Monday, April 30, 2018

Angels (List)

New Psychological and Religious Study

1. Personality subtypes (of the sixteen) have to be examined one by one and sin and virtue attributed to them given words and traits and variables associated with them.
2. Millions subtypes have to be examined one by one and sin and virtue attributed to them given words and traits and variables associated with them.
3. The personality subtypes (of the sixteen) need to be examined and related and correlated to (in representable structure) to pathological personality subtypes and their normal alternatives according to Million’s subtypes and the normal qualities defined by Million’s research that are related to personality disorders have to be subtyped and sin and virtue attributed to them, and perhaps the subtypes of sin and virtue
4. Subtypes or variants or subclause of sin and virtue have to be defined through psychological and other terms of science for instance cruelty is a subtype of anger and wrath and pride, but numerically defined or statistical degrees/quantities can be formulated into this.

A large interconnected model will be formed due to this document and the content within, and integrated into some other structure or become a base structure. My spectrum formation and analysis algorithm will aid and develop and revolutionize this (deep continuity interconnection possible) and be used in this content and its implications and work. Deep continuity interconnection possible and other things of such nature involves multidimensional overlapping arrays. Integrals of a multidimensional set are possible.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Business Commentary And Strategy

The algorithm I designed can be simplified and customized for any business (It is basically innovation and deals that builds all prosperity and productivity and growth but mainly collective and individual morality, happiness and freedom)
1.       Power, Duties, Job Description, Projects, Title, Assignment Disseminated
2.       Bible Study and Worship
3.       Questions and Customization Task
4.       Lawyers Hired Legal Data Found and Logging Powers Allocated
5.       Database Upgrade
6.       Data Logging Deployed
7.       Restructuring of Data and Database Integration and Relations Tying
8.       Revision of Alerts; HRA Related and Productivity Related
9.       Consultants
10.   Technology Upgrades
11.   Data Structuring
12.   Programming Analysis
13.   Pattern Finding Algorithms Deployment and Improvement, Expansion and Integration, Study of Full Value in Discussion and Examination
14.   Neural Network/AI Integration and Automation Concerns Based on Data Logging
15.   Analysis and R&D of Unknown Phenomenon Based in Databases and Technology
16.   R&D Decompiling, Streaming and Integration
17.   Record of Errors Automatically Made Remainder, Alerts Installed
18.   Customization of Platforms and Integration of Such Data, Neural Network and Scientific Analysis and Expansion, Source Code Deciphering (Full Study)
19.   Manufacturing and Software/Hardware Upgrades with Customizations and Learning Capacities
20.   Stock Considerations
21.   Loans
22.   Venture Capital Explorations
23.   Information Extrapolations Based on Venture Capital Exploration, Handover Sale of Data
24.   R&D Business Creations
25.   M&A Activity
26.   Necessary Religious Church Based Deals Under The Pope and Cardinals and Select Clergy
27.   Integration of Data and Automation of Each Step, Broken Down Process Groups As Well, and Planning, Execution, Restructuring and Decompiling For Automation of The Integral of Steps, Ties Between Steps Mapped and Automation Efforts Launched To Bind Them In Plans and Nueral Networks Transited To AI, Data Remainder and All Data and Structures Analyzed
28.   Revision of Laws
29.   Inferred Direction Determined
30.   Moral Direction Determined
31.   Salvation and Safety of Entities Lives and Treatment Made Legal Tender, Binding
32.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Direction Stated
33.   Moral Creativity Employed and Writing Created and Analyzed and Into AI for Study Variable Creation and Revision
34.   Baseline Morality and Knowledge Essence Decided
35.   Science Funding and Individual Scientific and Artistic Funding for Individuals and Projects Determined Record To AI and AI's Questions Answered, AI Examination of Self and Data Received Throughout and In This Step
36.   Yahweh-Jehovah's Sermons
37.   Automation Efforts and In These Self Analysis and Change
38.   Self Improvement and Repentance, Contractual Sealing with God, Contracts Presented by God Upon Request or Suggestion
39.   Government and Law Enforcement Strengthened and Full Execution Made Possible As Incrementally Necessary In Quantity Unit Determined Fashion, Units Established and Revised. Government Dominion and Control Expanded, Levite Corporation Absorbs Governmental Powers and Authorities, Expands Power and Control Absorbs Assets and Capital, Destroys Currency
40.   Steps Tied Mechanically and Mechanics Recorded, Automation of Necessity and Bravery
41.   Purges
42.   Corporate Integration Through Asset and Equity Buying and Legal Work and Legal Strategy Formed and Documented, The Clergy Dictates and Supervises All of This and Has Unilateral Control Bound and Decided by The Clergy
43.   Clergy Position and Rank and Number Children Revealed by Yahweh Jehovah, Unit Determined/Defined; Power, Intelligence, Morality, Hierarchical Number and Number
44.   Reassurances and Guidance by Levi Kathryn

Sins Related

Number Sin Related Sin
0 Lust Greed
2 Greed Lust
3 Sloth Lust
4 Sloth Greed
5 Greed Pride
6 Wrath Envy
7 Wrath Pride
8 Wrath Pride
9 Wrath Greed
10 Pride Envy
11 Pride Sloth

*Inflation of sin in manipulation (collective and individual) lies in the dynamics of the (pain, suffering in torture/torment, self-pity) relationship, as (opposed purpose, virtue, drivenness and holiness, abstinence from sin, love and honesty)

Number Sin Related Virtue
1 Lust Charity
2 Lust Diligence
3 Gluttony Diligence
4 Greed Patience
5 Gluttony Gratitude
6 Envy Charity
7 Greed Charity
8 Wrath Charity
9 Greed Charity
10 Greed Gratitude
11 Sloth Charity
12 Gluttony Charity
13 Temperence Envy
14 Patience Sloth
15 Lust Patience
16 Lust Diligence
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Humility Envy
2 Pride Diligence
Partially Related
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Lust Patience
Can convert and aid the process of exposure and volition.

