Saturday, April 14, 2018

An Outline of Manipulation, Goals, God, Mankind, Cruelty, Progress and Cowardice

1. Conspiracy allowed by God for lesson teaching and to bring into Heaven and earthly paradise and to complete mankind (the number 8)
2. Conspiracy formation (sadistic and psychopathic motivations)
3. Anti-conspirators with free will form, augment and fall away strengthen/weaken in terms of zeal throughout time
4. Cross transgression of wills and resources and divine hand, prayer, worship of God, actions of angels and demons and human beings holy and wicked (spectrum)
5. Four’s, function in terms of mathematics can be entropy like, study maxima and minima and all aspects of entropy, all tangible and defined and intangible and undefined forces translated into psychological /spiritual variables and forces, time mapped in simulation, all entities and nature included
6. Optimization through sequence isolation with tempering opposition, particle behavior flow with virtue, information, ideas, wisdom, knowledge, and because ransom is always a factor, and inadequate saving bringing of paradise, growth of good and demise of evil, proper and lesson.
7. Broadcast of reality is end game towards evil, but incrementalism needed. Distraction causes infinite stagnation circuitousness means death and instilled by internal or external or both, cowardice.
8. Good → to fill precipice in purpose. Bad → to learn and have redemption peddled away as it is their capital/chances
9. Optimization is defined as suffering optimized to bring about good character and to expedite moral growth, and bring stimulation and drama and mysteries and interest. Justice delivered by Heaven’s softest hands is a parameter as well. The rebellious shall stack upon each other slavery.
We need a conspiracy detection algorithm that uses news and media and spoken word deciphering methods and utilizes machine learning and pattern recognition to recognize truth and lies amongst conversation and coordinates with plans aware in other areas. People have become too much trapped in the clutches of commercialism and act like they are in TV shows and commercials restricting their conversation, actions (to the hedonistic in line with corporate profits interests), and personal exploration, when the top would be in proper powerful and influence place if they discarded the paradigms that lead to this endemic mechanization of the human and the human spirit and all the creativity, awe, love and blissful love that comes with realness which is actually real, not a misdirected and manipulated definition of real, that comes with it all the sin that can be brought in many areas, this is urgent. Dispatch new modeling software to heads of corporations and see where power and money flows and the implication of a Holy society (rejecting inverse precepts) living by, if necessary a software package that tells you the moral and profitable (in power and influence, and rightful stance and position) thing to do. Not much difference but a huge one. #Issue Investment banks should read and consider this first, which are undervalued right now, and technology, that is popular. #Plain Areas of deception, corruption and sociopathy, sources, must be addressed (and plans made) by the international community at large, but first corporations in a sense, petitioned by their own, conscience and empathy and the people, because they live to serve sees a non-cynical eye. #HopeAndLoveForHumanityandHappiness

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