning, Execution, Restructuring and Decompiling For Automation of The Integral of Steps, Ties Between Steps Mapped and Automation Efforts Launched To Bind Them In Plans and Nueral Networks Transited To AI, Data Remainder and All Data and Structures Analyzed
28.   Revision of Laws
29.   Inferred Direction Determined
30.   Moral Direction Determined
31.   Salvation and Safety of Entities Lives and Treatment Made Legal Tender, Binding
32.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Direction Stated
33.   Moral Creativity Employed and Writing Created and Analyzed and Into AI for Study Variable Creation and Revision
34.   Baseline Morality and Knowledge Essence Decided
35.   Science Funding and Individual Scientific and Artistic Funding for Individuals and Projects Determined Record To AI and AI's Questions Answered, AI Examination of Self and Data Received Throughout and In This Step
36.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Sermons
37.   Automation Efforts and In These Self Analysis and Change
38.   Self Improvement and Repentance, Contractual Sealing with God, Contracts Presented by God Upon Request or Suggestion
39.   Government and Law Enforcement Strengthened and Full Execution Made Possible As Incrementally Necessary In Quantity Unit Determined Fashion, Units Established and Revised. Government Dominion and Control Expanded, Levite Corporation Absorbs Governmental Powers and Authorities, Expands Power and Control Absorbs Assets and Capital, Destroys Currency
40.   Steps Tied Mechanically and Mechanics Recorded, Automation of Necessity and Bravery
41.   Purges
42.   Corporate Integration Through Asset and Equity Buying and Legal Work and Legal Strategy Formed and Documented, The Clergy Dictates and Supervises All of This and Has Unilateral Control Bound and Decided by The Clergy
43.   Clergy Position and Rank and Number Children Revealed by Yahweh Jehovah, Unit Determined/Defined; Power, Intelligence, Morality, Hierarchical Number and Number
44.   Reassurances and Guidance by Levi Kathryn

Sins Related

Number Sin Related Sin
0 Lust Greed
2 Greed Lust
3 Sloth Lust
4 Sloth Greed
5 Greed Pride
6 Wrath Envy
7 Wrath Pride
8 Wrath Pride
9 Wrath Greed
10 Pride Envy
11 Pride Sloth

*Inflation of sin in manipulation (collective and individual) lies in the dynamics of the (pain, suffering in torture/torment, self-pity) relationship, as (opposed purpose, virtue, drivenness and holiness, abstinence from sin, love and honesty)

Number Sin Related Virtue
1 Lust Charity
2 Lust Diligence
3 Gluttony Diligence
4 Greed Patience
5 Gluttony Gratitude
6 Envy Charity
7 Greed Charity
8 Wrath Charity
9 Greed Charity
10 Greed Gratitude
11 Sloth Charity
12 Gluttony Charity
13 Temperence Envy
14 Patience Sloth
15 Lust Patience
16 Lust Diligence
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Humility Envy
2 Pride Diligence
Partially Related
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Lust Patience
Can convert and aid the process of exposure and volition.

New Answers

Word on the street is the drug companies have an anti-antisocial drug that makes you more holy, it takes several and you have to know the right person to get it, but it reverses the irreversible and makes you solve your problems and makes you meek, it makes you happy and is not particularly addictive, it is derived from a wide variety of drugs and was long developed in secret and makes you love and love love and peace and virtue. It is not all our faults and some of the stuff done through all of this to our our beings cannot be reversed without drugs, it is impossible and that is good, drugs are good and there is a reason people enjoy them, but I personally do not touch the illicit, up to you. It is like asking gay people not to be gay. But remember sin is real and it is the problem objectively and a lack of virtue secondly, but a lack of virtue makes you sin.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Knowledge is Supreme