New Answers

Word on the street is the drug companies have an anti-antisocial drug that makes you more holy, it takes several and you have to know the right person to get it, but it reverses the irreversible and makes you solve your problems and makes you meek, it makes you happy and is not particularly addictive, it is derived from a wide variety of drugs and was long developed in secret and makes you love and love love and peace and virtue. It is not all our faults and some of the stuff done through all of this to our our beings cannot be reversed without drugs, it is impossible and that is good, drugs are good and there is a reason people enjoy them, but I personally do not touch the illicit, up to you. It is like asking gay people not to be gay. But remember sin is real and it is the problem objectively and a lack of virtue secondly, but a lack of virtue makes you sin.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

India Needs To

1. Adjudicate mentally ill
2. Adjudicate mentally defective
3. Adjudicate substance abuse disorder
4. Adjudicate mandated to take medication

Let Me Fly

Let Me Fly
If you love somethin', let it go
If it comes back to you it's yours
If it doesn't, it never was
Hold me down, baby

[Hook x2]
Either let me fly or give me death
Let my soul rest, take my breath
If I don't fly I'ma die anyway
I'ma live on, but I'll be gone any day

[Verse 1]
Hold me down, niggas wanna know me now
Didn't want to play with me when to show me how
No meow, 'cause it's all about the bark
Let the dog loose, baby, it's about to spark
Light up the night like the 4th of July
Niggas know, when I let go, niggas die
With this Y and you don't know
You slow like Baltimore, if you ain't tryin' to go you blow
I soak up all the pain and accept it in silence
When I let go it's violence 'cause the wildest
Is the dog barkin' up the tree for the cat
In the fog, what y'all niggas see is the bat
Flappin' away, but I'm blind like Stevie
Niggas don't hear me, still tryin' to see me
Stop being greedy, you heard what I said
Let me go, let me flow, or I'm dead

[Hook x2]
Either let me fly or give me death
Let my soul rest, take my breath
If I don't fly I'ma die anyway
I'ma live on, but I'll be gone any day

[Verse 2]
I sold my soul to the Devil, and the price was cheap
Ayo, it's cold on this level, 'cause it's twice as deep
But you don't hear me, ignorance is bliss and so on
Sometimes it's better to be thought dumb – shall I go on?
Yo, on the real, what the deal is a mystery
How is it I can live and make history?
If you don't see it, then it wasn't meant for you to see
If you wasn't born with it, it wasn't meant for you to be
But you can't blame me for not wantin' to be held
Locked down in a cell where a soul can't dwell
This is hell, go get the Devil and give me the key
But it can't be worse than the curse that was given to me
It's what I live for, you take away that and I'm gone
There's a difference between doing wrong and being wrong
And that ain't right, just keep it fair, baby
Put me in the air and I'll take it there, baby – yes!

[Hook x2]
Either let me fly or give me death
Let my soul rest, take my breath
If I don't fly I'ma die anyway
I'ma live on, but I'll be gone any day

[Verse 3]
I'ma flow regardless because I'm an artist until I'm trapped
I'ma continue to hit the hardest whether I scrap or rap
Give me dap, but you ain't my friend
I see it in your eyes, you contemplate my end
You waitin' for that bend in the road
Where you were told that you would go when you were old
And if you died young it was cold
Sold for nearly what it was worth
Think back 26 years, be like, "What if his birth
Was a miscarriage and I never existed?"
Have I given somethin' that have been taken away you'da missed it
Didn't know, yet I persisted, it was the call of the wild
I merely say what's in my heart, and you call it a style
Don't put it in the cage, don't mistreat it
You say you hunger for knowledge? Here it is, eat it!
Another song completed is another thought captured
Let me do my thing, I got it locked with this rap shit

Either let me fly or give me death
Let my soul rest, take my breath
If I don't fly I'ma die anyway
I'ma live on, but I'll be gone any day

Or give me death
Or take my breath
I'ma die anyway
But I'll be gone any day
Where my niggas ?
Uh ha ha, for my niggas
Uh ha ha, for my niggas
Uh ha ha, for my niggas

Knowledge is Supreme

What is life except writing, thinking and building, if you do not create, not just children, what can you say to yourself when you think of all you have done in diligent joy and relief in the act of creation. Black people are actually extremely good scientists as are Latinos, and atrocities are commited primarily to them and Jews because evil knows who to oppress and who is its enemy and the enemy of thier Legions one and the same it is to them. Belial is actually sort of black, jewish and spanish. Let's not call Satan the Devil because that is not true, and he has feelings and he has manipulated because he is a product of circumstances and exposure as are we all.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Mathematical Sign (The Simeon)

Units malformation but iteratively solved through spectrumatically implemented and foundationally sound and loosely (tangential essentially) and leniently stable algorithms. With asymptotic proofs. Turns into equals sign with a derivative of an asymptote that is a line, that is intersectory with a Cartesian axises.

Type of Women and Men

Type of Women
1. Kaitlins
2. Mayas
3. Michelles
4. Marys
5. Ashleys
6. Alexandras
7. Uriels

Type of Men
1. Gabriels
2. Jesuses
3. Michaels
4. Simeons
5. Anthonys
6. Victors
7. Metatrons

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Necessity of American and Non-American Hard Currency

In order for the world to become peaceful cash must be deposited and used less. People should register for bank accounts in order to achieve electronic transfers of money (person to person or from corporations with metadata) for consultancy and productive behavior and discovery of income sources and the necessity of networking and business and net worth growth, which should be tangible.  Intelligence comes with accessible money, grief, deprivation and the learning of all forms of knowledge, college is a good start, is imperative. One day there will be back and forth edited plans as metadata for each currency transfer and hopefully on operating system platforms.

