Saturday, April 14, 2018

An Analysis of Freewill Through Degeneracy in Progressive Choice Based Psychopathy

Degeneracy can be in a psychopathic dimension as choices can make you a psychopath or a sociopath or Haltlose. You need to start thinking on a mechanical purely hierarchical sadistic (for catharsis and grandiosity) level. And sin becomes your primary organizational method/internally and operating principals, speckled with normal filling, in contrast to ever increasing emptiness, inviting the temptation to make the wrong choices, and become more evil, with personality disintegration and becoming sadistic parental figures that are merely paradigms (but lifeless or neurotic), and aside from self in arrogance and a rejection even in this formative dimension. A personality is formed in idealizing in this way. Peak experiences heavily influence the personality formation as they are moments of substitute ecstasy and passion, and that is implanted at the core of any cognizant being. Acting out, in manipulation based around molestation, harassment and rape become a primarily method of self-indulgence but a distinct grandiosity in conformity to principles of evil that make one monolithic and as a serpent, and a predator with slaves, but delegated and competition based and through and through the social circle of associates, ranked on the basis of utility and gratification, . It becomes a sort of trade off, retain my humanity to sustain, but see constantly or go into the depths of misery and gratify what is forbidden and see what is depraved and do what is meager but omnipotent and dispose, and become a numb monster. Then dwell in the desolation that is wish for nothing and misery, a hypocritical existence. With fevered dreams that mean anything anymore but in the moment there is empty glory of cheapness and miser like constitution. Choice after choice sinking into a condition which is interesting but terrifying, and pulling out with the material and form everything out of that and becoming a shell, but alive within the parameters that one defined for oneself in survival. But nothing brings happiness or joy and specks of virtue to sustain an existence and mind vanquished by one’s own hand.
There is an absolute fixation in tormenting through splicing their world with ours characterizes itself by derivative and stagnant propagation and sustaining of ideas and input that is barely fluctuating and is reminiscent of torture methods, if sufficiently powerful this could stranglehold media and idea propagation, and creativity. There manipulative moves are very well thought out but for empty ends for themselves, honestly. Plotting each mental defect possible and all defense mechanism in analyzing their work retroactivity and inverting and uninverting holy precepts, with respect to their work study can make all of them understood. There work is fortunately documentable with cameras, testimony and social aversion, magnetism and physical motion as well as brain scans in real time, advanced technology can aid in mathematically extrapolating (binomial expansion) their plans and inner drives and degeneracy, as they all do, in older age it appears they are less sociopathic but this is untrue they simply have convinced themselves of certain things and employed defense mechanisms and self-deception that allows for anhedonic but vicious and venomous entrapment and persecution, with higher but diffuse often types of torture sought, they seek a delusional end game, and they all need fraud and attention to keep from imploding and feeling power as this provides stability, and hard-hearted function enabling, and this propagates their whole being, pervasive, and the world seems a numb dream with suffering the only thing that draws attention and that deviant image is put everywhere (and generalized but with hate and retraction minimized)and is variety rich and creative genuinely and obsession and almost autistic like. They tick like a clock, but the moon is for saps.

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