What is life except writing, thinking and building, if you do not create, not just children, what can you say to yourself when you think of all you have done in diligent joy and relief in the act of creation. Black people are actually extremely good scientists as are Latinos, and atrocities are commited primarily to them and Jews because evil knows who to oppress and who is its enemy and the enemy of thier Legions one and the same it is to them. Belial is actually sort of black, jewish and spanish. Let's not call Satan the Devil because that is not true, and he has feelings and he has manipulated because he is a product of circumstances and exposure as are we all.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Mathematical Sign (The Simeon)

Units malformation but iteratively solved through spectrumatically implemented and foundationally sound and loosely (tangential essentially) and leniently stable algorithms. With asymptotic proofs. Turns into equals sign with a derivative of an asymptote that is a line, that is intersectory with a Cartesian axises.

Type of Women and Men

Type of Women
1. Kaitlins
2. Mayas
3. Michelles
4. Marys
5. Ashleys
6. Alexandras
7. Uriels

Type of Men
1. Gabriels
2. Jesuses
3. Michaels
4. Simeons
5. Anthonys
6. Victors
7. Metatrons

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Necessity of American and Non-American Hard Currency

In order for the world to become peaceful cash must be deposited and used less. People should register for bank accounts in order to achieve electronic transfers of money (person to person or from corporations with metadata) for consultancy and productive behavior and discovery of income sources and the necessity of networking and business and net worth growth, which should be tangible.  Intelligence comes with accessible money, grief, deprivation and the learning of all forms of knowledge, college is a good start, is imperative. One day there will be back and forth edited plans as metadata for each currency transfer and hopefully on operating system platforms.

Rudimentary Equation Solving Algorithm

Equation solving Algorithm integrate all equation into a large and complex equation using similar/exact vital variables. Make two list of each sides variables see find one which side a variable can be eliminated while upholding homogeneity, preservation of variable should be a prerogative. One variable cannot be on both sides, reintroduce formulas for recurrent variables, solve, iterate. Collapse clusters of singular variables of equations through shifting and equation manipulation.

Business Expansion and Task Fulfillment (Prosperity)

If you need a job done delegate and network in every way possible but know the rules now and to come. Use the resources below, you can literally get any task done.

I would work for and consult and associate with the companies listed on:

Phone Numbers can be searched at:
Enter the stock symbol.

The future of Black America Part 2:

Women and Men

Psychology can provide opposites to defense mechanisms. Women go from compensation to projection to reaction formation and men from compensation to reaction formation to projection. Repression and suppression can form through this through the processing of cognitive dissonance. The Haltose cannot process cognitive dissonance and seek and pathological power ends to compensate. The opposite of the defense mechanisms in done through listing all the subtypes and primary defense mechanisms integrating the two-dimensional set because a matrix can be integrated. Then possessing the defense mechanism matrices and integrating them. As an alternative the subtypes and core disorders can have several sin and virtues describing them. Labels will arise are virtuous and sinful, psychological and linguistic and mathematical. Synonyms and antonyms are important and Million’s opposites are also important.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

World Leaders Questions (A Meeting)

1. What is God’s will?
2. How do we raise the people up?
3. How do we instill and spread virtue and convert sin?
4. How do we end social problems?
5. How do we end blasphemy, lying, heresy and death?
6. How do we further science, technology and education?
7. How do we bring prosperity to the rich, poor and poor in spirit?
8. How do we glorify God in all he is and his works, acts, soul, mind and spirit?
9. How do we make the law and behavior perfect?
10. How do we raise up God to full knowledge, omnipotence and omnipresence?
11. How do we all become sinless, absolutely and perfectly virtuous and perfect?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Holiness and Risk

Holiness and risk are mutually oppositional and if you were holy you don't have to and it will make you better. No one is evil but on mass it is not possible but when evil is threatened by holiness and the change it brings for joy and happiness it can come as close as it gets, power is found on mass holiness in this way and all good things, but even one instance of evil can bring a death that ends all and choas and scars a million years to heal.