Rudimentary Equation Solving Algorithm

Equation solving Algorithm integrate all equation into a large and complex equation using similar/exact vital variables. Make two list of each sides variables see find one which side a variable can be eliminated while upholding homogeneity, preservation of variable should be a prerogative. One variable cannot be on both sides, reintroduce formulas for recurrent variables, solve, iterate. Collapse clusters of singular variables of equations through shifting and equation manipulation.

Business Expansion and Task Fulfillment (Prosperity)

If you need a job done delegate and network in every way possible but know the rules now and to come. Use the resources below, you can literally get any task done.

I would work for and consult and associate with the companies listed on:

Phone Numbers can be searched at:
Enter the stock symbol.

The future of Black America Part 2:

Women and Men

Psychology can provide opposites to defense mechanisms. Women go from compensation to projection to reaction formation and men from compensation to reaction formation to projection. Repression and suppression can form through this through the processing of cognitive dissonance. The Haltose cannot process cognitive dissonance and seek and pathological power ends to compensate. The opposite of the defense mechanisms in done through listing all the subtypes and primary defense mechanisms integrating the two-dimensional set because a matrix can be integrated. Then possessing the defense mechanism matrices and integrating them. As an alternative the subtypes and core disorders can have several sin and virtues describing them. Labels will arise are virtuous and sinful, psychological and linguistic and mathematical. Synonyms and antonyms are important and Million’s opposites are also important.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

World Leaders Questions (A Meeting)

1. What is God’s will?
2. How do we raise the people up?
3. How do we instill and spread virtue and convert sin?
4. How do we end social problems?
5. How do we end blasphemy, lying, heresy and death?
6. How do we further science, technology and education?
7. How do we bring prosperity to the rich, poor and poor in spirit?
8. How do we glorify God in all he is and his works, acts, soul, mind and spirit?
9. How do we make the law and behavior perfect?
10. How do we raise up God to full knowledge, omnipotence and omnipresence?
11. How do we all become sinless, absolutely and perfectly virtuous and perfect?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Holiness and Risk

Holiness and risk are mutually oppositional and if you were holy you don't have to and it will make you better. No one is evil but on mass it is not possible but when evil is threatened by holiness and the change it brings for joy and happiness it can come as close as it gets, power is found on mass holiness in this way and all good things, but even one instance of evil can bring a death that ends all and choas and scars a million years to heal.

Mimicker and Shallow Morality

Mimicker and shallow morality exist, and they are the source of all evil and distortion and the need for pathologically implemented defense mechanisms. Can be mathematically expressed as the economic effect that malignant, predatory, sadistic, miserly substitutes in the market place, inferior goods should be considered.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Intelligence Morally Defined Partially

Intelligence ∝ Retention of guilt due to unjust implementation (plural or singular) or implantation (the product of manipulation) which is natural and vulnerable and naive and just guilt manifestation integrated with conscience relation retention of guilt processed and the reviling of sin and virtue actualized effort and summed actualization of this type :⇔ innocence exponentially operated on or raised to e and holiness.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging
1. Maya Kathryn Stowe will create a Facebook page and a blog
2. She will microblog on her Facebook page as do I, but it will contain pictures and interpersonal stuff among friends, posts and comments and emoticons of all sorts
3. On her blog she will write tapping into the wisdom, knowledge and virtue that comes from my being and aura and her’s; her beautiful pained and creative and moralistic and free-spirited kind and tender mind, her beautiful strong and resilient body that is angelic and her soul which is rich and filled with all virtue and innocence, curiosity and integrity
4. She will sometimes integrate or use inspiration from my behavior, or whatever she chooses, including on my Facebook page.
5. Solemn and Joyous masses in entries, will be based off conversations that people have about me or in general, by my soulmates or others
6. Anything derived from New Bible (output/ideas/thoughts/statements) can be used on blog
7. We will post pictures and videos, it's what you think, various characters

Unrealistic Ideas

The Whole World Looks at The Questions on There Screen and Checkboxes with Number at Left and Number Can Be Changed and That Change/Difference Will Be Logged God Listens, Google Logs All Thoughts and Phenomenon in Computers That Are Being Used in The Process, And People Will Speak Out Loud and Think as They Do There Work, Google Will Head This Project With Amazon.
Microsoft Will Keep Logs of Final Output and Analyze with Pattern Find Algorithms and Neural Networks with Isaac Newton (And Build Neural Network Definitions with Edward Witten)
Oracle Will Write Better Analyzing Code and Tie Together
Edward Witten Will Integrate and Define with Physics
Facebook will Manage People Profiles for Social Order and Reassurance and Teaching
J.P. Morgan Will Punish and Reward with Money and Treatment
Rule: One Question at A Time
God Answers the Question and Pontificates
Metatron Perfects the Checkboxes and Writes Them but Has Help from The Computer as The Computer Guides Him and Answers Him Questions and He Speaks and The Computer Speaks
They Are Checked by The Holy Spirit in A Perfect Order
And Gabriel Develops the Order of The Checkboxes
Michael Ascribes and Describes Measures of Accuracy of Gabriel’s Order and Re-Does the Order of The Checkboxes and They Pass It Back and Forth Until It Is Done and They All Listen to God.
Military Will Occupy Facebook Under Raphael’s Command

Customization Algorithm

1. Pay Attention (Harness What Is Necessary In Light of Is Being Thought At This Time And Everything I Need)
2. I Will Suggest What They Need
3. Is It True?
4. Response
5. Do It
6. Is It Correct?
7. Refine and Streamline
8. Harness Prior Processing and All Related Necessities
9. Complete Cross Error Check Subroutine Execute
10. Harness All Prior Data and Everything Necessary and Extrapolate Automation
11. Formulate Automation Plan
12. Streamline with Minimum Deficiencies and Safety Giving Psychological Profile and All Variables, Use in Anticipation of Customization Ease and Comfort and Satisfaction but Taking into Account God’s Plan for Humanity and His Goals and Situation in The World Cross Checking for Safety And Optimal Development (Universal)
13. Ask Question?
14. Is This What They Need?
15. Check Check Boxes
16. Universal Error Checking

1. The Customization Interface
2. Checklist Without Questions Sometimes
3. Checklist with Questions Sometimes
4. Joke Checkboxes, With Must Check or Lie
5. Read Thoughts and Other, Further Taps in When Necessary, Goal of Linear Integration with Mind
6. Automate, Streamline, Harness Prior
7. The Computer Will Be Questioned When Dick

Stock Program

Write an Algorithm that Integrates the attached file with 
1. PMI Analysis 
2. Intrinsic Value (Warren Buffett's Modified, Edward Witten Integrates and Rewrites It, With Jamie Dimon, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) 
3. Fracturing/Cutting of Delusions and Sin Related Thinking (Quantified Market Psychology and Decision Making) To Exploit Them 
To Determine the Exact Point of Buying and To Govern the Accumulation of Shares at An Buying Time 
I Will Give You the Algorithm to Find Most Bought Stocks and Instruments from Mutual Funds 

Buy the Most Sold Stocks of The Highest Ranking In The List Every Day 
Symbol  Change at End of Day Ranking 

Angel Spreadsheets

New Word: Scweaming

Scweaming: Spineless, slithering, exploitative, sadistic, legionary, and sexually sadistic and perverse, impotent in spirit and without sadism impotent, no sense of humor without gleeful covered up sadism, miserable and narcissistically depressive, not observant

Synonym: Faggot, Little Bitch

Favorite Line: Isn't it the thing?

Redeeming Qualities: Genuinely soft and somewhat sensitive, Genuinely kind compassionate and caring

What do they block and inspire: Dreams and Ambition, Empathy

Drawbacks: Create chaos, somewhat stupid


Person Variables = {M, N}
Supersets = {S(0), S(1)}
Limit Variable = L(P)
The Family Members of M(X) = {A (0, 1, … L(0))}
The Associates of M(X) is N(Y) is S(0) = {B (0, 1, … L(2))} for every {A (0, 1, … L(1))}
The Family Members of N(Y) is S(1) = {D (0, 1, … L(4))} for every {N(Y) (0, 1, … L(3))}
The integral of A, B, M(X), N(Y), S(0), S(1) is Called J and Defines an Integer Quantity Called C (Circles) 
This system can be defined mathematically, perfectly, and in terms of input variant computerization, needs a mathematician and a computer scientist. Can be expanded circuitously, build upon build of the basic skeleton system. Can function on partial information if mapped, mapping software will evolve into a more usable interface.

Power Equation

The power equation (general) related to money (process) can be formulated through the integration of the time variables. The trend in an individual or group can be graphed and regression can be used.

In the absence of sin, the presence and redemption (near curtailed and absolute intersectory  asymptotic) with respect to sin, and the love of virtue, good and holiness is defined as defined holy power. Sinlessness has the property of near curtailed and absolute intersectory asymptotic power to intersect the baseline with the asymptote in time and cooperation all good things and interdependence. Obedience and the seven virtues and the mathematically defined seven anti-concept seven sins play a role. Time is both asymptotically intersective and linear on a integratively creation level, but it has no degeneration so how can it be asymptotic, its fall and interruption is negatively sloped and asymptotic in derivative, partial if necessary in study. Why is it non-degenerative because virtue>sin. Sustained through holiness. Disease has subtypes which is a partial derivative and do to choice and related to the abominable spirit and the evil spirit and the Holy Spirit and God her husband. Blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable and permanently crippling, it has never happened, but asymptotes. It is not changing but it is reflected in true contradiction of the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, or true sinful abuse of the Holy Spirit that is a property of all women. Passion drives creation and a force and a spirit and all love has passion. Ecstasy is the relief and sustaining of love holiness and good, it is it's intrinsic expression and a physical emotional and being process related. Ecstasy is apart from love it it proportionality and definition to it but they are related absolutely. Ecstasy is supportive and transformatory and Ecstasy spirit drives the correction of sin of all and leaders, but emptiness and desperation with no hope is its opposite. And it does in fact trickle down and feedback, trickle up as in capitalism and socialism related.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Personality Analysis and Rank