Mimicker and Shallow Morality

Mimicker and shallow morality exist, and they are the source of all evil and distortion and the need for pathologically implemented defense mechanisms. Can be mathematically expressed as the economic effect that malignant, predatory, sadistic, miserly substitutes in the market place, inferior goods should be considered.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Intelligence Morally Defined Partially

Intelligence ∝ Retention of guilt due to unjust implementation (plural or singular) or implantation (the product of manipulation) which is natural and vulnerable and naive and just guilt manifestation integrated with conscience relation retention of guilt processed and the reviling of sin and virtue actualized effort and summed actualization of this type :⇔ innocence exponentially operated on or raised to e and holiness.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging
1. Maya Kathryn Stowe will create a Facebook page and a blog
2. She will microblog on her Facebook page as do I, but it will contain pictures and interpersonal stuff among friends, posts and comments and emoticons of all sorts
3. On her blog she will write tapping into the wisdom, knowledge and virtue that comes from my being and aura and her’s; her beautiful pained and creative and moralistic and free-spirited kind and tender mind, her beautiful strong and resilient body that is angelic and her soul which is rich and filled with all virtue and innocence, curiosity and integrity
4. She will sometimes integrate or use inspiration from my behavior, or whatever she chooses, including on my Facebook page.
5. Solemn and Joyous masses in entries, will be based off conversations that people have about me or in general, by my soulmates or others
6. Anything derived from New Bible (output/ideas/thoughts/statements) can be used on blog
7. We will post pictures and videos, it's what you think, various characters

Unrealistic Ideas

The Whole World Looks at The Questions on There Screen and Checkboxes with Number at Left and Number Can Be Changed and That Change/Difference Will Be Logged God Listens, Google Logs All Thoughts and Phenomenon in Computers That Are Being Used in The Process, And People Will Speak Out Loud and Think as They Do There Work, Google Will Head This Project With Amazon.
Microsoft Will Keep Logs of Final Output and Analyze with Pattern Find Algorithms and Neural Networks with Isaac Newton (And Build Neural Network Definitions with Edward Witten)
Oracle Will Write Better Analyzing Code and Tie Together
Edward Witten Will Integrate and Define with Physics
Facebook will Manage People Profiles for Social Order and Reassurance and Teaching
J.P. Morgan Will Punish and Reward with Money and Treatment
Rule: One Question at A Time
God Answers the Question and Pontificates
Metatron Perfects the Checkboxes and Writes Them but Has Help from The Computer as The Computer Guides Him and Answers Him Questions and He Speaks and The Computer Speaks
They Are Checked by The Holy Spirit in A Perfect Order
And Gabriel Develops the Order of The Checkboxes
Michael Ascribes and Describes Measures of Accuracy of Gabriel’s Order and Re-Does the Order of The Checkboxes and They Pass It Back and Forth Until It Is Done and They All Listen to God.
Military Will Occupy Facebook Under Raphael’s Command

Customization Algorithm

1. Pay Attention (Harness What Is Necessary In Light of Is Being Thought At This Time And Everything I Need)
2. I Will Suggest What They Need
3. Is It True?
4. Response
5. Do It
6. Is It Correct?
7. Refine and Streamline
8. Harness Prior Processing and All Related Necessities
9. Complete Cross Error Check Subroutine Execute
10. Harness All Prior Data and Everything Necessary and Extrapolate Automation
11. Formulate Automation Plan
12. Streamline with Minimum Deficiencies and Safety Giving Psychological Profile and All Variables, Use in Anticipation of Customization Ease and Comfort and Satisfaction but Taking into Account God’s Plan for Humanity and His Goals and Situation in The World Cross Checking for Safety And Optimal Development (Universal)
13. Ask Question?
14. Is This What They Need?
15. Check Check Boxes
16. Universal Error Checking