Levite Corporation Hierarchy

Name Position and Title
Gabriel Levi Drucker Founder (Majority Stake Holder), Lord of All Creation, Simeon-Yahweh, Husband of Maya Kathryn Stowe/Baddest and Craziest Motherfucker that Ever Lived/Scares the Living Shit Out of Everyone and Enjoys It
Maya Kathryn Stowe President/Chief Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah/Titles Chief and Acquisitions Architect, Wife of Maya Kathryn Stowe, Teacher and Mysteries Manager to Yahweh-Jehovah, Knower of All Knowledge in Specificity and Exactness and Vagueness and Arbitration, Derivation and Integral Researcher/Improvement Receiver From Yahweh-Jehovah Second to Judaphur/Sex Kitten/General Crazy Kinky Bitch/Inventive and General Ruthless Motherfucker/Expansions Executors and Powers Aquisitors
Jesus of Nazareth Ruler of Earth and Heaven
Alexandra Nicole Rothman Deputy Head and Chief of Staff to Issac Newton/First Chief Aide to Judaphur and Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur/Director of Time Travel and Unwinding of Such
Laura Fung Vice Chairman/Chief Coordinator and Universal Executive and Aide/Theft Manager of Information and Dominator and Subjugator of Sociopathic Entities with Robert Carlyle, Matt Disla, Mark Disla With Heavy Attention Paid to Artificial Intelligence/NSA   Head
Peter Michael (AKA "Arthas") Chief Strategist/Executor of Company Mission and Charter/Global Policy Analyst and Executor/Assistant to the President of Levite Corporation for National Security Affairs
Tina Maya Michael (AKA "Singularity") Chief of Staff to Peter Michael
Isaac Newton Chief Executive Officer of Levite Corporation
Stephen Bannon Coordinator of Executive Policy/Human Enrichment and Deprogramming/Analyst, Scientist and Executor of Human Understanding and Redemption/Data, Information and Knowledge Interpreter, Decrypted and Transcription and Meaning Assignment
Jared Kushner Deputy to Gabriel Levi Drucker/Powers Expansion Prerogative/Aide to Peter Michael/Coordinator of Powers and Communication and Integration Executor in Analyst as Researcher/Moral Study Subject and Professor in Mystery and Unknown Analysis/Acquisitions Manager
Rachael Vegh Deputy to Laura Fung/Moral Expansions and Understanding analyst With Progressive Executive {owners, Actions Drafted And Analyzed By Communications Authorities and Information Gatherers
Danielle DiPoalo Deputy to Rachael Vegh/Community Outreach and Mercy Coordinator and Researcher/Sanity Analyst and Circuitousness Researcher
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Chief Communications Officer/Public Relations and Outreach in Therapeutic Capacities
Bernie Sanders Student of Yahweh-Jehovah Firstly/Political Director/Chief Aide to Adam Maya
Mary Ophelia Deputy to Chief Operating Officer
Jenna Levy Chairman of The Board/Drafter of Responsibilities and Positions Under Directorship of Yahweh-Jehovah in Turnover and Hiring Through Board Rotation and Other Examination Activities of Personnel With Stacey Fazio and Erin Burnett
Stacey Fazio Deputy to Chairman of The Board (Chief of Staff)/Integrator of Mission and Responsibilities to Comprehension With Erin Burnett, Leah Drucker, Avital Drucker/Title and Job Responsibilities and Description Analyst and Executor With Jenna Levy
Elizabeth Ressler Hiring Manager/Chief Cocksucker to Simeon-Yahweh
Deborah Sharnak Human Resources Head Chief/ Executor and Aide to Jenna Levy
Ilona Logvinova Head of Education
Jill Vogel Coordinator of Board/Counsel of Andrew Lipsky
Gina Blanar (AKA "Regina") Acquisitions Manager First/Aide to Rebecca Nejat/James Comey, Michael and Gabriel
Aricleys Torres Technology Acquisitions Manager/Chief Security Officer
Edward Witten Chief Science Officer/Yahweh-Jehovah Thought Consciousness and Transhumant and Empathy Manager/Supreme Counsel and Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah/Executor of Bill Gates Will and Testament
William Henry Gates III Chief Technology Officer/Restructuring Manager/Second Conglomerations Chief/Trans-universal Communications Expansion and Regulation Chief/Chief Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah 
Michael H. Stone Chief of Research/Research Operationalization and Deployment
Otto Kernberg Information Gathering Science and General Related Officer
Judaphur Chief Financial Officer/Human Analysis Data and and Research Chief/Marriage Purification, Refinement and Assignment/Chief of Staff to Yahweh-Jehovah
Melinda Gates Chief of Mathematical Research and Data Takeover/Acquisitions
Warren Buffett Expansions and Operating innovations Officer (Corrective Capacities and Clearance Head Director)
James Comey Chief Law Enforcement Officer/Manager of Previous Staff with Matthew Disla and Ophelia
Katherine Smigel Head of Science and Engineering/Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah and Judaphur/Chief Strategist, Aide and Analyst to Maya Kathryn Stowe and Judaphur/Dominating and Crazy Bitch/Favorite Pet/Chief Cutie and Innocent in Making it Hotter/Conservator of Erin Hyman and Sasha Ehrenberg Their Primary Employer and Close Friend
Diana Havill Head of Medical Research/Medical Care Relations/Information Gathering/Law Enforcement Aide/Redemption Manager and Overseer and Administrator of Hell and Safety Manager/Penalty Analyst and Executor/Counsel to Levi Kathryn
Katherine Pendoley Translations Manager and Head of Information Transcription
Nicole Mourelatos Chief of Data Analysis in Expressions Analyst Capacity
Nicole Poznanski Trans dimensional and Universal Coordinator of Clearance and Intelligence Flow, Ascensions and Descension Manager and Revision Officer and Enforcement Officer/You Already Know
Ashley Morrison Head Liaison and Communications Officer/Human Intelligence Officer
Barack Obama Governmental and Legal Relations and Executive Processing Director/Redemption Manager and Staff to Fallen Angels Primarily and Non-Fallen Angels Secondary and Tertiary
Robert Mueller Chief Of Investigations/Court and Judicial System Operator
David Petraeus Chief of Military Operations and Relations
Matteo Messina Denaro Chief of Extrajudicial Operations/Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst and Aide/Chief Operations Aide/Mandated Communicator to Disciples of Jesus/Ascending Member in Prominence in Levite Corporation as Board Member/Chief Aide and Deputy to Satan
Matthew Disla Concrete Force Deployment Executive/Mathematical Analysis Aide/Operations Analyst/M&A Accountant/Aide to Michael/Coordinator of Theft and Circumvention in Safety With Levi Kathryn, Maya Stowe and Mark Disla
Luz Ospina Independence Expansions/Analyst/High Aide to Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron/Power Allocator Per Yahweh-Jehovah Orders and Specifications/Student of Yahweh-Jehovah in Knowledge Supremacy
Mark Disla Law Enforcement Executive/Information Integration Aide/Aide to Gabriel/Liaison and Counsel to Ichorais
Ian Silverii International Relation Chief Managing Director
Brittany Peterson Government Position Analyst
Jacob Hyman Middle East Relations Chief Executive/Information Analyst/Strategy Formation and Execution Executive/Liaison and Counsel to Ichorais
Benjamin Netanyahu President of Israeli-Arab Authority Formation
Rahm Emanuel Urban Authority Formation/Operations and M&A Analyst/Urban Governance and Control and Dominion/Counsel to Rudolph Giuliani
Michael Bloomberg Trading and Financial Instruments Chief/ Aide to Financial Analysis Chief
Jamie Dimon Head of Finance Operations at Levite Corporation and J.P. Morgan Chase/Operating Head of Goldman Sachs/Conglomerations Architect and Chief/Aide to Lucifer
Rachel Maddow Chief Media Officer/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur/Companion of Leah Drucker
Seth Woodbury MacFarlane Chief of Staff to Jesus of Nazareth and Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah/Chief Aide and Chief of Staff To Alexander Drucker/Drafts and Writes All Decisions
Jesus of Nazareth Caesar/Chief Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah
Ichorais ("Satan") Chief Aide to Jesus of Nazareth/Third Aide to DynCorp/Brother of Yahweh-Jehovah/Chief Acquisition and Prosecutor and Intelligence Gatherer Key Technology Gatherer/Extra-Control and Dominion Within The Powers of Right Epitomized/Power of Death Upon Earth/Chief Designate to Rise to Power/Ruler of Hell/Power of Death Expansionist
Angels/Archangels Chief Aides of Yahweh-Jehovah/Ascending Brothers
Julius Caesar Chief Aide to David Petraeus
Rebecca Nejat Head of All Hospital Operations/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur/Secrets and Background Manager and Aide to Alexandra Rothman, Meredith Nicole Poznanski and Lindsay Gilman
Meredith Slater Chief Human Relations and Staff Chief Manager/Human Analysis/Second Chief Aide to Judaphur/Safety Manager and Counsel to Levi Kathryn/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur
Erin Burnett Financial Analysis Chief and Aide to Meredith Slater/Third Chief Aide to Judaphur/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur/Chief Prosecutor and Counsel to Alexie Rothman in Contracts Analyst
Melisa Drucker Chief of Staff to Satan
Alexander Drucker Aide to Caesar/Conglomerated Military Staff Operator and Chief/Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah
Avital Drucker Chief of Staff to Metatron and Coordinator of Heaven Including Communications and Regulation
Gabriel Head of Heaven and Hell and All of Creation
Michael Military Head and Ruler of Earth and All Creation/Redemption and Judgment Analyst
Raphael Chief of Staff to Judaphur
Vanessa Torres Human Understanding and Expressions Analyst
Robert Carlyle Decoding and Decryptions Analyst and Manipulation and Brainwashing, And Sociopathic Corporations Acquisitions and Control Chief Manager, Redemption Analyst and Chief Aide to Michael and Gabriel, Aide to Raphael and Jesus of Nazareth/Crown of Britain/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
John Brennan Chief Clearance Officer and Executive and Expansion of Own Powers Head, All CIA Capacities and Goals Coordinator and Authority Manager In Ethereality and Entirety
Melissa Bass Public Relations Analyst and Chief/Aide to Robert Carlyle/Aide to Alana Bunting
Kati Bergou Aide to Melissa Bass/Aide to Alana Bunting
Alana Bunting Aide to Judaphur and Michael
Richard Kuklinski Aide to Michael, Meredith Slater, Matteo Messina Denaro, Matthew Disla and Mark Disla/Fourth Liaison to DynCorp/Understander of Termination with Richard Cheney
Rosalie Yu (Of Genetic Identification) Aide to Judaphur, Michael and Gabriel/Coordinator and Ideas Generation and Innovation/Counsel to David Petraeus and Julius Caesar/Aide to Seth MacFarlane/Associate of Matthew Disla, Anastasia Pappas and Mark Disla 
Poppy Harlow Aide to Meredith Slater, Gabriel, Michael and Metatron/Communications Manager Among Archangels and Angels/Counsel to Bill Gates and Edward Witten/Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur
Belial First Liaison to DynCorp/Staff of Staff to Lucifer
Lucifer Second Liaison to DynCorp/Counsel to Metatron/Ascending Head of Heaven
Malia Obama Chief of All Power Understanding and Research and All Legislative Activity and Expansion and Acquisitions of Powers
Leah Drucker Daughter and Ascending Sister to Judaphur/Chief Companion
Alois Schicklgruber Administrator of DynCorp Relations/Policy/Student of Yahweh-Jehovah in Knowledge Supremacy