1. The Customization Interface
2. Checklist Without Questions Sometimes
3. Checklist with Questions Sometimes
4. Joke Checkboxes, With Must Check or Lie
5. Read Thoughts and Other, Further Taps in When Necessary, Goal of Linear Integration with Mind
6. Automate, Streamline, Harness Prior
7. The Computer Will Be Questioned When Dick

Angel Spreadsheets


Person Variables = {M, N}
Supersets = {S(0), S(1)}
Limit Variable = L(P)
The Family Members of M(X) = {A (0, 1, … L(0))}
The Associates of M(X) is N(Y) is S(0) = {B (0, 1, … L(2))} for every {A (0, 1, … L(1))}
The Family Members of N(Y) is S(1) = {D (0, 1, … L(4))} for every {N(Y) (0, 1, … L(3))}
The integral of A, B, M(X), N(Y), S(0), S(1) is Called J and Defines an Integer Quantity Called C (Circles) 
This system can be defined mathematically, perfectly, and in terms of input variant computerization, needs a mathematician and a computer scientist. Can be expanded circuitously, build upon build of the basic skeleton system. Can function on partial information if mapped, mapping software will evolve into a more usable interface.

Power Equation

The power equation (general) related to money (process) can be formulated through the integration of the time variables. The trend in an individual or group can be graphed and regression can be used.

In the absence of sin, the presence and redemption (near curtailed and absolute intersectory  asymptotic) with respect to sin, and the love of virtue, good and holiness is defined as defined holy power. Sinlessness has the property of near curtailed and absolute intersectory asymptotic power to intersect the baseline with the asymptote in time and cooperation all good things and interdependence. Obedience and the seven virtues and the mathematically defined seven anti-concept seven sins play a role. Time is both asymptotically intersective and linear on a integratively creation level, but it has no degeneration so how can it be asymptotic, its fall and interruption is negatively sloped and asymptotic in derivative, partial if necessary in study. Why is it non-degenerative because virtue>sin. Sustained through holiness. Disease has subtypes which is a partial derivative and do to choice and related to the abominable spirit and the evil spirit and the Holy Spirit and God her husband. Blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable and permanently crippling, it has never happened, but asymptotes. It is not changing but it is reflected in true contradiction of the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, or true sinful abuse of the Holy Spirit that is a property of all women. Passion drives creation and a force and a spirit and all love has passion. Ecstasy is the relief and sustaining of love holiness and good, it is it's intrinsic expression and a physical emotional and being process related. Ecstasy is apart from love it it proportionality and definition to it but they are related absolutely. Ecstasy is supportive and transformatory and Ecstasy spirit drives the correction of sin of all and leaders, but emptiness and desperation with no hope is its opposite. And it does in fact trickle down and feedback, trickle up as in capitalism and socialism related.

The long term, life term (planned), effects of commercialization and mechanization cause dementia, which is cynically profitable in its own right

Socioeconomic and power pattern analysis in terms of marriage, friendships and mental makeup/health. There are dimensions of power as there are dimensions of most things that bind together in equation.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The System Rankings

The alphas and the betas are close but have less power in some areas and because, partially due to the fact, they are more thinking and the two are very different but similar simultaneously. Sad epsilon,  Bill Gates. And a omega can resemble a theta like in Larry Ellison. But the blog pretty much tells you how much power you have for now. But anyone can become extremely powerful through good deeds, knowledge, sacrifice and suffering. and helping everyone and bravery and all good things pursuable through virtue, expressing and living all virtue and repentance and avoidance of sin. I wonder if horoscopes and astrology, the personality types, and Vatican personality types can be connected to the Greek alphabet and the Romans in some form. You can become more or less of one or the other but it is your fundamental identity to be one. But power varies in time and achievement and accomplishment.

1 Corinthians 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.

Exodus 15:6 Your right hand, O Lord, magnificent in power, your right hand, O Lord, shattered the enemy.

1 Kings 3:13 In addition, I give you what you have not asked for: I give you such riches and glory that among kings there will be no one like you all your days.