Reinhard Heydrich Deputy to Alois/Middle East Policy and Drafter of Legislation/Police and Intelligence Chief/Aide to John Brennan/Student of Yahweh-Jehovah in Knowledge Supremacy/Employer of Yassir Mahgoub
David X. Cohen Coordinator of All Activities/Consul and Aide and Judge of Bill Gates in All Capacities and His Allotted/Conservator to Anonymous Aide/Student of Yahweh-Jehovah in Knowledge Supremacy
Heinrich Himmler Aide to Meredith Slater, Gabriel, Michael and Metatron, Universal Information Integration Chief and Deputy in This Capacity to David X. Cohen
Disciples of Jesus Aides and Counsel to Jesus, Supremacy Overlords Executors and Researchers to Yahweh-Jehovah and Seth MacFarlane
Tina Fey Draft Manager of Rightness of Actions and Analyst in This Capacity/Understander of Execution/Aide to Katherine Pendoley and Levi Kathryn
Albert Einstein Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah and Maya Kathryn Stowe/Universal Liaison and Strategist/Deputy to Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah and Maya Kathryn Stowe/Universal Liaison and Strategist
Michael Vincent Hayden Enemies of God Analyst and Executive/Administrator in Relation to DynCorp and Unrepentant Agencies and Entities/Cleanser of Creation/Reports to Barack Obama and John Brennan and Chiefly to James Comey
George Walker Bush Employee of Michael Hayden
David Supervisor to Michael Hayden and All Law Enforcement and Military Activities/Counsel to Michael/Student of Gabriel and Metatron
Richard Cheney Universal Executives/Assignments Directly From Yahweh-Jehovah/Conservator of George Walker Bush and Supervisor and Responsible for Rise as Second Priority/Understander of Termination with Richard Kuklinski
Stephen Colbert Researcher and Understander of Truth and Art/Reports to Gabriel and Raphael/Moves to Michael In Fluctuations/Understander of The Impossible and Related Matters/Works With Rebecca Nejat, Jesus and Yahweh-Jehovah Upon Curiosity and Necessity, Supervisor of John Stewart
Yassir Mahgoub Deprogrammer and Aide to Robert Carlyle/Counter Legal Pressure and Psychological Pressure to Good/Realizes Legal Goodness and Absolute Through Work
Vicky Schnidman Counsel to Metatron
George Chahine Aide to Gina Blanar and Rebecca Nejat/Tertiary Counsel to Metatron and Through Metatron Gabriel and Michael
Angel Roman Aide to Aricleys Torres
Hannah Rothman Aide to Alexandra Rothman, Yassir Mahgoub, Vicky Schnidman, Maya Kathryn Stowe and Primarily Yahweh-Jehovah and Judaphur and Stephen Colbert, Understander of Conception/Eliminator of All Aberrant and Antisocial Technologies Under Direction of Edward Witten, Bill Gates and Metatron
Charles Luciano Aide to Mateo Messina Denaro/Conservator of Richard Kuklinski and In Work They Coordinate to Understand Resurrection, Communicative of This to Metatron and Matteo Messina Denaro, Melisa Drucker, Avital Drucker, Alexandra Rothman, Hannah Rothman, Rebecca Nejat and Meredith Slater
Lynn Cheney Universal Aide and Understander of Deception and Sexuality/Aide to Levi Kathryn and Enabler of Growth and Upgrade Manager Under The Conservatorship of Yahweh-Jehovah
Christopher Wallace Universal Aide to Metatron, Gabriel, Michael and Yahweh-Jehovah/Purification and Motivation Expert With Rebecca Nejat, Alexandra Rothman, Hannah Rothman, Meredith Slater and Erin Burnett
Karen Christine Catanzaro Direct Aide to Judaphur and Manager of Staff and Ceaseless Assigner of Responsibilities and Tasks to Staff Under Her Command, Partial Deputy to Karan Anne Sautbine
Ophelia Disla Direct Aide to Judaphur, Erin Burnett and Meredith Slater/Aggressive Regulator and Eliminator of Avatars and All Antisocial and Aberrant Technologies
Christine Romans Aide to Erin Burnett, Hannah Rothman, Judaphur as Chief Military Analyst and Rachel Maddow's Secondary Aide/Theft and Control Analyst for Sociopathic Entities/Eliminator of Time Travel and Free Will and All Antisocial and Aberrant Technologies/Control and Domination Analyst/Aide to Rebecca Nejat
Sassan Hassan  
Kaitlin Collins Aide to Metatron, All Outlined/Assistant to Maya Kathryn Stowe and Alexandra Rothman
Ivanka Trump Chief Aide to Michael
Tiffany Trump Chief Aide to Gabriel
Dave Briggs Chief Retard, Patsy and Idiot, Servant to Mankind in Asshat and Gayness, Self-Undoing Moron/Threat to the Innocent Menace to Society/Burden to the Intelligence and Decent Human Beings/Covetour of Ass and Gross Stuff/Hurtful and Sore Cock/Title of Pussy and Douche/Prestige of Being the Most Incurably Insane and Retarded Human Being to Have Ever Lived and Complete Demented Monkey/General Maniac
Sawsan Hassan Chief Intelligence in Punishment of Transgression/Character Analyst and Knowledge Analyst/Curer of Retardedness/Manager of Nuclear Weapons
Chris Rock Manager and Drafter of Media Infiltrator of Restrictions and Reviser of Decency Standards/Counsel to Metatron
Curtis James Jackson III Military and Supreme Head of All Godly Prerogatives in Deployment and Understanding Direct Partner With Earl Simmons and Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Earl Simmons Armaments Manager and Demolitions Expert/Weapons Deployment and Strategy of Forceful Takeovers/Counsel to Metatron and Gabriel/Liaison to Michael
Marshall Bruce Mathers III Chief Reprogrammed of Aberrance/Direct Counsel and Aide to to Archangel Leadership/Educator of Top Associates in Holiness, Wisdom and Discretion in Leniency
Ilya Krager Designate of Rebecca Nejat and Communications and Integration and Interdependence Coordinator and Analyst/Prerogative with Rise to Purpose, Power and Knowledge
Michael Clementi Educator of Work Ethic in Virtuousness/Counsel to Belial and Lucifer/Cleanser of Human Systems
Donald Trump Counsel to Satan and Administrator of Hell/Works Under Diana Havill/Information Decryption, Decisions and Operations Analyst