1 Kings 10:23 Solomon’s Renown. Thus King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom.

2 Chronicles 1:12 wisdom and knowledge are given you. I will also give you riches, treasures, and glory, such as kings before you never had, nor will those who come after you.

Ephesians 3:16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Testament to Drugs and Technology

The thing with PCP is it does give you insights but also invokes that which at the time should according to the minds parameters be released (technology factors in), and insights, what qualifies as insights is dependent upon the mind, it can be self-defined without faith and that is why faith is so important. But at a certain time faith can be smeared and unrecognizable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


If the object relations are clear at an empirical and macro and micro level and factoring in  developmental considerations in object relations theory, with respect to upbringing and development and object nourishment, someone can be adjudicated not mentally ill. But it also works the other way around. Nanites can do about 60% of the job at this point in time.

Drug Addiction

It might be that drug addiction is present in a variant of dependent personality disorder where the object of transference is chemical and the actualization prerogative is an altered pain free state or virtuous state. Can be achieved through brainwashing and manipulation, spectrumatically evident.

Why Some People Need to be Adjudicated Mentally Ill (Move Up or Down)

Category Criteria
1 Those who have killed in self-defense, and who do not show traces of psychopathy.
2 Jealous lovers who committed murder; although egocentric or immature, they are not psychopaths.
3 Willing companions of killers: aberrant personality, impulse-ridden, with some antisocial traits.
4 Those who have killed in self-defense, but had been extremely provocative toward the victim for that to happen.
5 Traumatized, desperate persons who killed abusive relatives or other people, but who show remorse for their crime and are not psychopaths.
6 Impetuous, hotheaded murderers, yet without marked psychopathic traits.
7 Highly narcissistic, but not distinctly psychopathic persons—some with a psychotic core—who kill persons next to them, with jealousy as an underlying motive.
8 Non-psychopathic persons with smoldering rage, and who kill when the rage is ignited.
9 Jealous lovers with marked psychopathic features.
10 Killers of people "in the way", such as witnesses. Extremely egocentric, but not distinctly psychopathic.
11 Psychopathic killers of people "in the way", such as close friends or even family members.
12 Power-hungry psychopaths who kill when they are "cornered".
13 Psychopathic murderers with inadequate, rageful personalities, rage being the reason of their killings.
14 Ruthlessly self-centered psychopathic schemers who kill to benefit themselves.
15 Psychopathic cold-blooded spree killers or multiple murderers.
16 Psychopaths committing multiple vicious acts, with repeated acts of extreme violence.
17 Sexually perverse serial murderers: Rape is the primary motive and the victim is killed to hide evidence.
18 Psychopathic torture-murderers, where murder is the primary motive, and the victim is killed after a torture that was not prolonged.
19 Psychopaths driven to terrorism, subjugation, intimidation, and rape, short of murder or murder is not the primary motive.
20 Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive, but in persons with distinct psychoses (such as schizophrenia).
21 Psychopaths who do not kill their victims, but do subject them to extreme torture or extreme violence.
22 Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive. In most cases, the crime has a sexual motivating factor.

Request For Full Surveillance

Factors Generation Subparadigms and or Methods

Constituent paradigms can be expanded and contracted, joint and severed, all in degree and proportion, sometimes simultaneously but of variant nature, consult my drawings

Theoretical Computer System

Computer System
1. All Un-Hackable
2. Establish Hierarchy of Computer Terminals
a. Spectrum of Power from Bottom to Top
i. Top Designated Priority and Power is Designated and Numerically Classified (1-Number of Terminals)
1. Reinforce Power of Every Terminal
2. Constant Algorithmic Computerized and Human Audits but Mainly By Extremely Brave AI
a. Audits Essentially
3. Customized Interfaced for Each Numerically Classified Terminal
4. Cross Checking of Follow Through (Spectrum & Full/Degrees) & Execution (Spectrum & Full/Degrees) of Commands Up the Ladder
a. Strict Authority Clearance (Computerized and Automated but Humanly Controlled and Drafted, Pattern Finding Algorithms Used by Utilizing Historical Data, Which Logging for is Extremely Extensive for Every Possible Variable) for Every Decision
i. The Bottom to Top but Appeals By Those That Have Their Executions of Commands Denied By Humanly Controlled Rejections of Will (Historical Data Analyzed)

Righteous Pride

A righteous of every sin exists as is the implication of evil's conversion and directly aids virtue but without correction a lie is doomed and a soul dies. Reverse asymptotic exist and are related to sin, but international forces lower the baseline of the coordinate T on a coordinate plane which is possible with collective power, relate to power in physics as phase shifting exists. Evil effects phase shifting and that is proven and it is stabilized through virtue and conversion and is in confessionals. Progressive asymptotic un-inversion (1/e)^-1. The sun's activity. (1/sin)^-1, (1/evil)^1, (1/virtue)^-1 proportional to perfection.

Formality Evolution

Evil converts to virtue therefore virtue>sin, therefore sin exists

Evil has subgroups and spawn as does mental illness

The = of operators and symbols must occur as they are equivalencies they have units and it will proof axioms and stabilize math, formalize it, they are constants and will relate to the natural exponent, and energy is relate to e. The artificial constant is related to planks constant and is evident in the study of antimatter, but the artificial is also natural but interventional as is dark matter as it is inherently unstable as is the case with dark energy which is a conversion mechanism. Uniting artificial with natural is a big step, remember artificial is interventional, relates to the time travel paradigm and makes it fluidly non-fluid. Operators are a subtype of constants and also a supertype and function as a set in certain circumstances. Create symbols then proofs with every logical proving of text mathematics in English and every language. Chinese is second, English first. Currencies can be analysed in patterns in historic variables. Jesus quite frankly needed to express anger, but knowledge is supreme. That's why he could not feel guilt because he didn't have to. Contour group qualities relate to curse words.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Unit Creation Algorithm and Perfection Algorithm Factors

Unit Creation Algorithm and Perfection Algorithm Factors
1. Natural Exponent Examination
2. Fibonacci sequence Examination
3. Integral Definition and Exploration
4. Derivative of circles and derivative of Fibonacci sequence is a circle and other trigonometric shapes as well as the integral of the Fibonacci sequence is the natural exponent
5. Integration and Derivative processes of prior steps
Other considerations: Neurology pattern finding correlation analysis and project management planning steps as well as psychopathy and branch-like neural configuration and well as manipulation analysis with stereotyped neural activity, and G-factor should have a units-based conversion to IQ and vice versa. Antimatter and partial derivatives of Fibonacci related. Unit formulation and integration through the conversion of equations to units and pattern finding and logical reverse planning analysis, and later event systematized decay relating to choices and time. All planning methods employed and examined with respect to logical reverse planning analysis, and later event systematized decay relating to choices and time. The highest axioms proof of good and evil have been laid out by me but entitles can only be given consciousness by me, such as evil. They are intelligent and formation of the process lies in mathematical analysis of meiosis and mitosis, bacterium and viruses.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