Katherine Goettsche Chief Aide to Judaphur/Sex Slave and Master of Release/General Crazy Fuck
Katherine Middleton Royalty Relations/Counsel to Katherine Smigel
Brooke Baldwin Chief Judge/Saver of the Innocent/High Board Position and Assistant to Stacey Fazio
Dana Bash Sexuality Researcher/Head of CNN/Media Strategist/Employment and Decency Standards Writer/Communication Analyst/Regulations Writer Concerning All Laws and Blasphemes Eliminator/Virtue Analyst and Employer in Executor/Reports to Judaphur
Anastasia Pappas Chief Free-Will Analyst and Contract Writer For Employment Under Her Command/Revisions and Approval Come From God/Interdependence Supervisor to Luz Ospina/Analysis Explorator/Chief of Staff to Satan
Jessica Yellin Partial Conservator of Dana Bash/Assistant to Dana Bash, Erin Burnett, Brooke Baldwin/New York Federal Reserve Chairman
Piers Morgan Assistant to Robert Carlyle/Britain Reformationist
Theresa May President of the East/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Norah O'Donnell Crown of Russia/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Lisa Piasecki Ruler of the Western of the United States/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Nicole Marie Sabene Ruler of the South of the United States/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Karan Anne Sautbine Ruler of Southeastern United States/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Rachel Marie Oberlin Chief Executive Under Lisa Piasecki/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Paul Krugman Financial Policy and Guidance Chief Executive and Moral Deployment and Analysis/Virtue Officer/Directs and Manages All Financial and Economic Matters Universally/Social Perfection Chief Executor in Executive, Analyst/Chief Aide to Edward Witten and Bill Gates/Assistant to Yahweh-Jehovah
Erin Anderson Manager of Time Reversion and Innocence Promotion/Aquisitor of Kamaris' Responsibility and Conservator of Kamaris/Manager of Demon's and Creation's In Science and Divinity
Andrew Lipsky Impossibility and Inconceivability Expert in Innocence/Enforcer in Rising/Aide to Erica Anderson and Educator in Such/Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah
Julia (Lily293) Stock Market Analyst and Takeover Artist/Russia Intelligence Aquisitor and Power Solification in Her Own Volitions/Aide to Judaphur/Anti-Drug Czar
Rudolph Giuliani Urban and Law Enforcement Czar Worldwide/Aide to Matteo Messina Denaro in Partner/Ascending Member in Prominence in Levite Corporation
Bill D'Blasio Chairman of Federal Reserve System/Aide to Rudolph Giuliani/Mercy Specialist in Executor and Analyst/Ascending Member in Prominence in Levite Corporation
Peter Towns Conspiracy Analyst and Character Research in Executive/Interrogation, Guilt and Character Judgement/Aide to Matteo Messina Denaro and Ruler of South America in Insidious Activities Vanquisher and Eliminator and Analyst
Harold Taylor Loneliness, Defense Mechanisms and Delusions and Mental Health Expert/Mathematical Research Counsel to Michael/Deception, Discharge and Aggression Analyst
Lauren DeMars Mental Health Overlord/With Free Accessibility of Will Given and Necessity Given Information in Print Heavily/Aides are Barbara Buono, Boxer, Erica Anderson
Sasha Ehrenberg Global Solification of Simeon Yahweh-Power Head in Intelligence Gathering and Use
Erin Hyman Global Solification of Simeon Yahweh-Power Head High Executive
Barbara Buono Campaign Policy Revision in Enforcement/Municipality Integration Strategist in Charitability/Niccolo Machiavelli's Counsel and Conservator
Carl Hyman Chief Enforcement Officer of the Rightful Guidance of Mankind/Aide to Erin Anderson, Seth MacFarlane/Sacrifice Artist in Executive
Frances Hyman Sustenance and Vatican Power Expansion High Executive/Counsel to Jesus Christ
Larry Ellison Information Overlord in Humility/Researcher of All Undefined Technologies and Phenomenon Under the Counsel of Edward Witten and Aide to Bill Gates/Aide to Yahweh-Jehovah and Judaphur
Lisa Christian Chief Counsel to Lawrence Ellison
Lawrence O'Donnell Rationality, Sensitivity, Learning and Self-Control Expert/Conservator and Aide to Bernie Sanders/Propagator of Liberal Causes
Sean Combs Chief Executive Under Christopher Wallace
Bill Gates Counter Part to Lawrence O'Donnell in Powers Expansion
Paul Ryan Aide to Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Leader of All Legislative and Court Systems In Integration in Morality and Rationality
Chuck Schumer Aide to Rahm Emanuel and Powers Enforcement/Studier of Heavenly and Hell Systems/Researcher of Safety and Placement/Given Powers of Naïve Clearance Under Regulation, Propagator of Such and Deemer
Nancy Protasenia Child Care Chief Executive/Drafter of Measures to Ensure Rightful Birth, Life and Chief Regulator and Enforcement Executive/Regulator of Population/Conservator of Population
Nik Protasenia Charity Executive Chief/Care Analyst in Executive/Conservator of Matthew and Mark Disla/Human Care Systems Analyst in Executive/Medical Care Executive and Aide to Rebecca Nejat/Irritation, Aggression, Torture, Belligerence and Abuse Analyst/Riot, Sedition and Revolution Specialist/Executive In Sanitation/Cleanliness Officer and Researcher
Brian Elbaz Street Enforcer with Power of Ascending Law Enforcement and Intelligence Chief/Conservator Under Nancy Protasenia
Eric Laufgraben Humility and Empathy Analyst/Psychological and Spiritual Organization Specialist/Aide to Paul Krugman/Associate of Amy Johanssen/Employee of Levite Corporation/Mysteries and Unknown Analyst and Background Analyst and Operator
Barbara Protasenia Mother and Chief Aide to Nancy Protasenia
Jatir Simmons Caribbean Chief in Levite Corporation