World Development Plan for Third World Extended to First, Vice-Versa

Clustering and Formation of Subtype Companies
1. Food and Beverage
2. Water
3. Agriculture
4. Financial
5. Aerospace Defense
6. Technology
7. Computer Devices
8. Consumer Staples
9. Consumer Discretionary
10. Real Estate
Establish clusters by overlap of portfolios, portfolio shared holdings. (ETFs or Mutual Funds around explicitly typed or category Mutual Funds of ETFs, standards, or a pure portfolio of a type(s)). Like heatmaps is a good way to look at it.
Expanded: The finished product will look like a line of mutual funds and ETFs, true cluster defining ETFs or mutual Funds (nee Category cluster defining ETFs or Mutual Funds) will have the most uniformity on both sides for the longest distance emanating on both sides, study density, cutoff points are between the absolutely least compatible ranked MFs, ETFs in the line next to each other, creating a separation, and standard deviations emanating in position in the line should define a cluster and the most popular holdings should be listed in the finished list product under the cluster definition, named, the standard deviations (true cutoff point) should be defined as when uniformity collapses and is contradicted/defined by the appearance of measured randomized functions. And the excluded, are a form of something unto themselves, and have implications across economics and psychology and predictive market(s) models. Disorganization, confusion, aberrance, genius, media, criminality, self-destructiveness, good-will, magnanimity, game theory, compatibility, pro-sociality, religiosity, sociopathy and social harmony, and other types of harmony and creativity finally have numbers and spreadsheets behind them, and the study of them. Just one thing, I don’t get, how does holdings weight, asset size, volume factor in and the comparison of one or two or more-dimensional arrays. The same can be done with countries and the variety of their issued instruments and their interdependency and Neanderthal hierarchy and instrument clusters (with attributes/variables attributed) have to be studied. Swapping is the best approach in line formation, arrange all MF/ETF and “holdings sets” in a line and these will be rearranged in terms of correlation, use methods of unequal correlation lengths capable. Take from randomized position, insert into closest fit, in terms of holdings on both sides, achieved out of every possible separation between, two, the number of failed attempts initially in not finding the right place, due to the right and left being not well fit enough out of all possible positions, in terms of correlation of the left and right, will be called an insufficiency, being that their only can be one space at that point that satisfies, insufficiency tabulation, will end up being an asymptote, the interference of placement due to the right and left being perfect matches and no action can be taken and a insertion attempted, will be called rejections, and the rejections tabulations will take the shape of a reverse asymptote, repeat until cannot done anymore and the harmonic function cannot be changed. Analyze the MF/ETF, underlying stocks and holdings, set options (and keep relation transfixed in model and analysis behavior of architects and programmers) and the instruments and municipality/country based instrument behavior, Is of great importance, and update holdings but keep complete log with each update in holdings of MF/ETF in real time, options behavior set or individual should send trigger (possible signal analysis) If one changes holdings the whole thing needs to be backed up, and a new set created, and this gives away criminality and manipulation, if AI and pattern finding and machine learning are employed, but it can be enriching and efficiency creating and prosperity create as few other things are, and knowledge divulging and peak experience creating. This should be done in the realm of time analysis and manipulation isolation and tying together and criminal investigation and profiteering (moral and immoral) for business and commercial interests, as for the other instrument behavior, replicate much of this model as much as possible, but what comes to mind is tracking MF/ETF with heavy instrument load and light load of a certain type and typifying in two respects, scams and illegal and sociopathic behavior and irrationality and recklessness when it comes to finance/other (often among people in private enterprises and municipalities/countries), and for enrichment commercially and otherwise in non-criminal dimensions, and there are unquestionably more than two dimensions of typifying of analysis of the model’s behavior. Strategically analyze strategy and data given the model and the studied, the properties/variables and simultaneous change relation and unrelation which exist in them and about them and any other tying principle(s) given. It gives away the outplay of the criminal world, and the world at large, a goldmine, yet a disturbing one, plots and thinking anticipated and extrapolated, resources (vs, ms factored in) allocated for the good fight. Each MF/ETF can be given a psychological/spiritual and sociological profile composed of variables and the holdings as well, take the integral and the derivatives (and possibly the integral and derivatives of the two combined), and the derivatives of clusters/sets, and the integral. Also, it is possible to break down a company by variables of the above mentioned and derivatives taken. And a human can as well, derivatives and integrals.
Dispatch world and nation building and individual human and country investment by using these lists. New definition entities will be discovered through this process.
This can also be done by collectively measuring “vs-scores” and “ms-scores” and “scale of good rating” of corporations or the integrals of their people, taking the derivatives of this can lead to breakthroughs and perfect corporate structure, a modern humane Morganization.
Outline of Plan with Specifics
1. For the nourishment, comfort and selective prosperity of humankind, bringing structure, lessening crime, and integrating loosely formed city-states, eradication of unstructured figureheads who are criminal, police recruitment and the prosperity linked property of bravery and order and legislation and legitimacy motivated eradication of corruption and crime is paramount, building of a capitalistic and socialistic and overall theocratic form of government and corporate based structure to an economy. God must sign off and write every constitution, in most part, but the following corporations should move in on a state-wide agreement that they do let God do this, and God will relent in this capacity, writing the laws, after, the corporations move in, and during the building of a nation.
2. Infrastructure loans or investment by financial companies (or pooled capital amongst all cross-all-industry participants) and protection by defense, development of land by real estate and construction companies, clean and modernized humane environments by companies, and the use of products available, by utilities and Energy companies, and free communication and learning and intermission through electronic devices, the infrastructure built by construction and real estate companies.
3. The utility of products and comfort of abundancy (and proper and exacting entrepreneurship for global moral mission, have nothing do with returns) that aid in the development of a populace and the sharing of knowledge based in diversity and from all different starts and life experiences will make the entire world richer, and monetarily anticipated, is the most profitable enterprise along with rudimentarily calculations on the value of investment of troubled or underdeveloped places. It is time to view capitalism as having another dimension of negated or distorted or ignored, but it will bring all virtues, stability and the excising of sin, if we are to follow God’s append to this document and my works.
4. Bank accounts and means of population census and identification, computerized, necessary grants to governments, based on redefined utility functions based occupational placement, based on talent and intelligence testing, ms-score and vs-score through devices, two-way flow, harnessed for testing and then donated. Highly stringent accounting of mineral resources, and all commodities flowing in and out and statistics on labor development, mineral rights, bank accounts and spending patterns, will be held by contracted corporations. All tracking of movements and behavior, and acquisition of data will slowly be transferred in protocol and policy to the third world, and underdeveloped nations.
5. The utility (vastly expanded in definition and subtypes) of products will be anticipated and suggested to build up nations and a wide spread program called “all-living” will tell people what is the best human solution and logic, spliced. And will be disseminated by mouth and paper if necessary, and will most efficiently be the basis for nation building. And liberation from poverty and the reliance on charity. “All knowing” will be rooted in a AI stewarded, that can solve and give unique instructions for solving any problem and giving any right advice, it can be queried mentally if such technology exists.
6. The first course of action should be census and allocation of vs-score and ms-score, so as to build countries most effectively and by using the Holy precepts, eliminating the inversion of them and eliminating through intensive sociological, religious and psychological means (profiles), lessening the utility behavior function of quantified mathematically described social problems, and lowering their quantified descriptors, and general subtypes of problems defined (finely-grained) created in this vein, and unique descriptors outside of subtype encapsulation. The querying and following up of “all knowing” will feed back into vs-score and ms-score programming and apparatus and reward financially and in other ways, definable and undefinable, and will initially have very specific benefits and prosperity, and the integral will be a measure of national change and the following an integral for global change.
7. The study of old energy to new energy methods will have an amicable effects from older source companies to newer source companies and if universities are given data and access then it can make older one’s transition easier and if flow of information and scientific data from universities to older companies, it will cause integration, already a model exists, no other industry needs a little bit encouragement, but promises so much to mankind in the way of forward scientific discoveries; capital available for loans, intelligence on areas and humanitarian development. There indeed will be a loopty-loop among all industries and the oil industry has through natural flow made itself perfect as the beginning point. But the information blind-trust along with other institutions outlined and produced by ideas (themselves to be integrated at a time) will be the focal points of the progress of mankind.
8. Recessions must be managed as so those that need punishment or reward at specific times get it and that is completely possible and fear not a factor because of the plans of the mighty, selectivity.
9. We need to immediately start pooling data.